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Unleashing Innovations at Bakery China 2024: Shanghai's Premier Confectionery Event


Leo Gonzalez

May 17, 2024 - 12:19 pm


Unveiling Bakery China 2024: A Forthright Convergence of Confectionery Innovations in Shanghai

SHANGHAI, May 17, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- In the spring of 2024, Shanghai will once again set the stage for the premier international event in the bakery and confectionery industry, as it welcomes the 26th edition of Bakery China. Jointly organized by the China Association of Bakery and Confectionery Industry (CABCI) and Bakery China Exhibitions Co., Ltd., this grand annual event will unfold its extensive showcase at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC) from May 21 to May 24, 2024.

Spanning twelve exhibition halls within the NECC and sprawling across an expanse of 320,000 square meters, Bakery China 2024 is primed to host over 2,200 prestigious brands from nearly 30 countries and regions. These distinguished exhibitors will reveal their latest products and innovations to attendees. Industry leaders and master bakers will share their insights at over a hundred conferences, forums, themed events, and competitions. It is anticipated that the exhibition will welcome an astonishing attendee count of approximately 400,000 visitors from more than 130 countries and regions.

A Global Hub of Confectionery Excellence

Touted as the largest trade fair within the global bakery industry, Bakery China serves as the gateway for penetrating the burgeoning Chinese market. With each iteration, the fair introduces thousands of new products, technologies, services, solutions, and business models, transforming it into a vibrant hub of innovation. A commitment to creating a professional business and trade platform that encompasses the entire supply chain of the bakery industry has become a cornerstone of Bakery China's mission. Notably, the highlights earmarked for 2024 promise to enhance the professional landscape:

Expanding International Reach

In particular, the international participation is set to receive a significant expansion, with international exhibitors making up over 20% of the total. This influx will amplify the international exhibition space by more than 50%. National pavilions from renowned baking countries, including Italy, Japan and others, will complement the diverse range of offerings. This increase in global presence marks a significant enhancement in both variety and international flavor found within the exhibition halls.

Pre-Registration Surge

More than 7,000 international visitors have already taken the initiative to pre-register, tripling the former visitor statistics. Within the international halls, specifically Hall 2.1, an extended service called "International Trade Match-Making" will be offered, providing advanced services to professionals from the global industry. This service underscores the fair's dedication to fostering connections and fueling business development across borders.

A Full Industry Spectrum

Comprising over 20 categories, Bakery China 2024 will cover the entire industrial landscape and showcase the developmental prospects in areas like ingredients, equipment, and packaging solutions. This year, the event will introduce novel segments such as pre-made bakery, OEM & private labels, dairy products, healthy bakery, and Bakery Plus. Notably, in the dairy area, nearly a hundred leading milk product brands like Lactalis, Nestle, and Arla will participate, marking a noteworthy cross-section of the industry's top dairy contributors.

Fostering New Industrial Forces

Three new sections have been curated to foster the growth of new, high-quality productive forces within the industry. These sections, "Bakery China Innovation, Bakery China Power" for innovative products and technologies, "Case Demonstration for Sustainable Industrial Development," and "Industrial Big-Data Trends" are devised to highlight and amplify the burgeoning developments within the bakery sector.

The Digital Gateway – iBakeryChina

Yet another highlight for attendees is the advanced digital online platform, iBakeryChina, where business inquiries and offers, industry innovations, knowledge sharing, trends, insights, and exhibition services are seamlessly integrated. With over 4,000 registered suppliers and connections to more than 500,000 buyers, iBakeryChina presents tens of thousands of Stock Keeping Units (SKUs). At Bakery China 2024, the introduction of the indoor navigation system @iBakeryChina is set to enhance the user experience definitively.

Culinary Capstone Events

Moreover, the fair will host engaging events like the 6th Pre-Made Bakery Festival, where over 300 brands from the supply chain will unite to unveil more than 1,000 new products and technologies. These presentations will highlight the latest market trends and knowledge, showcasing the forward momentum and evolving insights of the bakery industry. With these aspects in mind, Bakery China is poised to evolve as an ecosystem that enables the global baking community to exchange innovative ideas and cultivate valuable business connections.

The Pinnacle of Bakery Innovation

Bakery China 2024 stands as a testament to the dynamic and innovative spirit that characterizes the industry. With its ever-expanding exhibition footprint and array of offerings, it represents the zenith of bakery trends and technology. The addition of new sectors and the growth of the exhibition's digital presence reflect the event's commitment to not only showcasing the industry's current state but also paving the way for its future.

Icing on the Cake

Crafting a must-visit event for professionals and enthusiasts alike, Bakery China has amplified its user experience this year. The event's meticulous organization, right from its palatial venue to its strategic international presentations, sets forth a recipe for success that will likely shape the bakery industry's future.

It's clear that Bakery China 2024 will serve as a magnifying glass, herein viewing the rich tapestry of innovation and collaboration that defines modern baking. Industry aspirants, seasoned professionals, and global brands alike will find themselves immersed in an environment teeming with opportunities to learn, grow, and network.

Essential Event Visit for Industry Professionals

As a critical nexus for the bakery and confectionery industry, Bakery China provides unparalleled access to the latest trends and innovations. It opens doors for global brands to strategize their entry into the Chinese market and understand regional preferences and demands. By embracing the full spectrum of the bakery supply chain and showcasing unparalleled diversity in its offerings, the event envelopes attendees in the essence of bakery art and innovation.

Conclusion: Synthesis of Tradition and Innovation

As Bakery China continues to augment its status as the definitive destination for industry trailblazers, its upcoming iteration in 2024 promises a synthesis of tradition and entrepreneurial vigor. Bearing witness to the event's remarkable growth and its powerful impact on the global stage, participants worldwide can anticipate not only a celebration of confectionery brilliance but also a window into the future of baking enterprise and technology.

In anticipation of the palpable excitement, the event organizers and exhibitors prepare to dazzle the world with the finest displays of bakery magnificence. As the event nears, the international community looks on with bated breath, ready to embrace the cornucopia of inspirations that Bakery China 2024 will undoubtedly serve.

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