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Revolutionizing Oral Care: Oclean's AI-Powered X Ultra S Conquers Europe


Michael Chen

April 3, 2024 - 04:42 am


Revolutionary Oclean X Ultra S Debuts with a Dazzling AI-Powered European Commercial

LONDON, April 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- In a triumphant celebration of innovation and digital artistry, Oclean has unveiled its highly anticipated European commercial for the state-of-the-art Oclean X Ultra, a WiFi-enabled Smart Sonic Toothbrush that is set to redefine brushing experiences with its Visible Brushing and AI Voice Guidance features. This milestone heralds a new era of inventive and collaborative efforts in the oral hygiene space. The campaign is the brainchild of a partnership with the illustrious creative agencies Cut The Mustard and Graffiti Films, who are at the forefront of merging leading-edge technology with extraordinary creative expressions.

The advertisement, which is already available for viewing at Oclean X Ultra's European commercial on YouTube, pushes the boundaries of what is expected in marketing campaigns within this domain. It's not merely an advertisement; it's a vast artistic and technological project that will have viewers reimagining the role of technology in everyday products.

A Fusion of Global Influence and Stellar Innovation

This groundbreaking commercial spotlights six prominent influencers: Buryak Yelisavieta Andryeivna, Kamil Szpejenkowski, Meta_Queen, Nikodem Rudziński, Silke Sollfrank, and Petra Kostková. They are lauded figures in realms that span Beauty, Lifestyle, Dance, Technology, AI, and Fashion. These luminaries have joined forces across five different countries, as well as from the expanses of the metaverse, bringing with them a formidable clout of over 10 million ardent followers from various social platforms. This diversity not only speaks to the significant span of the campaign's reach but also vouches for the multicultural appeal of Oclean's new endeavor.

The Synergy of In-Person and Virtual Realities

In what can only be described as a pioneering move, the influencers did not physically partake in any portions of the traditional filming process. Their very essence was captured and recreated using the latest in 3D scanning and AI technologies, thanks to the expertise of Humanverse, who stand at the vanguard of virtual human creation. Oclean’s foray into this modern advertising technique underscores their steadfast dedication to incorporating innovation and emphasizes the burgeoning capability of tech-fueled, immersive advertising experiences.

Embracing The AI Renaissance with Meta_Queen

Adding another layer of novelty is the inclusion of Meta_Queen, an influencer created entirely through AI. This stroke of genius underscores Oclean's visionary mindset and their embrace of AI not just as a feature of their product, but as a cornerstone in their marketing strategy. The participation of Meta_Queen serves as a testimony to the correlation between artificial intelligence and consumer engagement.

Introducing Oclean X Ultra S: The Crest of Innovation

The commercial artfully presents the Oclean X Ultra by portraying each influencer drawing attention to a distinctive feature of the toothbrush. From its Visible Brushing to its AI Voice Guidance, the campaign leverages the unique allure and domain knowledge of each influencer to impart the X Ultra's manifold advantages. This strategic approach by Oclean crafts a multi-dimensional brand image, ensuring they connect with a diverse consumer demographic.

The concerted collaboration between Oclean, Cut The Mustard, Graffiti Films, and Humanverse exemplifies a significant leap in Oclean's emergence in the European market. Moreover, it etches a new benchmark for creativity infused with technological ingenuity in advertising narratives. As Oclean surges forward in the oral health sphere, their explosive new commercial stands as a robust declaration of the brand’s future-directed vision where the fusion of technology and intrinsic creativity sparks unmissable and impactful consumer narratives.

Oclean has rendered the Press Release in conjunction with an Artificial Intelligence, which highlights the integration of AI across various facets of their operations.

For additional details regarding the innovative Oclean X Ultra S, visit their official website at Moreover, customers who are eager to obtain this pioneering toothbrush can find it available for purchase at

To engage more deeply with the campaign, viewers and interested consumers can access the commercial video via this link, allowing them to experience firsthand the convergence of technology and dental care. Furthermore, a striking visual representation of the Oclean X Ultra can be found accompanying the Press Release through this photo.

The emblematic logo representing Oclean’s unwavering commitment to revolutionizing oral healthcare is available at, providing a visual anchor to the brand's innovative identity.

In Conclusion

The launch of the Oclean X Ultra commercial in Europe marks a pivotal moment that stretches beyond traditional advertising. It is the synthesis of emblematic individualities, revolutionary technology, and a product that aims to transform an everyday routine into an interaction with innovation. Oclean's audacity in sculpting a future where artificial intelligence and digital transformation enhance our lifestyle choices shines through in this trailblazing campaign.

The exploration of the multisensory and interactive dimensions in product advertisement by Oclean paves the way for contemporary brands to reach out and resonate with audiences in unprecedented ways. The ability to encapsulate influencers' personas digitally and the integration of an AI-generated personality highlights a strategic pivot in consumer engagement and brand storytelling.

Enabling users to perceive and interact with the product's features through Visible Brushing and AI Voice Guidance is not just an upgrade in functionality but a leap forward in fostering a proactive oral hygiene culture. Oclean's X Ultra smart toothbrush, equipped with WiFi connectivity, offers a glimpse into the future of dental care – one that is intertwined with the digital fabric of our lives.

Oclean's partnership with formidable creative houses Cut The Mustard and Graffiti Films brings about a synergy that transcends the normative bounds of advertisement and venture into a realm where art and technology dance together. The product itself promises to embody this ingenuity, promising users not just an oral health tool but also an extraordinary experience that speaks volumes of the brand's profound grasp on consumers' evolving preferences.

Standing at the brink of this digital revolution, Oclean does not only portray an image of a toothbrush but invokes the essence of a lifestyle symbiotic with smart technology and personal well-being. As the European commercial of Oclean X Ultra airs across various digital channels, it garners the attention and imagination of a global audience, projected to further cement Oclean's place as a leader in innovative oral healthcare solutions.


This ambitious engagement between Oclean and its audience through a spectacular display of immersive and interactive storytelling reveals a thirst for progression and adaptability. As the world gravitates towards embracing AI and digital transformation in every aspect of life, Oclean's strategic foresight in aligning their product with this shift, positions itself at the vanguard of shaping the future of personal care industries.

The X Ultra S unveiling is thus a herald of not just a new product but a novella of technology interwoven profoundly into the tapestry of daily living. Oclean’s journey and innovation are empowered by their connection with their consumers, pushing the envelope of what is possible, and inviting us all to rethink what we can expect from technology-infused personal hygiene products.

It is a narrative grounded in the belief that products like the Oclean X Ultra are not mere commodities, but protagonists in the story of our changing world. Each feature meticulously crafted, each aspect of the campaign meticulously planned, to ensure that when the consumers think of oral healthcare, they think of a future harmonized with technology, and they think of Oclean.

Oclean’s European commercial is a beacon of pioneering thought and radical innovation. It wraps up an ingenious product in a narrative that is both enchanting and prescient. As the media and the public alike digest this fresh approach to product branding and the dental hygiene experience, one message resonates above all: that the future Oclean imagines is not only visionary, it's vividly here.

Now, the world watches as Oclean takes this significant step forward, providing a glimpse into an era where our daily routines are augmented by smart technology, evolving the narrative of what it means to lead a tech-forward, health-conscious lifestyle.

Lastly, as the X Ultra S takes its place in the market and in the homes of consumers, it serves as a testament to Oclean's commitment to pushing the envelope, challenging conventional norms, and heralding a future where the possibilities of integrating technology and daily life are boundless.