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Revolutionizing Hydrogen Fuel: ANGI Energy Systems Inaugurates Advanced Refueling Test Facility in Janesville


Leo Gonzalez

March 22, 2024 - 10:26 am


ANGI Energy Systems Breaks New Ground with State-of-the-Art Hydrogen Refueling Test Facility in Wisconsin

JANESVILLE, Wis., March 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ – ANGI Energy Systems, a leading name under the umbrella of Vontier's innovative businesses, officially commenced construction on a groundbreaking Hydrogen Refueling Test Facility, representing a significant leap forward for the Midwest region. Key figures from ANGI and FASTECH, a specialist contractor, joined representatives of Janesville's local government and community to witness the symbolic groundbreaking ceremony of this ambitious $4 million project.

Pioneering Hydrogen Infrastructure

The 3000-square-foot facility, which is conveniently located at ANGI's central headquarters in Janesville, Wisconsin, is poised to become a focal point for the comprehensive testing and verification of essential components and entire systems that constitute the backbone of hydrogen refueling stations. These facilities will cater to a wide array of hydrogen-powered vehicles, particularly heavy-duty trucks that are rapidly becoming pivotal in cleaner energy transitions.

The project represents a significant undertaking, with an aggressive three-month construction timetable. ANGI's partnership with FASTECH in this endeavor underscores a shared commitment to innovation and quality, signaling the start of intensive work that will lay the foundation for a facility designed to revolutionize hydrogen fuel technology.

Future plans for the facility include opening its doors to third-party industry participants, fostering a spirit of collaboration and innovation. Moreover, ANGI anticipates the establishment of local apprenticeship programs as a testament to their investment in cultivating a skilled workforce poised to lead the industry.

Leveraging Decades of Expertise

Leveraging over 40 years of trailblazing expertise in the production and maintenance of refueling equipment for compressed natural gas (CNG) and renewable natural gas (RNG), ANGI debuted its hydrogen business in 2022. Building on a foundational strategy that aims to bridge various energy refueling options, ANGI has captured extraordinary growth in a mere three years. The forthcoming R&D facility is envisioned as a cornerstone for continuous expansion, with a defined role in fortifying the research, development, and validation of modular and globally compliant hydrogen refueling systems.

This facility is not merely an R&D site; it stands as a tangible proof of hydrogen's potential as a renewable and secure energy source, promising a marked reduction in the carbon footprint of transportation and other challenging sectors. This use of clean hydrogen aligns with the United States' National Clean Hydrogen Strategy and Roadmap1 by targeting heavy-duty transportation as a consequential domain for hydrogen application.

A Commitment to Research and Development

Expected to be operational by July 2024, ANGI's facility will initiate in-house testing and validation activities post-completion, with the prospect of opening the facility to third-party companies for their projects from as early as 2026. ANGI also aims to partner with nearby colleges to provide apprenticeship opportunities, fostering a highly skilled workforce in the Midwest, who will eventually lead the charge in designing and implementing hydrogen refueling infrastructure, both domestically and internationally.

During the groundbreaking event, Joel van Rensburg, the President of ANGI, shared his enthusiasm: "As frontrunners in the alternative energy landscape, we are immensely proud to be at the vanguard of the hydrogen infrastructure revolution, poised to instigate meaningful change within the transportation industry. Today's groundbreaking reflects our commitment to accelerating the development of cutting-edge low-carbon technologies, establishing strategic partnerships, and stimulating further investment in the hydrogen economy. We are excited to exhibit our top-tier hydrogen refueling technology at the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo in Las Vegas this May."

Dan McGill, President of FASTECH, also expressed his excitement: "With more than 25 years of precision engineering and maintaining energy supply infrastructures for leading companies, including over 35 hydrogen stations, our track record in quality, innovation, and safety made us an obvious choice as a partner for ANGI in this pioneering endeavor. This collaboration is not solely about decarbonizing the transportation industry; it's about shaping the hydrogen future right here in Wisconsin."

Bridging Innovation from Factory to Field

ANGI is also preparing to embark on a significant venture by delivering its first order for a Hydrogen Refueling Station (HRS) to Trillium Energy for installation at Santa Clarita Transit this summer. This solution's distinctive feature lies in its modular approach, which permits an unprecedented degree of flexibility and reliability, sustained by a network of technicians dedicated to service and maintenance. Combining cloud-connectivity with real-time remote monitoring and energy management, ANGI's HRS promises superior performance and uptime, featuring components like hydrogen dispensers, specialized compression units, recirculation systems, chillers, and a gas management panel designed to regulate flow and pressure within these innovative stations.

Image and Media Accessibility

To view images from the groundbreaking ceremony and gain further insights into the project, the public is invited to download images that feature key individuals from ANGI, FASTECH, and local authorities who played a crucial role in this significant milestone. These images depict the collaboration and support that underpins this revolutionary development in hydrogen energy technology.

ANGI Energy Systems: A Legacy of Innovation

ANGI Energy Systems LLC stands as a hallmark of quality and innovation in the realm of gas compression equipment, with a four-decade legacy of servicing a global clientele. Its sterling repute in compression and natural gas vehicle (NGV) refueling industries has laid the groundwork for the expansion into hydrogen refueling station solutions, positioning ANGI as a key player in supporting decarbonization efforts around the globe.

Operating as part of Vontier's Alternative Energy and Sustainable Fleets Platform, ANGI aligns with a suite of companies tailored for optimizing and decarbonizing fleet industries, including notable names such as Gasboy, Teletrac Navman, Driivz, and Sparkion. Those seeking additional details on ANGI's hydrogen solutions can visit or reach out via the provided contact email.

Vontier: Driving the Future of Mobility

Vontier (NYSE: VNT) constitutes a dynamic industrial technology conglomeration at the forefront of productivity, automation, and multi-energy technologies, poised to address an evolving, interconnected mobility ecosystem. The company leverages formidable market positioning, decades of specialized knowledge, and an extensive portfolio to propel smart, sustainable, and safe transportation solutions for customers and our planet. Internally, Vontier thrives on a culture of innovation and continuous improvement, grounded in the Vontier Business System and adopted by its global workforce. More information about Vontier is available at

FASTECH: Engineering a Sustainable Future

FASTECH emerges as a standard-bearer in delivering energy solutions that span from engineering and procurement to construction and maintenance (EPCM) for both conventional and alternative fueling infrastructures. Through a lens of sustainability and technological progress, FASTECH commits to providing groundbreaking energy solutions, fostering economic prosperity, and preserving our environment for posterity.

Harnessing Clean Energy for Tomorrow

With the official inauguration of ANGI Energy Systems' new Hydrogen Refueling Test Facility and collaborations involving industry experts and local communities, the stage is set for a pivotal transformation in the utilization of hydrogen as a cleaner, more sustainable energy source. This endeavor reaffirms the collective ambition to lead the way toward a decarbonized future, emphasizing the importance of cutting-edge research and the development of energy solutions for an ever-evolving world.

For further insights into the U.S. National Clean Hydrogen Strategy and Roadmap, the public can access the document via this source link.

Connecting with ANGI Energy Systems

For media inquiries, contact Rosanne Catton, Global Head of Marketing for Alternative Fuels at ANGI Energy Systems. She can be reached for comments and additional information regarding ANGI's innovative projects.

A selection of photos, including the image of the groundbreaking ceremony, can be accessed at ANGI Breaking Ground On a New Hydrogen Refueling Test Facility.

In summary, ANGI Energy Systems, with the support of FASTECH, community representatives, and the incorporation of high-end technology, aspires to advance the hydrogen fuel industry, developing comprehensive solutions that accentuate the significance of ecological sustainability and resilience. The new Hydrogen Refueling Test Facility is a testament to this sustained effort, signaling a brighter future for renewable energy and the transportation industry at large.

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