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Revolutionize Your Vision: LensCrafters' Innovative Transitions GEN S Lenses Unveiled


Michael Chen

May 3, 2024 - 16:20 pm


A Groundbreaking Advancement in Eyewear: LensCrafters Debuts Advanced Photochromic Lenses

NEW YORK, May 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- In a substantial step forward for optical innovation, LensCrafters, a key player under the EssilorLuxottica group and a leading optical retail brand in North America, is excited to present the cutting-edge Transitions® GEN S™, the most rapid-acting grey lens available in the photochromic category to date. Distinguished by their ultra-sensitive light adjustment, these lenses promise to remain crystal clear indoors while swiftly transitioning to a darker shade outdoors. Now accessible to the public at all LensCrafters stores across North America and through their online store at, the company continues to affirm its dedication to offering customers and patients the most reliable optical retail services accompanied by a superior eye care experience tailored to their diverse lifestyle demands.

The Optical Revolution: Transitions® GEN S™ Lenses

Alfonso Cerullo, President of LensCrafters, describes the launch of Transitions® GEN S™ as an avant-garde lens that dramatically extends the boundaries of ordinary prescription spectacles. "Transitions® GEN S™ will bestow upon eyeglass wearers more than mere corrective functionality," he states. The evolution of the business, advanced by unique digital technologies, provides customers an effortless journey to find their ideal frames and vision solutions. Also, several engaging elements such as a video highlighting the features of Transitions® GEN S™ lenses can be viewed at this link.

The Transitions® research and development team, in close collaboration with lens users, engineered a dynamic lens that exceeds all existing standards, creating a revolutionary product meeting real-world needs. An overwhelming 88% of users concurred that the Transitions® GEN S™ lenses adapted so seamlessly to changing light conditions that they scarcely noticed the transition from one environment to another.

Color and Protection: The Unmatched Quality of Transitions® GEN S™

Beyond their remarkable responsiveness, the Transitions® GEN S™ lenses also come in an unprecedented palette of eight distinctive colors — the widest range offered to date. Each color is meticulously designed to maintain its integrity across varying levels of darkness, providing a vibrant tint that harmonizes with the ambient light. The promise of the Transitions® GEN S™ lens is a cohesive visual experience in flux with light changes, coupled with comprehensive protection; the lenses block 100 percent UVA & UVB rays while filtering a substantial percentage of harmful blue-violet light both in their clear state and when activated. The flawless clarity indoors and the compelling hue selection outdoors empowers individuals to express their unique style by matching their lenses with any frame type, marking the advent of limitless personal expression through eyewear.

The Transitions® GEN S™ lens is poised to be a pivotal fixture in LensCrafters’ array of offerings, significantly enhancing the consumer’s choice in customizing their optics.

A Track Record of Innovation and Care: The Legacy of LensCrafters

Since its inception in 1983, LensCrafters has emerged as the premier optical retailer in North America. Operating over 1,000 stores, including remarkable flagship locations in New York City, San Francisco, Palo Alto, and Toronto — the latter marking the esteemed brand's first reach into Canada in July 2023 — the company remains steadfast in its mission: to assist people in achieving their best possible vision and appearance. LensCrafters' association with renowned designer brands and specialized personalized services provided by Doctors of Optometry either within or adjacent to their outlets bolster their status in the market.

Building a Legacy of Giving Back Through Quality Vision Care

The impact of LensCrafters extends beyond the sale of eyeglasses; their alliance with the OneSight EssilorLuxottica Foundation stands testament to their commitment to providing accessible quality vision care and eyewear to underserved communities across the globe. Holding the honor of being the leading contributor to OneSight in North America, the brand continues to propagate the fundamental right to clear vision for all. For additional information about LensCrafters and their services, you may visit

Superior Design Meets Consumer-Centered Innovation: About Transitions®

The Transitions® brand has been synonymous with trailblazing the optical industry. Their products are designed with the consumer's ultimate comfort in mind, always ensuring to filter out 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. The brand's resilience and attentiveness to consumer needs coupled with exemplary operational standards have greatly contributed to its prominence as a highly recognized name in the field of optics.

Research and Development: The Science Behind Transitions® GEN S™ Lenses

  1. This most recent innovation, the Transitions® GEN S™ lens, represents a significant leap from previous models, particularly in grey polycarbonate lenses, where it excels due to its enhanced photochromic capabilities.

  2. The versatility of the lens is further emphasized by its functionality across polycarbonate & CR39 materials, where optimal light transmission is ensured in an array of colors, lending it a universal appeal.

  3. The validation of the Transitions® GEN S™ product brilliance came through a rigorously conducted Wearers Test in the U.S., where 133 prescription lens users trialed the Transitions GEN S Gray 1.67 index lenses, each treated with a premium anti-reflective coating. An important factor to note is that photochromic performance might differ amongst different colors and types of lens materials.

  4. Regarding protection against blue-violet light, the polycarbonate and CR39 lens variants of Transitions® GEN S™ once again stood out. Equipped to filter out a significant portion of blue-violet light as stipulated within the 400nm to 455nm range based on ISO TR 20772:2018, they indicate the comprehensive safety considerations embedded in their design.

Engage with the Transformation: Media Resources and Inquiries

For those seeking a closer look at the remarkable Transitions® GEN S™ offering, media resources and inquiry services are readily accessible. Alexa Anello stands ready to assist with information requests and provide further clarity on the remarkable strides LensCrafters is making in the field of vision enhancement. All queries regarding this revolutionary optical product can be directed to [email protected].

In Conclusion

The collaboration between LensCrafters and Transitions® brings to the optical market a game-changing product that not only ensures visual comfort and style adaptability but also portrays the foresight and ingenuity of two industry titans. As technological advancements continue to shape consumer expectations, these newly launched Transitions® GEN S™ lenses cater to the evolving demands of lifestyle, health, and fashion, thus redefining the standards of prescription eyewear. With the combination of unparalleled responsiveness, vibrant color options, and extensive protective features, these lenses set a new paradigm in the personalization and functionality of eyewear. As LensCrafters continues to endorse innovation and community welfare through their support of the OneSight initiative, the foundation of trust between customers, patients, and the retailer is further solidified, establishing a trend of excellence and conscientious vision care that resonates into the future.

Embracing the ideals of advancement and care, LensCrafters not only leads in the domain of optical retail but also carves a path of disruption and responsibility that others are sure to follow. The immersive experience of Transitions® GEN S™ ushers in a new era where eyewear goes beyond mere utility, becoming an integral and transformative element of our daily lives.