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revolutionary kitchen design experience unleashed by lowes with apple vision pro 508


Revolutionary Kitchen Design Experience Unleashed by Lowe's with Apple Vision Pro


Benjamin Hughes

June 3, 2024 - 12:25 pm


Lowe’s Innovates with Apple Vision Pro to Revolutionize Kitchen Design Experience

CHARLOTTE, N.C., June 3, 2024 (PRNewswire) – Lowe’s has taken a pioneering step as the premier home improvement retailer to provide an immersive, Apple Vision Pro-augmented in-store experience. With an innovative pilot program commencing this month in select test markets, the esteemed retailer invites customers to partake in the Lowe’s Style Studio™. This foray allows patrons to envision and craft their ideal kitchens with the guidance of spatial computing and the friendly assistance of a Lowe’s associate.

The Lowe’s Style Studio™ for Apple Vision Pro offers a rare chance to experience kitchen design with cutting-edge technology. Launched earlier this year, the studio utilizes the highly adaptive Apple Vision Pro interface, which responds to the user's gaze and gestures, to immerse customers in a 3D-rendered kitchen space. This seamless integration of technology and design not only simplifies the aesthetic process but enhances customer trust and satisfaction in their envisioned projects. With the Lowe’s Style Studio™ now available in stores, the company presents a groundbreaking opportunity for clients to work collaboratively with specialized associates, transforming their kitchen fantasies into tangible plans.

“Lowe’s has always been at the forefront of industry innovation, and introducing an in-store experience powered by Apple Vision Pro is an exhilarating progression in our customer-centric journey,” stated Seemantini Godbole, Lowe’s Executive Vice President and Chief Digital and Information Officer. Lowe’s is thrilled by the prospects of enhancing in-store kitchen design consultations and providing customers the power to visualize their perfect kitchen space using the most advanced spatial computing technology available.

The Lowe’s Style Studio™ in-store feature focuses intensely on a deep-dive visualization process where customers get to slip on the Apple Vision Pro and navigate through the Lowe’s Style Studio™ application. Within this detailed simulation, they are presented with an assortment of preset styles meticulously curated by professional designers. It’s here that customers can personalize hundreds of real-world Lowe’s products — from materials and fixtures to appliances, all of which are available on or within stores. Accompanied by a Lowe’s associate, individuals are given a personalized walkthrough of their virtual design space, allowing them to explore and select from nearly 80 billion unique design combinations. Upon settling on the perfect aesthetic, customers can effortlessly share their selections via email, AirDrop, or text in a beautifully formatted PDF, paving the way for their in-store, online, or mobile app purchase with Lowe’s.

The pilot for this remarkable venture will make its initial appearance in Lowe’s hometown at the Central Charlotte, N.C., outlet from June 8 through June 12. The innovation will subsequently expand to stores in North Bergen, N.J., and Sunnyvale, CA., towards the end of the month, running from June 22 through June 25. Customers in these pilot areas are granted the convenience of an online booking tool to schedule their Lowe’s Style Studio™ session. Additionally, Lowe’s accommodates customers who favor walk-in consultations, extending the reach of this immersive experience.

Lowe’s Innovation Labs, the division responsible for envisaging and accelerating the future of home improvement, has been instrumental in introducing Lowe's Style Studio™ as part of their innovative project repertoire. The Labs' efforts to enhance the home improvement realm with emerging technologies have previously led to breakthroughs like Measure Your Space®, an ARKit and LiDAR Scanner based room measurement tool, and the Lowe’s Product Expert™, which utilizes custom GPT for generative AI-powered product recommendations. Lowe’s also pioneered the home improvement retail sector’s first digital twin designed to empower associates with the tools they need to provide superior customer service.

For more practical insights on the Lowe’s Style Studio™ and to book an appointment, interested participants can visit Lowe’s Innovation Labs - Lowe’s Style Studio™. Additional information on Lowe’s offerings and innovations is available at

About Lowe's

Lowe's Companies, Inc. (NYSE: LOW) is a stalwart in the home improvement industry and a member of the FORTUNE® 50. Serving roughly 16 million transactions weekly in the United States, Lowe’s has seen more than $86 billion in sales for the fiscal year 2023. The company boasts a vast network of over 1,700 home improvement stores and employs an impressive figure of some 300,000 associates. Hailing from Mooresville, N.C., Lowe’s is also deeply invested in community service through initiatives aimed at creating safe and affordable housing and nurturing the next generation of skilled tradespeople.

For press inquiries, Kyle Byrnes of Lowe’s Companies, Inc., can be reached via email at [email protected] concerning general queries and [email protected] for those regarding the Lowe’s Innovation Labs.

Lowe’s commitment to blending tradition with technological advancement is vividly highlighted in initiatives like the in-store Lowe’s Style Studio™. By redefining the shopping experience and offering state-of-the-art tools for design visualization, the company continues to reshape and influence the industry's future. The incorporation of spatial computing in interior design is just one way Lowe’s is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction. It is not merely about selling products but creating a comprehensive, interactive, and personal experience that exceeds all expectations.

  • Word thanks to their immersive vision studio and inclusive approaches to customer engagement, Lowe’s is paving a confident path forward, driving the market towards a future where every customer can craft the space of their dreams with expert help and revolutionary technology.

Lowe's has stepped away from conventional retail boundaries by integrating the virtual with the physical, building a distinctively personalized retail journey that underscores their dedication to innovation and customer experience. The in-store Lowe's Style Studio™, powered by Apple Vision Pro, embodies the company's mission to deliver unparalleled value to consumers, by demystifying complex design processes, and making home improvement both an accessible and delightful pursuit for homeowners of varied expertise.

As the pilot initiative takes flight in select stores, Lowe's is eagerly anticipating customer feedback to refine and expand the program nationally. The democratization of sophisticated design technology through Lowe's Style Studio™ opens up endless possibilities for customers to express themselves through their living spaces, fostering deep connections between the brand, products, and the personal lives of consumers.

In an era where digital transformation shapes how we live and work, Lowe's is carving out a niche that harmonizes human-centric service with technological ingenuity. The company's forward-thinking approach reinvents the essence of home improvement, one kitchen design at a time. This is more than a mere enhancement of the shopping experience; it's a revolution in the home improvement domain that champions user interaction, design freedom, and accessibility.

The introduction of the Style Studio™ to Lowe's retail space signifies a defining moment in the company's history, setting a new standard for customer interaction and satisfaction. By erasing the barriers between imagination and reality, Lowe's is offering an unprecedented level of support for those embarking on the challenging, yet deeply rewarding, journey of home renovation.

As the pilot unfolds and evolves, it's clear that Lowe’s is not just about providing the tools for construction; it's about building the future of home improvement, one visionary project at a time. Through collaborations with technological giants like Apple and the in-house talent at Lowe's Innovation Labs, Lowe’s is valiantly streamlining the client's creative journey, making the process of turning a house into a home a seamless, enjoyable, and most of all, a personal experience.

Lowe’s vision for the Style Studio™ is one that intersects with the aspirations of their clientele, empowered by technology to enhance the creative process rather than overshadowing it. It’s a vision that speaks to the unique needs of homeowners, offering not just the physical elements that make up a kitchen but the innovative and supportive environment in which to design it.

The company’s commitment to this innovative project is a testament to their understanding of the evolving landscape of retail and home improvement. By staying ahead of the industry curve and pushing the boundaries of what's possible within retail spaces, Lowe's reinforces their position as a leader in the market and a champion for the homeowner's creativity.

With this initiative, Lowe's reaffirms the notion that the heart of each home lies within the hands of those who dwell in its confines, providing them with the tools and technology to express and realize their visions. The future of kitchen design is not just about picking out tiles and appliances; it's about crafting an experience, living within it, and making it uniquely yours — and Lowe's, with the introduction of their in-store Style Studio™, is at the vanguard of this exciting revolution.

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