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Revolutionizing Royalty Collections: WIOpro's Strategic Integration with Gracenote Data


Leo Gonzalez

May 10, 2024 - 23:45 pm


Revolutionizing Royalty Collections: WIOpro Integrates Gracenote Data to Streamline Earnings for Broadcast Music

In a landmark decision poised to considerably transform the landscape of music rights and royalty management, WIO LLC, the progenitor of the globally recognized broadcast airings platform WIOpro™, has forged a strategic alliance with Gracenote. This collaboration stands as a testament to a dedicated effort to meticulously track and accurately allocate music royalties resulting from both television broadcasts and digital streaming.

A New Era of Precision in Music Royalties

LOS ANGELES, May 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- The struggle to accurately trace the lineage of music royalties and assure rightful remuneration has long plagued collection entities. Addressing this quandary, WIO has efficaciously announced the integration of Gracenote's TV program metadata and real-time show airings within the WIOpro™ system. This integration marks a significant stride towards equipping performance rights organizations, copyright management entities, and other stakeholders with enhanced capabilities to closely monitor broadcast schedules and pinpoint exact moments when royalties accrue.

Coupled with the integration, the innovative LookBack™ feature within WIOpro harnesses the power of Gracenote's archival program data. The enhancement of reporting functions provided by LookBack™ empowers Collection Societies, Rights Management Companies, and the broader royalty-earning community with the unprecedented ability to conduct thorough monitoring. This advanced scrutiny allows for the export of broadcast airings data and offers a clearer insight into collection opportunities.

Commitment to Empowerment and Accuracy

"At WIO, our unwavering commitment is rooted in fortifying collection societies and copyright holders across the globe with state-of-the-art platform tools. Alongside these tools, access to the most accurate television broadcast and streaming data available is provided," affirmatively states Shawn Pierce, Co-Founder, and CEO of WIO LLC. "Our decade-long relationship with Gracenote has been nothing short of extraordinary. As we solidify this agreement, we take pride in offering an unmatched dataset to the royalty and residual community that stands without parallel," adds Adam Shafron, Co-Founder and CTO of WIO LLC.

The essence of WIO's platform derives from its specialized development to tackle the complex issue of royalty tracking. This remarkable platform is rendered even more formidable through the assimilation of the precise, current, and extensive metadata provided by Gracenote. Scott Monahan, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Gracenote, shares a vision for the future stating, "We are poised to witness the amalgamation of WIOpro's innovative technology with Gracenote's extensive program metadata, which ultimately fulfills the promise of transforming music royalty collection. This process ensures that rights holders receive the fair compensation they rightly deserve."

WIO and Gracenote: Unveiling the Future at MusicBiz 2024

This dynamic coalition will present its breadth of work at the upcoming MusicBiz 2024 conference scheduled to be held in Nashville, TN from May 13 through 16. Individuals interested in learning more about WIO's technological advancements or those seeking media insights are encouraged to reach out to Dave Pelman, COO of WIO LLC, for media queries or to schedule a product demonstration. Inquiries and appointments can be arranged through the following contact: Dave Pelman.

About WIO:

Pioneers in the technology domain, WIO dedicates itself to manifesting broadcast television and digital programming data in designs that specifically cater to the needs of the royalty and residual collection industry. The WIOpro ( platform invites its users to dive into a world of real-time broadcast insights, precise reporting, and meticulously curated data delivery, tailored to revolutionize the way stakeholders interact with and benefit from media consumption data.

About Gracenote:

Steering the industry with its innovative solutions, Gracenote stands as a lighthouse for content data, serving as a vital business unit of Nielsen. With a bounty of entertainment metadata, connected IDs, and a plethora of related services, Gracenote enables leading content creators, distributors, and various platforms to navigate and discover content with unparalleled ease. From TV shows, movies, and music to podcasts and sports, Gracenote enhances content accessibility and delivers impactful content analytics to simplify the complexities inherent in business decision-making.

Learning from the Past, Shaping the Future

Metadata has long been the silent powerhouse behind content discovery and management, yet its potential for impacting the fairness of royalty collection is only now being fully realized. The amalgamation of WIOpro's technology with Gracenote's breadth of program metadata embodies a powerful nexus of data intelligence and efficiency. This collaborative effort is more than an augmentation of services; it is a fundamental shift that promises a renaissance in the realm of royalty collection.

As the industry evolves, so do the demands placed upon those who manage and protect the value of creative works. The convergence of WIO's platform and Gracenote's metadata is a response to this evolution—a response that heralds a future where data serves justice and fairness, ensuring that every note played and every tune broadcast reaches its full financial potential for its creators.

By embracing change and challenging the status quo, WIO and Gracenote are setting a new standard for what it means to serve the musical community. Their collaborative approach demonstrates a profound understanding that the music industry does not only consist of artists and tracks, but a complex ecosystem of individuals and organizations that deserve clarity, transparency, and, more importantly, fair compensation for their contributions.

The Pinnacle of Practicality: WIOpro and LookBack™

In practice, what does the integration of Gracenote's TV program metadata with WIOpro's LookBack™ feature mean for the everyday operations of rights holders and collecting entities? The answer lies in the transformation of data into actionable insights. With LookBack™, users can delve into historical data to extract a clear timeline of when and where songs were played, fortifying the foundation upon which royalty claims are built. The feature ensures that no performance slips through the cracks, enabling musicians and composers to gain every penny they're due from past broadcasts—an invaluable asset in an industry where residuals can often be the lifeblood of a creative career.

As users navigate the intuitive interface of WIOpro, empowered by LookBack™, they uncover a meticulously organized world of information that once required hours of tedious manual tracking. The automated processes result in content accuracy, comprehensive data acquisition, and seamless report generation—a trifecta of benefits that translate to a competitive advantage in the rapidly evolving digital media landscape.

A Shared Vision for Industry Advancement

The shared mission of WIO and Gracenote transcends the mere facilitation of data interchange—it is an endeavor to elevate the entire musical ecosystem, from the artist scribbling lyrics in a notebook to the mega-corporations distributing content across the world. It is a vision that understands the global reach of music and the cultural and financial impact that reach entails. The soul of this partnership is built on the foundation of maximizing value and reducing the inefficiencies that have historically hindered its flow through the industry.

A sign of robust progress, the agreement between WIO and Gracenote comes at a time when the importance of data handling and analytical prowess is at its peak. It is an era where data is no longer just numbers and figures but the currency of influence—the tool that can make or break the success and fairness of distribution in the digital age. Every stakeholder in the music industry, regardless of their role, stands to gain from the enhancements driven by this significant collaboration.

Conclusion: The Dawn of a New Standard

In summation, the strategic agreement between WIO LLC and Gracenote is a beacon of hope for the transformative change that the music industry needs. It is a pledge of support to those who make our lives richer with their melodies and rhythms, ensuring that their contributions are valued and compensated justly.

With WIOpro's integration of Gracenote metadata and the mighty LookBack™ feature, the industry looks ahead to an era marked by precision, fairness, and efficiency in royalty collection. As we approach the MusicBiz 2024 conference, where this groundbreaking partnership will be showcased, the industry holds its breath for the full reveal of a technology that is set to redefine the music ecosystem as we know it.

WIO's technology, now enlivened by Gracenote's rich metadata, brings a message that is loud and clear: the future of royalty collection has arrived, and it promises to be wondrously accurate, fair, and rewarding.

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