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Revolutionize Your Home with Midea's CirQHP Climate Control – Sustainable and Efficient


Michael Chen

March 29, 2024 - 12:52 pm


Midea RAC Empowers European Households with Revolutionary Climate Control Solutions

Milan, March 29, 2024 – As families across Europe continually adapt to ever-changing living conditions, particularly in the domains of energy consumption and sustainability, Midea's Residential Air Conditioner Division (Midea RAC) has stepped in with a strategic innovation poised to drastically reshape the home climate control industry. At the prestigious Mostra Convegno Expocomfort (MCE) 2024, the company proudly introduced the CirQHP Family – a comprehensive lineup of products dedicated to providing year-round, integrated solutions for air and water-based space heating and cooling, as well as domestic hot water heating. This groundbreaking series boasts a custom-fit approach for the intricately varied European market.

Comprehensive Climate Control with CirQHP Family

Engineered with precision to cater to the needs of diverse living spaces, the CirQHP Family emerges as Midea RAC's answer to the complexities confronting households in today's volatile economic landscape. During a recent panel discussion hosted by The Verge, industry experts shed light on the current dilemma where fluctuating energy costs and environmental concerns are at odds. The consensus underscores the urgency for solutions that bridge the gap between economic sustainability and environmental responsibility, a mission that Midea RAC has eagerly embraced.

Propelled by the vision of sustainability and affordability coexisting harmoniously, the CirQHP Family stands out as Midea RAC's endeavor to alleviate the contradicting elements through innovative product combinations. Each model in the series is meticulously crafted to harmonize with specific user requirements and installation conditions, spanning across various building types. From compact apartments to lavish villas, Midea RAC's expansive offering ensures that energy efficiency, cost savings, and individual comfort are not mutually exclusive.

Introducing the CirQHP Heat Recovery

The centerpiece of the CirQHP Family is the groundbreaking CirQHP Heat Recovery system. This all-inclusive solution for air and water heating is equipped with advanced heat recovery technology, reducing the need for multiple systems operable by several outdoor units. Traditional setups, while potentially effective, incline towards higher installation expenditures, carbon emissions, and physical space consumption, presenting a burdensome environmental impact.

With the introduction of the CirQHP Heat Recovery system, Midea RAC ushers in a new era of efficiency and environmental consciousness. Boasting a multi-split design that pairs perfectly with a range of indoor devices, homeowners are offered a unified experience for cooling, heating, and hot water supply. This pioneering technology breathes life into the eco-friendly aspirations of modern homeowners, providing free domestic hot water in summer months by effectively repurposing waste energy produced during the air-conditioning process. Fast temperature adjustments and a dependable hot water supply are guaranteed year-round with the installation of just one outdoor unit—showcasing a remarkable reduction in energy usage, material waste, and space unnecessarily occupied.

Moreover, Midea RAC has also thoughtfully included a compact 100L tank solution in the lineup to accommodate the confined spaces of apartment living, further proving the CirQHP Family’s adaptability to a broad spectrum of home environments.

CirQHP Hybrid Series Revolutionizes Cold-Climate Comfort

Midea RAC has identified the unique difficulties faced by European households in colder climates, with over 60 million gas boilers nearing the need for replacement. While the prospect of transitioning entirely to heat pumps may present concerns regarding efficacy and costs in frigid conditions, reliance on traditional gas boilers bears the burden of volatile gas prices and the looming shadow of stringent environmental regulations.

In response to these challenges, Midea RAC has ingeniously melded its premium heat pump technology, CirQHP, with the reliable performance of a gas boiler to manifest two innovative solutions, the CirQHP Multi-hybrid and Indoor Hybrid. These pioneering systems do not only amalgamate the benefits of both heat generation methods, but also serve as a progressive milestone in the journey towards embracing more sustainable energy sources.


The CirQHP Family personifies Midea RAC's twin principles of the CirQHP Economy and CirQHP Humanity. These foundational values reaffirm the company's dedication to the GREEN VISION BLUE FUTURE initiative. Within the framework of this initiative, Midea RAC aspires to harmonize human necessities with nature’s capacity by delivering optimized, energy-conserving, cost-effective, and low-carbon heating and cooling systems. Their vision synchronizes with the multifaceted demands of European families, painting a brighter future for both users and the environment.

Multimedia Resources

To deliver a complete sensory experience and a tangible feel of the CirQHP Family's capabilities, Midea RAC has released engaging multimedia assets available online. Interested individuals can glimpse the advanced features and elegant designs of the innovative products through high-resolution images and a revealing video.

The photographs encapsulate the aesthetic appeal and the versatility of the CirQHP solutions, showcasing the units' capacity to blend into various home settings seamlessly. High-quality images can be accessed through the following links:

In addition to still images, a low-resolution video offers a visual and narrative perspective on the practical benefits and technical sophistication of the CirQHP Family. It conveys the story of Midea RAC's commitment to home climate control solutions and the tangible impact these innovations can have on European households. The video is available for viewing at the following link:

In Conclusion: A Step Towards Sustainable Living

The CirQHP Family arises at the intersection of innovation and necessity, providing substantial advantages for both urban and rural European dwellers. Midea RAC, through its thoughtful product development, has set a precedent for addressing contemporary challenges with future-forward solutions. By reducing the need for separate heating and cooling devices and streamlining home climate control systems, the CirQHP Family positions itself as a beacon of practical, sustainable living.

Midea RAC's resolve to mitigate the tension between environmental conservation and living cost-effectively demonstrates a forward-thinking ethos that is likely to resonate with European consumers. The CirQHP Family is more than a series of products; it represents an ethos where technology and eco-consciousness converge to forge a path free of the compromises of yesterday.

While the CirQHP Family is an ambitious step towards energy-independent living, it is important to acknowledge the ongoing transformation of the energy marketplace and the role companies like Midea RAC play in driving change. Midea RAC's offerings pave the way for a future where households no longer solely depend on traditional energy resources but move towards a combined approach that integrates efficient technologies with renewable energy sources.

The Future is Now: Embracing Change with Open Arms

Midea RAC's unveiling of the CirQHP Family at MCE 2024 stands as a testament to the company's insight into home climate control needs and its dedication to providing tangible solutions. As Europe continues to navigate through economic and environmental challenges, innovations such as these not only offer immediate relief but also point towards a more resilient and sustainable way of life.

For those seeking to break free from the shackles of outdated and inefficient home climate systems, the CirQHP Family emerges as a herald of hope. With Midea RAC leading the charge, the home climate control industry is witnessing a transformation as integral as any in the realm of consumer technology.

Bridging Gaps and Building Dreams

In conclusion, Midea RAC's CirQHP Family stands as a pivotal development in the evolution of the home climate control sector. Beyond its technical sophistication and environmental benefits, the CirQHP Family envisions a future where every home is a bastion of comfort and sustainability. As each European household takes strides towards this future, Midea RAC will be there, bridging gaps and building dreams, one innovative solution at a time.

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