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spx flow revolutionizes sustainability with arrs at seal awards 508


SPX FLOW Revolutionizes Sustainability with ARRS at SEAL Awards


Leo Gonzalez

May 7, 2024 - 13:26 pm


SPX FLOW Triumphs at 2024 SEAL Business Sustainability Awards with Innovative ARRS Technology

CHARLOTTE, N.C., May 7, 2024 – SPX FLOW, a pioneer in the industry of process solutions, takes pride in celebrating its notable achievement at the prestigious 2024 SEAL Business Sustainability Awards. The distinguished company has been awarded the "Sustainable Product Award" due to the remarkable impact of their APV Aseptic Rapid Recovery System (ARRS) on sustainability in the food, beverage, and dairy sectors, along with its significant contributions to consumer health protection.

"We are profoundly honored by the recognition bestowed upon us in the form of the Sustainable Product Award, which encapsulates our unwavering commitment to pursuing sustainability and nurturing environmental care," expressed Pranav Shah, SPX FLOW Global Market Director for Dairy and Plant Based Beverages. He further commented, "This accolade serves as a potent stimulus for our team to persist in our path of innovation and to construct products that generate a beneficial effect on our planet's ecosystem."

Reducing Waste and Conserving Resources

The ARRS sets itself apart with its groundbreaking aseptic pigging technology. This system is engineered to recover product remnants effectively, significantly decreasing water consumption and curtailing the duration for Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) processes, particularly for products stored at ambient temperatures. Notably, it diminishes potential product loss from an estimated 4% to a mere 0.5% by collection of the residual dairy yield within the processing pipes using its unique projectile. This marks a stellar advancement in product savings, amounting to an 87% reduction.

Safeguarding dairy products, especially while retaining their ambient temperature and extending shelf-life, demands specialized processing at all stages prior to packaging, allowing no scope for post-processing contamination which may pose a risk to consumers. Keep in mind the essential requirement that these items must achieve strict levels of hygiene while processing.

Witness the ARRS in full operation and appreciate the mechanics behind this transformative technology by viewing the demonstration video available at

"SPX FLOW's innovative Aseptic Rapid Recovery System typifies a substantial sustainable impact by significantly cutting down on product waste, water use, and cleaning periods during the production of sensitive dairy and personal care items," remarked Matt Harney, the Founder of the SEAL Awards. He continued to underscore, "The outstanding achievement of using 60-70% less water for cleaning cycles compared to traditional methods played a crucial role in our decision to honor SPX FLOW with the 2024 SEAL Business Sustainability Award."

Advancing Sustainable Development

The significance of the ARRS doesn't end with enhanced efficiency and resource conservation. The system is designed to lead as a cleaner, safer, and more efficient solution compared to existing market offerings. It employs a patented, tight-fitting rubber projectile that is propelled through process lines to meticulously scrape and salvage any lingering product.

In addition to improving operational hygiene, this innovation fosters a positive and robust competition within the industry, driving the development and marketing of superior aseptic process solutions that benefit all customers. This approach synergizes with both industry advancement and environmental benefits, embodying an ideal example of corporate responsibility.

Moreover, SPX FLOW is preparing to launch its latest sustainability report soon, which is anticipated to shed light on the company's ongoing efforts and future commitments regarding environmental stewardship and sustainable practices.

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About SPX FLOW, Inc.

Based in the heart of Charlotte, N.C., SPX FLOW, Inc. plays a crucial role in enhancing the world through its innovative and sustainable solutions. The company's diverse product range is heavily involved in process technologies integral to a vast array of industries dealing with nutrition, health, and industrial processes. Activities like mixing, blending, fluid handling, separating, and thermal heat transfer are examples of process technologies SPX FLOW specializes in. With a global presence extending across more than 25 countries and product sales that span over 140 nations, SPX FLOW is a global force to reckon with. To delve deeper into their corporate world and discover more about their aspirations and product offerings, visit

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The news about SPX FLOW, Inc.'s victory in sustainable innovation is a testament to the company's dedication to environmental stewardship and technological advancement. By reducing waste and water use, and prioritizing healthcare standards, SPX FLOW is not only projecting a sustainable future in its industry but also setting the bar high for competitors and aspiring innovators globally.

Images of the ARRS in action showcase the sophisticated mechanism of this technology. These photos not only depict the high-tech nature of the device but also provide a visual understanding of why it holds such significance in today's industry. The imagery captures the very essence of products with viscous textures like fruit fillings, pet food, and liquid soaps. As they undergo processing using the ARRS technology, the detail in the photographic evidence emphasizes the care and precision employed in every phase of the procedure.

The company's logo, a symbol of its ethos and professional identity, is also accessible to the public. The logo of SPX FLOW Inc. radiates the innovation and commitment to sustainability that the company stands for. It is a visual promise of the quality and environmental responsibility ingrained within every facet of their operations, from strategic planning to the final product that reaches the consumer.

To assist in disseminating the news of their Sustainable Product Award win and the ground-breaking ARRS technology, SPX FLOW, Inc. has made available high-resolution images and related information for public access. This ensures that the public eye is well-informed of the advancements and commitments that SPX FLOW is making towards a sustainable future. Interested individuals can access these images and accompanying details via the links provided alongside the press release visuals. This transparent and open approach highlights SPX FLOW's dedication to community outreach and environmental education.

At the core of SPX FLOW, Inc.'s mission lies the elemental desire to improve global industry standards while contributing positively to the environment. Through their ARRS technology and other sustainable processes, they are carving a path towards an eco-friendlier production landscape, which will no doubt inspire many others in the industry to follow suit.

In conclusion, SPX FLOW, Inc.'s latest recognition in the realm of sustainability solidifies its position as a forerunner in innovative technology and ecological responsibility. The company's commitment to decreasing waste, conserving water, and ensuring the health of consumers is commendable and worthy of the accolades they have received. As they look forward to revealing their most recent sustainability report and continue to blaze trails in the industry, SPX FLOW Inc. stands as a shining example of how companies can harmonize the dual goals of business development and environmental preservation.

SPX FLOW, Inc. extends an open invitation to the public, stakeholders, and industry observers to stay attuned to their sustainability journey. As we all strive towards a better and greener tomorrow, SPX FLOW's award-winning innovations such as the ARRS are beacons of hope and progress. May their success encourage greater strides in sustainable practices across industries worldwide.

SPX FLOW, Inc. Logo – Explore the visual identity of SPX FLOW, Inc., embodying commitment to quality and environmental accountability.

The world of sustainable solutions is ever-evolving, and SPX FLOW, Inc. is at the forefront of this evolution. The company continues to shape a future where efficiency and environmental concerns are not mutually exclusive but are facets of the same goal – a greener, more sustainable world for future generations to thrive in. As SPX FLOW, Inc. garners recognition and sets the benchmark for sustainability in the food, beverage, and dairy industries, we look forward to their future contributions and milestones in this area.

Throughout its journey, SPX FLOW, Inc. has displayed a deep sincerity in its pursuits of environmental stewardship, and its recent accolade at the 2024 SEAL Business Sustainability Awards is a reflection of just that. It's not merely about winning awards; it's about driving change and being the change within the industries they impact. It's about ensuring that while businesses prosper, the planet preserves its integrity for present and future populaces.

For additional information, multimedia assets, or to understand more about SPX FLOW's sustainable innovations, visit their comprehensive array of sources and content available through the URLs embedded in the press materials. This level of access reinforces their transparency and facilitates a dialogue on the importance of sustainability in modern-day enterprise.

It is with the combined efforts of everyone at SPX FLOW, Inc. that their mission to enhance and protect the quality of life remains steadfast. Let the success at the 2024 SEAL Business Sustainability Awards be a marker of SPX FLOW's continued trajectory towards innovation, efficiency, and ethical responsibility – a journey that transcends industry standards and inspires a global audience.