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tailg dominates the e bike scene with a stunning exhibit at the 2024 china international bicycle show 508


TAILG Dominates the E-Bike Scene with a Stunning Exhibit at the 2024 China International Bicycle Show


Michael Chen

May 6, 2024 - 11:51 am


TAILG Unveils Revolutionary E-Bike Lineup at the 2024 China International Bicycle Exhibition

SHANGHAI, May 6, 2024 – The China International Bicycle Exhibition, held from May 5 to May 8, launched with great fanfare in Shanghai. TAILG, a prominent leader in the electric two-wheeler industry, presented their most recent complete collection of E-bike innovations. With bustling sales activity, the event welcomed enthusiastic visitors from South Korea, Europe, and the United States, who frequently showed their approval with positive gestures.

TAILG's Launch of Seven Innovative E-Bike Series

As a testament to their pioneering spirit and commitment to product diversification, TAILG made headlines with the introduction of 19 new models across 7 major E-bike series. This diverse range caters to varying consumer preferences, including urban explorers, adrenaline-seeking mountain bikers, and those who favour motorcycle-like aesthetics as well as functional and shared modes of e-biking.

TAILG's E-bike Showcase

TAILG brings all of its latest 19 e-bikes to the 2024 China Cycle.

TREAT for E-Bike Enthusiasts: TAILG's E-Bike Features

Noteworthy is the overwhelming response garnered by six of TAILG's key new products such as the ManBa Max, Hornet Max, Ekoo, Pitaya, Snow Swallow, and Eco. These models have been developed after extensive localized user research conducted worldwide by TAILG’s dedicated product team. Each innovation is a strategic bid to convey the versatility of Chinese brands to the global audience and carve a niche for themselves in the international market.

Highlighting the High-End Hornet Max Mountain Bike

The Hornet Max stands out within the high-end mountain bike segment, providing a superior cycling experience through balanced weight distribution, and exceptional climbing capabilities. This model is the epitome of preference for mountain biking purists who prioritize both quality and smart technology.

Additionally, the Hornet Max sports an efficient mid-drive system, harmonized with an SR 11-speed gear set, making every ride effortlessly enjoyable. Complete with a 48V500W motor, an adjustable hydraulic front fork, and a mid-mounted gas shock absorber, this bike promises comfort and control even on the toughest of terrains.

The Urban Commuter's Dream: Snow Swallow

Meanwhile, the Snow Swallow appeals to the urban commuters with its high-spec features. The bike boasts a 500W rear hub motor and an aluminium alloy folding frame, reaching a maximum speed of 35km/h and offering a 35km range on pure electric power. Additionally, its USB charging port allows commuters to charge mobile devices on the go, making it an ideal choice for the urban professional.

TAILG’s Overseas Success and Global Ambitions

TAILG has previously made impressive inroads into overseas markets, notably in South Korea and North America. In 2023, TAILG's E-bike sales surged in the Korean market, with close to 30,000 units sold, underscoring the brand's rising presence and the expansive appeal of their products.

Expanding Global Footprints

In pursuit of their global ambitions, TAILG is continuously exploring new product categories that resonate with long-range capabilities and seizing opportunities within the burgeoning E-Bike market. Strategically focusing on building benchmark markets overseas, TAILG’s efforts to expand its global presence are paying dividends.

TAILG's Strategic Moves and Global Visits

Recent global exhibitions have borne witness to TAILG surpassing its order targets. Receiving an overwhelming number of customers at events like the Canton Fair demonstrates the company's robust capabilities and the appeal of its product lineup. At Asiabike Jakarta, TAILG had the distinguished opportunity to be visited by Indonesian President Joko Widodo. The brand engaged in substantive discussions regarding the electrification process of Indonesia's two-wheeler industry, fostering strong partnerships with nearly 100 initial distribution partners via the first Indonesia Low Carbon Mobility Seminar.

These strides not only showcase TAILG's expertise in international markets but also solidify the foundations for its globalization strategy. The 2024 CHINA CYCLE event serves as a pivotal platform for TAILG, further positioning it to dominate the E-Bike market—projected to be worth hundreds of billions of dollars as it quickens its expansion across the globe.

About TAILG: A Brief Overview

Founded in Shenzhen, China, in 2004, TAILG Group has diversified into a multi-faceted enterprise. The company is engaged in a wide array of undertakings encompassing the research and development, production, and sales. It also delivers services related to sharing, charging, and battery swapping for electric two and three-wheelers. With its comprehensive industry chains, TAILG has established ten smart manufacturing bases worldwide. Boasting an impressive annual output of over 15 million units, and featuring more than 35,000 stores globally, its products have reached more than 90 countries and regions, earning the favor and trust of consumers internationally.

The Future of Urban Mobility

As global energy resources tighten and oil prices climb, trends toward sustainability, intelligence, and lightweight designs are propelling E-Bikes into the spotlight. They emerge as the avant-garde of a new hundred-billion-dollar frontier in the global two-wheeler industry, epitomized by TAILG's advancements.

The event in Shanghai provided more than just a glimpse into the latest E-Bike models; it was a nexus for innovation and global industry trends. With TAILG at the helm, consumers worldwide witnessed the unveiling of electric two-wheelers that embody an equilibrium of form and function. Through their intuitive designs and technological integration, these bikes promise to redefine urban mobility and vehicle electrification.

TAILG's Commitment to Innovation and Quality

Each model presented by TAILG is a reflection of their unwavering dedication to excellence and innovation. Powered by ground-breaking research and an understanding of consumer needs, TAILG continues to redefine the standards of electric mobility. Their showcasing at the 2024 China International Bicycle Exhibition only further asserts their position as frontrunners in this electric revolution.

Redefining the Ride: TAILG's E-Bikes at the Forefront

TAILG’s concerted effort to harmonize performance with sustainability positions its E-Bike series at the forefront of the cycling industry’s shift towards cleaner, greener, and smarter modes of transportation. Visitors to the exhibition reveled in test-riding the E-bikes, experiencing first-hand the synthesis of cutting-edge E-bike technology with consumer-centric design, a hallmark of TAILG's brand philosophy.

Unveiling the Essence of TAILG's E-Bike Series

The heart of TAILG's fresh 19-model E-bike lineup beats with the essence of innovation. Each series is meticulously tailored to serve particular purposes and preferences, ensuring that consumers across the globe can find a riding ally in TAILG’s electric bikes, whether they seek adventure, efficiency, or both.

Riding into the Future

As TAILG continues its journey of growth and expansion, it is clear that the brand is not merely riding the crest of the E-bike wave but is, in many ways, carving the wave itself. By committing to ecological responsibility and technological evolution, TAILG ensures that each pedal pushed towards progress does not leave an indelible mark on the environment.

TAILG's Role in Shaping Electric Mobility

TAILG's role in molding the future of electric mobility cannot be understated. By pioneering unprecedented concepts and bringing them to life in their E-Bikes, TAILG has become a beacon for innovation in an industry riding the tide of transformation. The successes at the China International Bicycle Exhibition and other global events elucidate the potential and popularity of their E-Bike vision.

Engaging with the Global Community

TAILG’s assertive strides in global markets have not just been about showcasing products. The engagements with global leaders, conversations at international fairs, and educational seminars embody TAILG’s holistic approach to fostering a sustainable electric vehicle ecosystem.

TAILG’s E-Bikes: Embraced by the World

Having exported their products to over 90 countries, TAILG's electric vehicles have been welcomed and embraced by a diverse international audience. The brand's dedication to quality and customer satisfaction has resonated globally, proving that TAILG's presence in the E-Bike market is both impactful and enduring.

Driving Change with Each E-Bike Sale

The remarkable sales achievements in markets like South Korea exemplify TAILG’s profound impact in reshaping the urban transport landscape. With each E-Bike that rolls out into a new region, the company drives substantial change, propelling a greener and more efficient future for global communities.

TAILG's Global Ambitions Realized

TAILG’s mission of becoming a global force in the E-Bike industry is slowly being realized. Through international accolades and their ability to exceed expectations in various markets, TAILG demonstrates that their global dreams are quickly translating into reality.

TAILG's commitment to revolutionizing the two-wheeler industry, is reflected in the enthusiastic response from an international clientele. The brand’s footprint is expanding at an unprecedented pace, and with plans to accelerate their contribution to an environmentally-conscious world with each innovative E-Bike, TAILG is indeed a name synonymous with the bright future of sustainable transport.

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Photo - TAILG’s E-Bikes at China Cycle 2024

In conclusion, the 2024 China International Bicycle Exhibition has served as a spectacular stage for TAILG's innovative strides. Catering to an array of consumer needs, TAILG has solidified its stance as a major global player in the electric two-wheeler market. As the world moves towards sustainable and smart transportation solutions, TAILG's E-Bikes stand ready to lead the charge into a greener future.