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Revolutionizing Infrastructure: Zoomlion's Leap into Future Construction Tech at INTERMAT 2024


Benjamin Hughes

April 7, 2024 - 01:58 am


Zoomlion Elevates Construction Machinery Innovation at INTERMAT 2024

CHANGSHA, China, April 6, 2024 -- The acclaimed construction machinery and equipment colossus, Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (Zoomlion), with its listing as 1157.HK, is poised to astound the industry at INTERMAT 2024. Zoomlion is committing to the prominent trade fair with a robust lineup of 30 units spanning seven cutting-edge product series. The expansive range of offerings includes advanced engineering hoisting machinery, sophisticated construction hoisting equipment, state-of-the-art concrete machinery, robust earthwork machinery, innovative aerial working platforms, strategic industrial vehicles, and specialized dry-mixed mortar solutions.

The participation of Zoomlion's European subsidiaries, CIFA of Italy and m-tec of Germany, is set to complement the showcase, introducing their time-honored and best-selling creations to a global audience.

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Wu Zeyou, representing Zoomlion as the French National Manager, commented on the evolution and enhancements undergone by the company's products. "The performance of our exhibited products at INTERMAT has seen holistic improvements," Wu said. Post the company's last participation in the 2015 edition, Zoomlion has launched two significant upgrades. A 2016 milestone witnessed the introduction of intelligent products infused with sensing abilities, processing prowess, and cognitive capacities, pioneering in the field as '4.0 intelligent products.' Four years later, the 4.0A innovation project came into the limelight, targeting cutting-edge digital technologies. Under the clarion call of 'Greener Development, Brighter Future,' Zoomlion stands ready to unveil its latest generation of high-end products resonating with intelligence and ecological consciousness.

Antwerp, Belgium, saw the recent arrival of Zoomlion's ZCT1000V552.1 crawler crane on March 23rd. This formidable hoisting equipment incorporates intelligent cloud services alongside its exceptional lifting capabilities. Zoomlion's innovative approach allows clients to operate the product online, centrally manage data through cloud storage, and readily access services, offering unparalleled ease of use and control.

Zoomlion's dedication to green practices is manifestly evident in its INTERMAT exhibition. The company has taken significant strides in incorporating new-energy products and integrating low-carbon, green energy-conserving technologies into their machinery. Focusing on the ZE210GLC, a 21-tonne hydraulic excavator, Zoomlion has achieved an impressive feat. This excavator not only brings forth paramount safety, comfort, and ease of maintenance alongside operational versatility but also enhances fuel efficiency. An 8.5% reduction in fuel consumption is realized through the application of bespoke electronically-controlled positive flow control, amplified displacement, and reduced rotational speed technologies—signposts of Zoomlion's commitment to energy savings and the environment.

Looming on the horizon, INTERMAT 2024 is scheduled to occur from April 24th to 27th, promising to animate the Villeurbanne Exhibition Center located in Paris's northern suburbs. Visitors and industry stakeholders are actively anticipating Zoomlion's contributions at booth EXT5 F 032.

In preparation for the illustrious event, Zoomlion has not only dispatched the ZCT1000V552.1 crane to European shores but is also meticulously orchestrating the delivery of other vital products. Utilizing the expansive China-Europe freight train networks and maritime channels, the equipment is methodically reaching European grounds.

This remarkable global gathering is expected to witness Zoomlion's innovation prowess, where the curation of heavy machinery and construction technology will proudly be on display.

Zoomlion prepares to revolutionize the heavy machinery landscape.

Intelligent Machinery: The Dawn of New Construction Era

Zoomlion's offerings at INTERMAT crystallize the essence of intelligent design and innovation. The company's relentless pursuit of integrating 'perception, brain, and thinking' into its products personifies a new chapter in construction machinery—ushering in the era of autonomous and connected equipment. The 4.0 intelligent machinery initiative symbolizes a quantum leap forward, with machinery now boasting self-monitoring capabilities and the ability to predict maintenance needs, ensuring peak performance and minimal downtime.

The 4.0A innovation project serves as an anchor, steadying Zoomlion's commitment towards the amalgamation of digital prowess into construction solutions. With cloud computing, big data analytics, and the Internet of Things (IoT), Zoomlion's products are not only machines but intelligent assets capable of streamlined efficiency and smarter resource management. The future-set theme, 'Greener Development, Brighter Future,' embodies a fusion of high-tech engineering with environmental sustainability goals, showcasing Zoomlion's dual-focus of fostering innovation while caring for the planet.

Embracing Green Technology in Heavy Machinery

Zoomlion's endeavor to greenify goes beyond slogans. Each product that will grace INTERMAT's stage is a testament to the environmental consciousness that Zoomlion has nurtured over the years. New energy solutions are a staple in Zoomlion's environmentally friendly approaches, breaking ground in the incorporation of alternative energies into mainstream construction equipment.

The ZE210GLC excavator is but one piece of the green technology puzzle that Zoomlion has put together. Reducing fuel consumption tangibly affects both operating costs and ecological footprints—a salient example of how technological advancements can simultaneously address economic and environmental concerns. By incorporating electronic controls and hydraulic innovation, Zoomlion is breaking the stereotype that heavy machinery must, by nature, be heavy on fuel and emissions.

The Anticipation Builds Towards INTERMAT 2024

As the city of Paris prepares to play host to one of the most immensely followed industry fairs, Villeurbanne Exhibition Center readies its halls for an influx of global professionals, each eager to witness the latest trends and technology in construction machinery. Zoomlion's exhibit is shaping up to be a lodestone for attendees, spotlighting the power of progress in heavy industries.

With a multitude of products set to make their European debut, Zoomlion's meticulous logistical planning ensures a seamless presence at INTERMAT. The transit for these state-of-the-art machines through the vast expanses connecting China and Europe is a testament to the company's global reach and operational excellence.

Zoomlion extends an invitation to industry enthusiasts and professionals to mark their calendars for April 24th to 27th. The promise of experiencing the unveiling of wonderful moments where sophisticated engineering and operational efficiency meet serves as a draw for a wide audience.

Zoomlion: Crafting the Future of Construction Machinery

Each step Zoomlion takes towards innovation and sustainability shapes the direction of the construction machinery industry. Through events like INTERMAT, the company corroborates its status not merely as a manufacturer but as a vanguard, influencing and dictating the trends that others will invariably follow. Their eye for green, advanced technology encapsulates a foresight that is crucial to the industry’s longevity and relevance.

Zoomlion’s reach is not confined to providing machinery — it extends to offering solutions. The concept of greener, brighter futures is applied through tangible, actionable technology that demonstrates Zoomlion’s forward-thinking approach. By fostering a synergy between technological ingenuity and ecological awareness, Zoomlion does not simply adapt to a changing world; it spearheads the transformation.

As INTERMAT 2024 fast approaches, with Zoomlion at the forefront, the construction industry stands on the cusp of a revolution, heralded by intelligent designs and green technologies. Join Zoomlion at booth EXT5 F 032 from April 24th to 27th and be a part of witnessing the future unfold.

For further details on Zoomlion and their participation at INTERMAT 2024, interested parties can find the necessary information and visual content through the provided URL Zoomlion’s INTERMAT Showcase.

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