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Revolutionizing Franchise Marketing: aiAdz's AI Platform Delivers Unmatched Advertising Efficiency


Leo Gonzalez

May 8, 2024 - 12:53 pm


Pioneering AI Platform aiAdz Ushers in New Era of Franchise Marketing Efficiency

In a groundbreaking development for the franchise industry, entrepreneurs David Stein and Kylon Gustin have launched aiAdz, a cutting-edge platform dedicated to optimizing advertising campaigns using proprietary artificial intelligence technology. Their company, Sales Chatz, is poised to revolutionize digital advertising for franchisors by significantly enhancing their return on investment (ROI).

A Leap Forward in Franchise Marketing Strategy

Franchise marketing has traditionally been an area where large investments were made into strategic advertising campaigns, often resulting in substantial costs with potentially subpar outcomes. Recognizing these challenges, David Stein and Kylon Gustin—armed with a wealth of experience in digital marketing—set out to transform the landscape by creating the first AI platform tailored specifically for franchise marketing efforts.

On the heels of their launch, the groundbreaking platform called aiAdz is already taking the franchising world by storm. Utilizing a sophisticated AI technology, aiAdz delivers a level of performance optimization previously unseen in the sector. This ingenuity stems from the underlying proprietary AI, which is the brainchild of the two founders who, having witnessed the pitfalls of traditional marketing approaches in their extensive careers, sought to redefine the process for franchisors.

Unparalleled Experience Fuelling Innovation

Stein and Gustin bring to the table a combined experience of over 30 years in franchise marketing. Throughout their careers, they've encountered the countless challenges that franchisors face in attracting the right prospects. Drawing from their vast knowledge, the duo has meticulously crafted software that harnesses AI to intelligently identify and attract better quality leads—an invaluable asset for any franchisor.

Franchise clients have been quick to express their satisfaction with the platform, reporting considerable savings on marketing and advertising spend. Traditional methods, such as costly trade shows and Facebook ad campaigns, had previously produced only a trickle of qualified leads, but with aiAdz, franchisors are now reaping the benefits of higher-quality prospects at a fraction of the cost.

A Testimony to Enhanced Performance and Lead Quality

The ability of aiAdz to precisely target prospective franchise buyers has caught the attention of prominent franchisors, such as D1 Training. Matt Toy, Vice President of Marketing at D1 Training, lauded aiAdz as an "incredible tool." Within just six months, he doubled his deployment of the platform, witnessing a significant upsurge in leads—not just in quantity but in quality, with many leading to successful franchise sales. Thanks to aiAdz, D1 Training is on track to achieve their ambitious goal of developing 400 franchises by 2025.

Furthermore, clients such as VP of Franchising Development at La Madeleine, Mark Ramage, appreciate the ability of aiAdz to provide more intelligent ad spend. With aiAdz, Ramage is able to direct advertising efforts toward high-value candidates, markedly improving the caliber of leads received. He emphasized that the platform continually refines its efficiency the more it's used, alluding to the dynamic learning capabilities AI offers to digital advertising.

A Platform That Grows Smarter With Use

Stein and Gustin have constructed a system that not only fulfills the current needs of their clients but also evolves over time. The founders emphasize that aiAdz is designed to become more precise with each usage. This continuous improvement ensures that clients' advertising campaigns grow more cost-efficient and effective, providing a tangible boost to ROI. Their platform's ongoing learning process truly sets aiAdz apart in the field of franchise marketing.

For clients who prefer a hands-on approach, aiAdz offers a user-friendly dashboard allowing franchisors to create and customize their own campaigns. According to Gustin, this feature empowers users to target messages with clarity and precision, enhancing the overall impact of their advertising efforts.

Accelerating Brand Growth With Targeted Leads

The testimony of another successful entrepreneur, Scott Mellon, founder of Mellon Franchising, further affirms the platform's efficiency. Mellon emphasized how aiAdz has accelerated the growth of the brands he works with, addressing the common struggle of generating a high volume of quality leads. He commended aiAdz as "the most narrowly focused and sophisticated platform" he's encountered, highlighting the high regard the industry has for Sales Chatz's innovation.

Expert Knowledge Translated into AI Innovation

The uniqueness of aiAdz lies in the founders' ability to transfer their real-world expertise directly into an intelligent software system. Stein explained how their intimate understanding of what succeeds and what doesn't in franchise marketing is continuously fed into the platform, which is then used to train the AI. This fusion of human insight with technological agility enables aiAdz to serve as a powerful ally to franchisors, constantly adapting and refining its strategies to maximize investment yield.

Contact and Learning More About Sales Chatz

For those interested in discovering more about this ground-breaking platform, Rhonda Price is the point of contact for any inquiries or interviews with the co-founders. With deep roots in the franchise industry and a formidable technological advantage, Sales Chatz stands poised at the forefront of advertising innovation. Interested parties can reach Rhonda Price at (561) 371-9407.

About Sales Chatz LLC

Sales Chatz LLC is at the cutting edge of ad technology, skillfully combining the prowess of artificial intelligence with comprehensive data sets. This amalgamation allows for automatic and continuous optimization of advertising effectiveness for multi-unit brands. By simplifying the complexity of running concurrent campaigns on multiple platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google, Sales Chatz enables brands to gain actionable insights into campaign performance, saving both time and money and elevating the ROI of advertising campaigns to new heights.

In Conclusion

The advent of aiAdz marks a defining moment in franchise marketing. Its proprietary AI technology provides unprecedented analytical power, enabling franchises both large and small to sharpen their advertising efforts and achieve remarkable growth. With a pledge to ongoing improvement and innovation, aiAdz is not just a solution for today but a scalable partner for tomorrow's challenges in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

For more information about aiAdz and Sales Chatz, please visit Sales Chatz, D1 Training, and La Madeleine.

Contact: Rhonda Price (561) 371-9407

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