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Revolutionizing Brazil's Agrarian Sector: aXichem and Chr. Olesen Launch aXiphen


Michael Chen

March 19, 2024 - 12:28 pm


aXichem and Chr. Olesen Unveil Revolutionary Animal Feed Additive aXiphen in Brazil’s Agrarian Market

MALMÖ, Sweden, March 19, 2024 – aXichem AB, a pioneer in the development of innovative natural analogue feed additives, has joined forces with Chr. Olesen, a globally recognized distributor, to strategically introduce a new product, aXiphen, to the Brazilian market. Complementing this significant launch, both enterprises are leveraging the exposure offered by two premier industry events: Nucleovet and the South American International Poultry and Swine Show (SIAVS). They are orchestrating an extensive PR campaign to effectively showcase aXiphen to Brazilian stakeholders.

The symposium Nucleovet, slated for April 9-11, is revered for its commitment to advancing animal production and veterinary medicine. It will provide the initial platform for the Brazilian agriculture sector to witness the potential of aXiphen. Following Nucleovet, the product will take center stage at SIAVS, the most prominent event for Brazil’s poultry and swine industries. SIAVS is scheduled from August 6th to 8th, 2024, at São Paulo’s Anhembi Parque, offering unparalleled networking and industry engagement opportunities.

aXichem and Chr. Olesen's collaborative endeavor is perfectly timed, aligning with the Brazilian authorities' escalated focus on stringent Salmonella controls in the export sector. aXiphen has exhibited significant efficacy in inhibiting Salmonella, especially using testing methodologies aligned with Brazilian standards. This positions aXiphen to profoundly enhance the health and safety protocols within Brazil's animal farming practices.

A comprehensive market introduction strategy has been devised, wherein aXichem and Chr. Olesen have planned a PR campaign to coincide with aXiphen's market debut. This initiative is designed to educate and inform a broad audience — encompassing industry professionals, regulatory entities, and consumers — about the distinctive advantages of aXiphen and its contribution to fostering safer and more sustainable animal production methods.

Gustavo Penz, Managing Partner of the Feed Division Brazil at Chr. Olesen exudes optimism about the partnership and PR strategy aligned with the product launch. According to him, "The synergy between our robust distribution channels and the upcoming PR campaign is pivotal in underscoring aXiphen's revolutionary role in controlling Salmonella. Given the strategic timing of the launch in conjunction with Nucleovet and the high-profile presence at SIAVS, we are poised to redefine industry benchmarks with aXiphen.”

Pioneering Animal Health and Nutrition: Chr. Olesen

Chr. Olesen stands as an influential entity in the global animal health and nutrition market. The company has dedicated efforts to supply premium quality, safe, and sustainable solutions, contributing significantly to advancing the sector of animal production.

Innovations in Sustainable Chemical Solutions: aXichem

aXichem has carved a unique niche in the industrial chemical market with its synthesis and commercialization of natural analogue chemicals. These substances boast comparable properties to their natural counterparts, marking a significant stride in sustainable innovation. aXichem’s premier product is phenylcapsaicin, which is marketed under two flagship brands: aXiphen® for animal feed and aXivite® for dietary supplements. The company operates across three market regions, offering varied applications for phenylcapsaicin. This includes incorporation as a component in poultry feed, engagement in dietary supplements aimed at gut health, weight management, and sports nutrition, and as an augmenting agent in dietary supplements that enhance the bioavailability of curcumin and melatonin. Securing its industry presence, aXichem is listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market with Västra Hamnen Corporate Finance AB serving as its certified advisor.

For those looking for more information on aXichem, the company's digital presence can be found at

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For detailed insights and the complete narrative regarding the launch of aXiphen, the following documentation is available for download: aXichem and Chr. Olesen Revolutionize Brazil's Poultry and Swine Industries with aXiphen Launch at Nucleovet and SIAVS.

Corporate Touchpoints: Engage with the Innovators

Interested parties seeking to communicate with aXichem can connect with Torsten Helsing, the CEO, via the following details:

  • Phone: +46 706 863 355
  • Email: Torsten Helsing @ aXichem AB: protected email

The email link has been formatted to protect against automated spam to ensure that all inquiries reach the appropriate channels.

The information encapsulated in this news release was meticulously compiled and disseminated for publication on March 19, 2024, at precisely 13:00 CET, signifying the official narrative of the product’s market entrance and previewing the strategic efforts behind this launch.

aXichem AB gratefully acknowledges the support and coverage offered by news organizations and industry platforms. Through transparency, engagement, and innovation, aXichem AB, along with Chr. Olesen, aims to make transformative strides in Brazil's agrarian industry and beyond.

SOURCE: aXichem AB

In summary, aXichem AB's partnership with Chr. Olesen signifies more than the launch of a ground-breaking product; it symbolizes a collective vision for a more efficient, safe, and sustainable agricultural future. As aXiphen embarks on its journey in Brazil, the industry watches with keen interest, anticipating the positive impacts it holds for animal health, consumer safety, and the ongoing battle against animal-borne pathogens such as Salmonella. With a meticulous market entry strategy in place, the synergy between cutting-edge innovation and strategic distribution channels is set to chart new territories in animal feed additivity and agricultural excellence.

While this collaborative launch primarily targets the Brazilian market, it underscores a global trend towards embracing high-tech solutions for age-old problems. The agriculture sector worldwide is moving rapidly to adopt advancements that not only increase efficiency and output but also prioritize the well-being of both animals and consumers. It's a dynamic testament to the ever-evolving nature of primary industry and the indefatigable spirit of innovation that drives companies like aXichem and Chr. Olesen to reach new heights, charting a course for a healthier, more sustainable world.

The excitement surrounding Nucleovet and SIAVS is palpable, with aXiphen positioned to take center stage. These events will serve as not only an introduction to aXiphen's capabilities but also as an affirmation of Brazil's role as a pivotal market and a hub of agricultural innovation in South America. The meticulously executed PR campaign accompanying this product launch is indicative of the expertise and determination backing aXiphen's market entry. Industry professionals, regulatory officials, and consumers alike await with eager anticipation as aXiphen promises to set new benchmarks in animal health and food safety standards.

Concluding the introspective look at this innovative endeavor, aXichem and Chr. Olesen's initiative to enhance Brazil's poultry and swine industries with aXiphen is a step towards a brighter future in agricultural practices. While the primary focus is currently on the fight against Salmonella, the ripple effect of such advancements could reshape multiple facets of farming and export practices. As the world looks on, Brazil becomes a beacon of progress, a proving ground for technologies that have the potential to revolutionize the way we think about food safety, nutrition, and animal welfare. Through strategic collaboration and a shared commitment to excellence, aXichem and Chr. Olesen are poised to lead the way in the ever-changing landscape of agricultural innovation.

This article serves as more than just an account of a product launch; it's a narrative about the potential that lies within the convergence of science, industry, and strategic partnerships. As we continue to navigate an era where transparency, safety, and efficiency hold the keys to success, companies like aXichem and Chr. Olesen exemplify the ethos of industry leadership and the pursuit of progress. Their story, so elegantly encapsulated in this launch, will resonate far beyond the Brazilian pastures, inspiring a generation of innovators and industry stakeholders to think globally and act locally for the betterment of our world.

In closing, we congratulate aXichem AB and Chr. Olesen on their impressive milestone and eagerly watch as aXiphen makes its indelible mark on Brazil's most critical industries. The successful execution of this strategic launch fosters a dialogue among all industry participants to consider not only the immediate benefits but also the long-term prospects of embracing such innovations. May the legacy of this collaborative initiative inspire growth, inspire change, and contribute to a more sustainable and prosperous global agricultural community.

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