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VETIGEL: Revolutionary Hemostatic Gel Reshapes Veterinary Surgery in Europe


Michael Chen

May 20, 2024 - 07:15 am


Revolutionary Plant-Based Hemostatic Gel Takes Veterinary Medicine by Storm in Europe

In a groundbreaking advancement for veterinary medicine, Cresilon Inc., a biotech trailblazer from Brooklyn, New York, proudly announced a pivotal distribution agreement for its revolutionary hemostatic gel VETIGEL®. This innovation is now poised to be directly available to veterinary surgeons throughout the United Kingdom and Europe, courtesy of a collaboration with Veterinary Instrumentation (Vi), a foremost provider of veterinary products dedicated to enhancing animal welfare during surgical procedures.

A New Era for Veterinary Surgeons

As of May 20, 2024, Veterinary Instrumentation, a core member of the Covetrus family of businesses, operating extensively within the global animal health sector, is spearheading the availability of Cresilon's VETIGEL in the U.K. This plant-based hemostatic gel boasts the unparalleled ability to instantaneously halt and govern bleeding, redefining emergency response and surgical care in animals. It has become available online for U.K. veterinarians through Vi's sophisticated assortment of surgical tools, including those for orthopedic interventions, joint surgeries, and fracture fixations.

But the ambition extends beyond the U.K., with VETIGEL set to be promoted and disseminated to veterinary practitioners throughout Europe and numerous other nations via Vi's extensive global distribution network. Cresilon has entrusted Dr. Neil Smith, an eminent Fellow of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and the company's Scientific Services Veterinarian, with the crucial role of conducting online training for VETIGEL, set to commence in June 2024 for all of Vi's distribution partners.

Cresilon's Vice President Shares Insight

Matt Lewis, Cresilon's Vice President of Sales, expressed enthusiasm over the collaboration with Veterinary Instrumentation. He highlighted that this partnership is a significant step toward equipping more veterinary surgeons with VETIGEL, thereby elevating the quality of care for pets and animals. Lewis underlined the impressive adoption rate of VETIGEL since its launch in 2021, with thousands of veterinarians embracing the technology and utilizing it to bolster their clinics and animal hospitals, achieving time savings, operational cost reductions, and markedly improved patient outcomes.

Since VETIGEL's introduction to the global market, veterinary professionals across North America, Europe, and Asia have rapidly integrated this hemostatic agent into their treatment protocols. It stands out as the most expeditious and effective solution for managing traumatic injuries and participating in a host of surgical operations, including delicate financial extractions and major surgeries like liver biopsies, tumor extractions, and limb amputations. Statistics show that VETIGEL has been an indispensable tool in over 50,000 veterinary surgeries worldwide, a testament to its efficacy and acceptance in the veterinary community.

VETIGEL's Innovation at a Glance

VETIGEL offers veterinary surgeons a robust and efficient tool for managing bleeding in animals, adaptable for various types of hemorrhage and a broad spectrum of surgical interventions. The unique composition of VETIGEL includes two plant-derived polysaccharides that instantaneously congeal to create a physical barrier upon contact with blood, thereby ceasing the flow of blood. This innovation provides the dual option of effortless removal post-bleed control without dislodging the developed clot, or alternatively, it can remain in situ and be naturally absorbed by the body over time.

Convenience is central to the design of VETIGEL, as it is distributed in pre-filled syringes, stripping away the need for any preparation or specific storage requirements. Veterinary surgeons can thus focus on the immediate care of their animal patients, ensuring expediency and ease of use. To learn more about VETIGEL and its offerings, interested parties are encouraged to visit for additional details.

Cresilon: Innovating to Save Lives

Cresilon® stands as a visionary entity based in Brooklyn, shaping the future of biotechnology through the creation, manufacturing, and commercializing of hemostatic medical devices built around its proprietary hydrogel technology. This plant-based innovation has redefined the standards of trauma and surgical care by offering a solution that terminates bleeding within seconds. As Cresilon continues to pave its path, the company has firmly set its sights on servicing the veterinary domain, as well as tackling human trauma and surgical applications in the future.

Remarkably, Cresilon's contribution to the medical field was honored by Fast Company in their annual roundup of the World's Most Innovative Companies of 2024, bestowing Cresilon with the top spot in the medical devices segment. Earning such a distinction underscores the company's commitment to life-saving endeavors and reinforces the powerful impact of its mission on the global stage. For a more comprehensive understanding of Cresilon, its mission, and its suite of products, individuals may visit

Why VETIGEL Marks a Breakthrough in Veterinary Surgery

The alliance formed between Cresilon and Veterinary Instrumentation manifests as a pivotal moment in animal healthcare, as it advances a solution that robustly addresses one of the most challenging aspects of surgery: bleeding control. VETIGEL's efficiency speaks for itself, offering a swift reaction to hemorrhage without the drawbacks associated with traditional methods, which often involve complex preparations and can lead to complications during post-operative care. VETIGEL negates such concerns with its straightforward application process and its adaptability to the diverse circumstances faced by veterinarians in the operating room.

Understanding the Mechanism of VETIGEL

Delving into the specifics of how VETIGEL operates reveals the ingenious ways in which the hemostatic gel interacts with the bleeding site. Upon application, the plant-derived polysaccharides in VETIGEL engage with the blood to form a sturdy matrix that acts as a barrier against further blood loss. This immediate response ensures that veterinarians can proceed with their procedures with confidence, knowing that they have a reliable ally in VETIGEL to manage any unexpected incidences of bleeding. This level of assurance can be the difference between a routine surgery and a medical emergency.

The Implications of VETIGEL Distribution Across Europe

Cresilon's strategic move to widen VETIGEL's availability across the United Kingdom and into Europe marks an important step for veterinary science. Access to this innovative hemostatic agent translates to enhanced standards of care across the continent and, potentially, the world. As distribution expands through the global channels established by Vi, Cresilon is set to make an indelible impact on the way animal surgeries are carried out, ultimately shaping the future of veterinary medicine for the betterment of animal welfare.

A New Dawn for Surgical Safety and Efficiency

The introduction of VETIGEL to the veterinary market signifies a new chapter in surgical safety and efficiency. The gel's plant-based formula not only represents a move toward more sustainable medical practices but also paves the way for a paradigm shift in how surgeries are performed. With a clear focus on the well-being of the animal patients and the needs of the veterinarians, Cresilon demonstrates its unwavering dedication to improving the field of animal health—a commitment that is now more accessible than ever through the ease of VETIGEL's application and availability.

Final Thoughts

The Cresilon-Vi partnership is set for unprecedented success, given the efficacy of VETIGEL and the distribution prowess of Vi. This alliance reflects a shared vision of transforming veterinary medicine and providing the best possible outcomes for animal patients. With VETIGEL's rising prominence, it's evident that Cresilon's journey is one of innovation, service, and a determination to stand at the forefront of medical advancements, and it's a path that is lighting the way forward for countless professionals in the field of veterinary surgery.

Upcoming Trainings and Future Developments

Looking ahead, Cresilon is fully committed to not only supplying the veterinary market with VETIGEL but also ensuring that the practitioners who use it are fully trained and equipped to apply the gel effectively. The planned training sessions led by Dr. Neil Smith are just the beginning of ongoing educational endeavors aimed at maximizing the utility of VETIGEL for veterinarians worldwide. With such resources in hand, veterinary medicine stands on the cusp of a renaissance, with VETIGEL leading the charge as a product that is not just pioneering in its category but also deeply committed to the ethos of compassionate care for all animals.

In summary, VETIGEL represents more than just an innovative product; it symbolizes the evolution of veterinary medicine into an era where rapid healing, patient comfort, and surgical precision are more than ideals—they are tangible realities offered by Cresilon's cutting-edge technology.