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Shanghai Welcomes Global Experts to ALUMINIUM CHINA 2024 Expo


Benjamin Hughes

March 21, 2024 - 02:05 am


Asia’s Premier Aluminium Tradeshow Returns to Shanghai with a Bang

SHANGHAI, March 21, 2024 – Aluminium enthusiasts and industry experts can mark their calendars for an extraordinary event that is poised to gather a global audience. ALUMINIUM CHINA, Asia’s premiere exhibition and B2B platform dedicated to the aluminium industry, is returning with vigor to the Shanghai New International Expo Centre in China from July 3rd to July 5th. RX Greater China orchestrates the event, promising a unique fusion of extensive business opportunities and innovative breakthroughs across exhibition spaces, network gatherings, and industry-focused forums.

A Summit of Pioneers and Prospectives

The event, which has reached an unprecedented scale, unveils its doors for registration, calling upon industry connoisseurs to unite under one roof. Recognized as an essential convergence point, ALUMINIUM CHINA bridges the gaps along the aluminium value chain, enhancing cooperation and sustainable advancement within the sector. Prospective attendees are invited to secure their participation at the event through the provided registration link:

China's Aluminium Sector: A Trajectory of Robust Growth and Opportunities

In the preceding year, China's aluminium market has seen significant growth, propelled by the swift progress in new energy vehicles and the photovoltaics industry. Forecasting a fertile ground for further development in the years to come, aluminium impresses with its lightweight nature and recyclability, making it highly sought after in global markets that prioritize sustainable and environment-friendly methods. Strategically placed, ALUMINIUM CHINA 2024 will be co-located with Copper China and Asia’s Lightweight Automotive Trade Fair, offering an integrated platform that maximizes the chances for international buyers and suppliers to thrive within the non-ferrous metals sector and beyond.

Chris Zang, Senior Project Director at RX Greater China, shares, "The trade fair's intentional scheduling alongside related events is a testament to our mission of facilitating business cooperation, knowledge exchange, and networking to stimulate growth and novel developments in the non-ferrous industries."

A Global Gathering for Innovation and Networking

The 19th iteration of ALUMINIUM CHINA is anticipated to play host to over 28,000 visitors, centralizing on the diverse array of aluminium products, processing technologies, and other non-ferrous metals like copper and magnesium. The exhibition's scale is remarkable, sprawling over 50,000 square meters. It has garnered an esteemed international recognition, with anticipations of welcoming upward of 1,800 international delegates from more than 80 nations and territories.

China's New Visa Policies Facilitate International Collaboration

The year 2024 ushers in streamlined Chinese visa application protocols and visa exemption dealings for an extensive list of countries, inclusive of Switzerland, Ireland, Hungary, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. These advantageous policies are instrumental in bolstering international business interaction, and they offer fertile ground for ALUMINIUM CHINA which introduces the novel International Visitor Benefits Program. This initiative is custom-designed to assist global buyers, enhancing their experience with extraordinary access to leading-edge aluminium merchandise and technologies from an assortment of Chinese and international vendors.

Expanding Horizons with Exclusive On-Site Events

ALUMINIUM CHINA goes beyond the traditional trade fair format, featuring an array of tailored on-site events, such as the ALU Insight International Aluminium Industry Development Forum, business matching sessions, and factory visits. These ancillary activities are prepared with keen insight into offering the latest market trends, strengthening business connections, and providing attendees with a sneak peek into the future through state-of-the-art technology and groundbreaking solutions for aluminium processing.

Unveiling Copper China alongside ALUMINIUM CHINA 2024

In a collaborative spirit, RX Greater China has entered into partnership with the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Fabrication Association (CNFA) to introduce the 2024 Shanghai International Industrial Materials Exhibition • Copper (Copper China). This separate yet synergistic exhibition will focus the spotlight on the copper sector, featuring an extensive range of materials, semi-finished products, processing apparatus, auxiliary supplies, and engineering services associated with the copper industry.

Professionals hailing from a wide range of application areas – encompassing wire and cable, automotive OEMs, photovoltaic energy storage, air conditioning, refrigeration, and electronic communication – are warmly welcomed to this specialized trade fair.

To delve further into the details surrounding ALUMINIUM CHINA, the public is directed to the official website for comprehensive information or the Facebook Page for latest updates and community engagement.

Additionally, a visual glimpse into the event can be experienced through a high-resolution photo available at

In conclusion, ALUMINIUM CHINA 2024 serves as an international beacon for industry professionals, suppliers, and innovators, casting a bright spotlight on the vast potential and vibrant future of the aluminium industry. With its wide-ranging professional and geographical reach, the event is the cornerstone for modern business deals, technology transfer, and alignment with the environmental values of recycling and sustainability. It is an essential platform for shaping the industry landscape and driving the world forward in realizing the full capabilities and benefits of aluminium and related non-ferrous metals.