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Revolutionizing Pet Wellness: Pet Releaf's Eco-Conscious Non-Hemp Supplements


Michael Chen

March 20, 2024 - 14:22 pm


Innovating Wellness: Pet Releaf Unveils Groundbreaking Non-Hemp Pet Supplements at Global Pet Expo

DENVER, March 20, 2024 – Industry pioneer and leading plant-based pet CBD brand Pet Releaf is proud to debut an exciting new range of wellness products at this year’s prestigious Global Pet Expo. Returning for their 8th consecutive appearance, Pet Releaf is set to captivate pet owners with their innovative development: Pet Releaf Naturals—an exemplary line signaling the brand's venture into non-hemp-based supplements.

Pet Releaf’s long-standing commitment to enhancing the health and well-being of pets shines through their two new groundbreaking products designed explicitly with proactive pet parents in mind. The company's dedication to advancing the standards of pet care has now entered an ambitious new phase with the introduction of this novel line.

Pet Releaf Naturals: Pioneering Holistic Pet Care

The forefront of Pet Releaf’s novel series, Pet Releaf Naturals, is characterized by the introduction of their Postbiotic supplement, suitable for dogs and cats of all life stages, and a Fish-Free Omega 3. These first-of-their-kind formulations have been meticulously crafted to meet the comprehensive needs of pets and support their overall wellness.

Pet Releaf's line – Pet Releaf Naturals – is the first of the brand's non-hemp-based supplements.

The new additions to Pet Releaf’s product range hold true to the company's philosophy and are designed for daily, long-term use. Moreover, these supplements are not only non-hemp based but also sustainably sourced featuring plant-based ingredients, exemplifying Pet Releaf's commitment to sustainability. Importantly, for those already integrating CBD-infused products into their pet's routine, these new offerings are intended to complement such regimens, providing a holistic approach to pet health management.

Both the Postbiotic and Fish-Free Omega 3 supplement are already creating a buzz at the Global Pet Expo and are available for pre-order. For those who could not attend the event, additional information regarding Pet Releaf Naturals will soon be available on Pet Releaf's website.

"Bringing high-quality health choices to the pet community has always been a top priority for us," expressed Chelsea Gennings, Co-Founder of Pet Releaf. "With these new non-hemp-based supplements, we are elated to extend our range and continue to offer pet parents the utmost in care, quality, and reliance on sustainable practices."

Pet Releaf has become synonymous with leveraging science to formulate their products, which undergo third-party testing to ensure efficacy and safety. Each product is a testament to the brand's exclusive focus on creating solutions specifically engineered for pets.

Eight Years of Dedication and Discovery

This year marks Pet Releaf's 8th anniversary at the Global Pet Expo, an event that has continually offered the brand a valuable opportunity to connect with retailers, industry experts, and fellow innovators. Maintaining their position as the pet CBD category's leader, Pet Releaf's continuous efforts to innovate and enhance their product offerings showcase their dedication to driving CBD research and advocating for regulatory advancements in the industry.

Elevating the Industry Standards

Visitor engagement is key, and Pet Releaf is prepared to enlighten attendees about their entire product line, spanning best-selling CBD oils to Edibites, and grooming essentials like shampoos. The brand places immense value on educating consumers about the factors that set Pet Releaf apart, and their booth #226 will serve as a hub of knowledge and insight throughout the Expo.

For more comprehensive details and to explore their full range of products, pet parents are encouraged to visit Pet Releaf's website.

About Pet Releaf

As the original plant-based pet CBD brand, Pet Releaf has been revolutionizing the way pets are cared for since its inception over a decade ago. From its foundation, the company has led the industry charge towards transparency, education, and has positively impacted the lives of more than five million pets and their families.

With its farming operations rooted in regenerative agriculture practices in Colorado, Pet Releaf sets the benchmark for quality. Their coveted NASC (National Animal Supplement Council) quality seal attests to their unwavering standards. Each product in their range is thoughtfully created to alleviate various pet discomforts and promote behaviors conducive to a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Their commitment to long-term health and general wellness has made Pet Releaf an indispensable part of many pet homes. Whether it’s supporting calm behavior, optimal digestion, or simply fostering everyday health, Pet Releaf has been at the forefront of natural, effective pet wellness solutions. Learn more and join the Pet Releaf movement at

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Source: Pet Releaf

A Look Ahead: The Future of Pet Wellness with Pet Releaf

As Pet Releaf continues to expand its horizons and deliver on its promise of holistic pet care, the company's trajectory is set towards further breakthroughs. With every product, event, and interaction, Pet Releaf's mission remains intact—to nurture the bond between pets and their guardians through wellness products that speak to the heart of mindful pet care.

By venturing into the non-hemp supplement space, Pet Releaf aspires to diversify the avenues through which pet owners can maintain and enhance their pets' health. Pets are integral family members, and Pet Releaf stands by the belief that they deserve the same care and consideration when it comes to dietary supplements and health-driven solutions.

Harnessing Nature's Potential for Pet Health

Pet Releaf Naturals is more than a new product line—it's a bold statement that pet wellness can be achieved through nature's own resources, without compromise. Supporting this philosophy, the new Postbiotic and Fish-Free Omega 3 supplements serve to bridge the gap between traditional pet health products and the growing demand for natural, plant-based alternatives.

In a world where sustainability increasingly intersects with consumer choices, Pet Releaf's venture into non-hemp-based supplements aligns with a broader trend. This direction not only holds the promise of improved pet health outcomes but also reflects an eco-conscious approach that resonates with pet parents eager to make environmentally sound decisions for their furry companions.

Sustainability: A Core Tenet of Pet Releaf's Vision

The commitment to sustainability is enshrined in every facet of Pet Releaf's operations. It is a testament to this vision that the brand sources its ingredients from regenerative farms where the health of the soil, ecological balance, and biodiversity are prioritized. By adopting such principles, Pet Releaf ensures that its impact extends beyond the well-being of pets to that of the planet they inhabit.

Pet Releaf's dedication to crafting non-hemp-based products is a reflection of their responsiveness to a dynamic market and their agility in addressing the evolving needs of pet care. It is through adaptability and innovation that Pet Releaf continues to redefine the pet supplement industry and pave the way for continued growth and excellence.

A Legacy of Transformation and Trust

The loyalty Pet Releaf commands from pet owners is not merely due to their high-quality products but also to the trust they have cultivated over the years. The brand's transparent practices, educational initiatives, and science-based formulations have cemented their role as trusted advisers in pet wellness.

Guided by their underlying principle of 'from seed to sale,' Pet Releaf oversees every stage of their product development process, ensuring consistency, safety, and effectiveness. This meticulous approach has garnered them a revered reputation and underscores their pivotal role in transforming pet health care standards globally.

Conclusion: Leading the Way in Pet Wellness Innovation

Pet Releaf’s unwavering commitment to pet health and the environment sets a precedent for the industry. Their participation in the Global Pet Expo and the unveiling of Pet Releaf Naturals mark significant milestones in their journey of innovation. For pet parents seeking trusted, sustainable, and efficient health solutions, Pet Releaf continues to be the guiding light, leading the way toward a future of holistic and natural pet wellness. As Pet Releaf champions the intersection of passion, science, and sustainability, pets around the world stand to benefit from an enriched quality of life, and pet owners from peace of mind.

This comprehensive view of Pet Releaf's advancements and aspirations captures the essence of a brand that is relentless in its pursuit of excellence. Forging ahead, Pet Releaf's journey is symbolic of the evolution and progression within the realm of pet care—a testament to their pioneering spirit and dedication to the health of pets everywhere.