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Revolutionizing Kart Racing: OTL Electrokart Launches World's First Pro Electric Kart


Benjamin Hughes

April 5, 2024 - 22:58 pm


OTL Electrokart Unveils World's First CIK-FIA Homologated Electric Pro Kart

VACIL, Italy, April 5, 2024 – In a groundbreaking step for the karting industry, OTL Electrokart, renowned as the premier electric kart manufacturer since 1996, has recently announced the launch of a new race division and has commenced sales of the revolutionary OTL E Pro Kart – the world’s first electric pro kart that conforms to CIK-FIA standards and is crafted entirely in-house.

The Evolution from Family Entertainment to Pro-Level Performance

OTL Electrokart has emerged from its Italian roots to build an international reputation over nearly three decades. In its lifeline, the company has established itself as an industry titan, known for providing all-electric high-performance karts tailored especially for family fun centers. Prominent among its offerings, the Junior, EGK, Storm, and Superleggero rental karts have been distinct features in 300+ karting centers globally - a testament to the company’s commitment to quality and performance. This includes all 88 locations of K1 Speed, an industry giant, thus highlighting the brand's significant footprint in the market.

The introduction of the OTL E Pro Kart signals OTL Electrokart's strategic pivot into the competitive sphere of professional outdoor kart racing. It encapsulates decades of expertise, design, and manufacturing experience, marking this Italian firm's grand entry into professional leagues.

Engineered for Excellence: Total In-House Production

In stark contrast to competitors that rely on third-party components for building their electric pro-karts, OTL Electrokart boasts a seamlessly integrated design – a product engineered, designed, and manufactured entirely within the confines of their factory. This in-house production strategy not only ensures consistency and quality but also allows for a level of performance synergy unrivaled in the industry.

Optimized for high-speed outdoor circuits, the E Pro Kart is configurable to diverse speed settings, catering to racers of varying expertise. Harnessing its full power, the kart can clock speeds exceeding 80 miles per hour, boasting a blistering sub-three-second acceleration from zero to 60 mph.

Powering this behemoth is a 27kW (37CV) asynchronous 3-phase electric motor, producing a robust 50 Nm of torque. This potency is derived from a 57 Ah / 88V Lithium-ion battery, designed to provide a minimum 25-minute ride on a single charge – perfectly aligning with standard racing durations. To bolster convenience, the kart's recharge times are ingeniously matched to session lengths, ensuring continuous operation.

A New Era in Competitive Karting

K1 Circuit, a highly anticipated professional karting track set to open its doors in Southern California, has chosen the OTL E Pro Kart as its centerpiece. The facility aims to employ the kart for both casual Arrive & Drive racing and in a competitive framework within a single-spec racing league.

Looking ahead, the electric speedster will soon front a national karting series of its own, with the introduction of various age classes for professionals. This league is poised to be the first professional all-electric outdoor karting championship in the United States, solidifying the OTL E Pro Kart as a milestone in electric racing history.

Competitive Pricing to Match Competitive Performance

With current availability in limited quantities, the OTL E Pro Kart comes with a starting price tag of $10,990, reflecting the high-quality craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology invested in each unit. For younger enthusiasts, OTL is set to release a cadet version suited for ages 8 to 12, beginning at $8,990.

Interested parties are encouraged to visit the K1 Circuit website to place their orders and join the electric evolution of kart racing.

Order the OTL E Pro Kart Here

Full Specifications at a Glance


  • OTL: All categories, tube 30mm; Homologation N°019/CH/12


  • KG CIK-FIA Homologated:
    • Front Spoiler SA.507
    • Nassau Panel FR.508
    • Side Pods CR.507
    • Rear Spoiler SP:502-C3


  • OTL

Steering Wheel:

  • OTL/340mm


  • 57Ah / 88V Li-Ion (5.0 kWh)

Battery Performance:

  • 25+ min single charge / recharged in 25 min


  • 27 kW (37CV)

Max Torque:

  • 50 Nm

Top Speed:

  • 129km/h+ (80+ mph)


  • From 0-100 km/h (0-60mph) in 2.9 seconds


  • AC/DC 3.5kW max (110-240V)

Brake System:

  • OTL/ BSM22-4/ N° Homologation 019-B4-06


  • Front and rear brakes

Rear Axle:

  • 50mm


  • Chain 428WX

Kart Weight:

  • 125 Kg (275lbs)

About OTL Electrokart

OTL Electrokart originated in Italy in 1996 and has since only engendered 100% electric karts, harboring an approach steeped in modernity and innovation. Each kart crafted within OTL's workshops is a blend of sophisticated design, cutting-edge engineering, and meticulous manufacturing. Steered by a mission to continually push technological boundaries, OTL prioritizes the diverse experiences sommeliers of karting seek. The company's vision intertwines with the pulse of the racing world, anticipating and responding to the evolving demands of karting enthusiasts.

For further insights into OTL Electrokart’s ventures and to explore their range of electric karts, visit OTL Electrokart News Release.

Experience the OTL E Pro Kart in Motion

For potential buyers, karting aficionados, and curious spectators, OTL Electrokart offers an in-depth look at the OTL E Pro Kart through their walk-around video. This visual feast highlights the sleek design, sophisticated components, and the dynamic presence of the kart as it prepares to take on tracks with vigor.

The video provides a tangible sense of quality and the thrill that awaits drivers, underscoring the E Pro Kart’s readiness to redefine the standards in professional electric karting.

Watch the OTL E Pro Kart Walk-Around Video

In parallel, viewers can glimpse the E Pro Kart's sporting aesthetic through an array of media available online. An image capturing the kart's polished black frame accentuated by lights emphasizes its entry into the professional outdoor karting scene – a visual validation of its racing pedigree.

View the OTL E Pro Kart Image Gallery

Conclusion: The Forging of an Electric Racing Legacy

As the electric revolution accelerates, OTL Electrokart stands at the forefront, steering the change with an unwavering commitment to innovation, performance, and sustainability. The OTL E Pro Kart not only symbolizes a milestone in the evolution of karting but also encapsulates the aspirations of racers and the racing community at large.

With its capability to deliver professional-grade experiences to the mass market, OTL Electrokart is not merely selling a kart; it sells the dream of a cleaner, faster and more thrilling future in racing – one where speed, sustainability, and technological mastery converge on the racetrack.

As the OTL E Pro Kart charges into the future, it beckons enthusiasts to be part of an exhilarating new chapter in motor sports. An invitation that's hard to resist for those who live and breathe the adrenalin-fueled thrills of the racing world.

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