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tarketts ingenious layered duality collection debuts at chicago design days 508


Tarkett's Ingenious Layered Duality Collection Debuts at Chicago Design Days


Leo Gonzalez

May 17, 2024 - 15:22 pm


Tarkett Unveils Layered Duality Collection During Chicago's Pioneering Design Days Event

SOLON, Ohio, May 17, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Design enthusiasts and professionals will soon converge in Chicago's Fulton Market District for Design Days from June 10–12. Tarkett, a leader in innovative flooring solutions, is set to captivate visitors with its expertly crafted products by inviting them to their showroom at 215 N. Peoria Street, Floor 10. This year, Tarkett's presentations will be centered around Layered Duality™, a ground-breaking collection designed to inspire balance in ever-evolving design spaces.

"Embracing different perspectives, we create a profound sense of unity. It is in this act of coming together that we find balance," reflects Tarkett on their mission through this collection.

Tarkett Layered Duality Collection Preview

At the heart of this year, Tarkett's grand reveal is the Layered Duality™ collection—a testament to the beauty and strength found in variety. This collection, showcasing at Design Days, fuses disparate shapes, textures, and palettes to foster a dynamic sense of coherence within diverse interior environments. With consideration for aesthetic juxtaposition and material consciousness, it creates a distinct atmosphere of accord in any given space. The collection encompasses four plush surface designs and two non-PVC planks and tile designs, each crafted to enhance the narrative of unity through design.

"Layered Duality is a tribute to the blend of different elements—blurring the lines between varying thoughts, ideas, and the environments that hold them," expounded Omoleye Simmons, Tarkett's vice president of design. "By integrating diverse outlooks, we unlock a profound communal experience that culminates in a collective equilibrium."

Building on the success of its previous rendition, Tarkett brings back the Co.Lab™—an interactive space that won the hearts of attendees last year. The Co.Lab, an immersive maker's experience, will be decked with assorted contrasting materials, inviting participants to engage hands-on and craft designs which, although contrasting, sing in harmonious accord.

"Through the Co.Lab and other interactive experiences, we aim to deepen the attendees' immersion into the foundational philosophy of our collection and visibly manifest the essence of 'Find Your Balance'. We are brimming with excitement for the opportunity to showcase Tarkett's ingenuity at Design Days," remarked Sonia Serrao, Tarkett's vice president of brand marketing.

Another key highlight of Tarkett's presence at Design Days will be an illuminating look into the company's innovative strides towards ecological equilibrium. At the commencement of the event, Tarkett will unveil a groundbreaking partnership that speaks to the collaborative nature of innovation. The partnership will lay the groundwork for a circular economy, placing a staunch emphasis on protecting natural resources, fostering climate health, and nurturing life in its entirety. Attendees are cordially invited to the showroom to discover more about this pioneering affiliation and its innovative prospects.

"Tarkett aims for a wider perspective, engineering flooring solutions that aspire to elevate both environmental and human well-being now and into the future," declared Paul Young, the senior vice president of Tarkett North America, overseeing segments, products, innovation, design, and sustainability.

Tarkett's exhibition space will also be adorned with a selection of hallmark products from their broad catalog. On display will be items such as the asthma & allergy friendly® Powerbond® hybrid carpet, the vibrant Johnsonite Color of the Year, newly conceived Johnsonite Millwork profiles, and the latest variations in Contour LVT.

Continuing its role as an industry thought leader, Tarkett is slated to host a variety of enlightening sessions and panel discussions, featuring respected voices from the design world. These educational forums promise to offer insights into current industry trends and future directions. Design Days participants are welcome to partake in any scheduled sessions, where topics will delve into sustainable practices, inclusive futures, health equity, community-centric design, and more.

Monday, June 10, provides a robust schedule with a luncheon titled "One Step Closer to Zero Waste". Conversations will center on the significant shifts needed within the construction industry to alter our waste management approaches. In attendance will be experts from well-known organizations like Gensler and DPR Construction, who, alongside Tarkett and a leading biotech innovator, will share their collaboration that redefines old broadloom carpeting into new resources. This initiative has notably advanced Gensler's goals of achieving a remarkable 90% waste-free renovation. The dialog will also explore the potential influence of these sustainable actions on future deconstruction practices and the pursuit of a waste-free circular economy.

Following the luncheon, attendees can look forward to "Building Inclusive Futures: Health Equity and Community-Centric Design". This seminar will touch on the disproportionate effects of environmental change and climate impact, particularly on vulnerable and under-resourced communities. The session calls upon industry players to incorporate the voices of those most affected by their designs, aspiring to build spaces that genuinely serve and uplift these communities.

As the day winds down, Tarkett invites guests to a Rooftop Cocktail Reception, offering a chance for relaxation and socialization complemented by panoramic vistas of Chicago's skyline and masterfully crafted beverages.

On Tuesday, June 11, further discourse continues with "A Second Chance for Waste", confronting the staggering fact that 40% of landfill materials hail from construction endeavors. This session aims to reimagine our perspective on waste, viewing it not as refuse but as a potential raw ingredient resource. Here, Tarkett will introduce attendees to its nature-inspired biotech partner and unveil their quest to repurpose waste into valuable materials, forging ahead in the construction of a circular economy.

The session "Spaces of Connection" will provide insight from renowned experts on how to harness the capabilities of the built environment to foster connections and belonging. This will feature an earnest discussion with panelists who are driving change and challenging the status quo within the industry.

Moreover, attendees can also enjoy a refreshment at the Mini Cocktail Bar in Tarkett's showroom whilst exploring the latest collections.

Reiterating its commitment to community betterment and environmental stewardship, Tarkett Cares is set to donate and install various Tarkett flooring products, including ethos® carpet tiles and Johnsonite stair treads and wall base, to Niles Township Community Respite Center. Situated 15 miles north of Chicago in St. Paul's Lutheran Church, the center provides a dignified, temporary haven for community members grappling with housing and food instability.

For those wishing to traverse between Fulton Market and the concurrently running NeoCon show at the Merchandise Mart, complimentary, frequent shuttle services, as well as delightful rickshaw rides, will be made accessible throughout the days of the events. For complete details regarding transportation and more, visit

To register and be part of Tarkett's informative experience for Design Days, eager participants can click here for further details.

About Tarkett:

With a 140-year heritage, Tarkett stands tall as a global innovator in durable and sustainable flooring and sports surface solutions. The company has proudly generated 3.4 billion euros in net sales for 2023, employs approximately 12,000 individuals globally, and maintains 23 R&D centers, 8 recycling centers, and 34 production sites. Tarkett's comprehensive collection is tailored for a wide array of spaces including hospitals, schools, homes, hotels, offices, stores, and sports venues, serving a clientele across 100 countries. The Tarkett Human-Conscious Design® philosophy epitomizes the Group's dedication to a circular economy and sustainable development. You can find more corporate insights by visiting

Every Step Matters:

As an industry leader, Tarkett elevates sustainability standards in flooring manufacturing. The company pledges transparency, promoting healthy impacts within indoor spaces, and steadfastly protects our planet's vital resources. Through Tarkett's ReStart® take-back and recycling program, all types of flooring, irrespective of the manufacturer, will find a new life or be efficiently recycled. Its swift action on science-based carbon reduction targets, validated by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), aligns with the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement to restrict global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. For a deeper dive into Tarkett's sustainability efforts, visit Tarkett's sustainability page.

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