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REAL SIMPLE and Pinterest Redefine Retail with 'Best & Brightest' Shoppable Issue


Leo Gonzalez

May 15, 2024 - 13:27 pm


REAL SIMPLE Innovates with First-Ever Shoppable Issue in Collaboration with Pinterest

A New Era of Shopping Experience

NEW YORK, May 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Today marks a significant moment in the publishing and e-commerce world as REAL SIMPLE launches its pioneering shoppable issue, adopting a "Best & Brightest" theme. This remarkable edition showcases a carefully chosen selection of over 120 transformative products, each subjected to meticulous testing by the editors at REAL SIMPLE. Alongside these ground-breaking items, the issue casts light on ingenious ideas and remarkable people who are contributing to a better tomorrow. In an unprecedented union with Pinterest, the quintessential platform for inspiration, each segment of the magazine is accompanied by QR codes. These codes serve as a gateway to specialized Pinterest boards, facilitating an instant purchase opportunity for products directly from the printed page.

Featuring celebrity Busy Philipps on the cover, the “Best & Brightest” issue is brimming with endorsed product suggestions and profound stories about change-makers. This issue is now available for viewing on and for shopping on Pinterest's exclusive shoppable board. Those eager to get their hands on a physical copy can find it in REAL SIMPLE’s June issue, gracing newsstands from May 17.

REAL SIMPLE Teams Up with Pinterest for First-Ever Shoppable “Best & Brightest” Issue (PRNewsfoto/Dotdash Meredith)

Scanning for Style: QR Codes Unlock Shopping Galore

Diving into the June issue, readers will find themselves entering a new realm of interactive engagement. By simply hovering their phone's camera over the strategically placed QR codes, they will embark on a unique journey to a curated Pinterest board. This virtual platform breathes life into the magazine's pages, offering an avant-garde e-commerce escapade. Here, over 120 handpicked products await exploration, leading readers directly to retailer pages where purchases can be finalized with ease.

Editorial Expertise Meets E-Commerce Elegance

Lauren Iannotti, the revered Editor in Chief of REAL SIMPLE, reflects on over two decades of the magazine's influential presence. She underscores their unwavering commitment to simplifying tasks and now, in collaboration with Pinterest, making the acquisition of exceptional products even more accessible. REAL SIMPLE has long stood as a beacon of trust in selecting top-tier products for consumers, and this partnership with Pinterest forges a path for readers to effortlessly introduce editorially-endorsed products into their homes.

Pinterest: Envisioning Future Lifestyle

Pinterest's role goes beyond a platform for inspiration; it has become a personalized digital space where half of its users arrive with the intention to shop. The new Pinterest boards, meticulously assembled with REAL SIMPLE, are mapped to the magazine's content for a seamless reading-to-retail experience. Inside the issue, readers will encounter vivid visuals paralleled on the boards, designed to emulate the magazine's aesthetic and elevate the act of buying. The facility to pin and follow these boards means that even after putting the issue down, readers can return to their preferences and make purchases at their leisure.

REAL SIMPLE's Trusted Recommendations: A Seal of Approval

"Best & Brightest" isn't just a shopping list; it's the result of around 50,000 hours of rigorous product evaluations by REAL SIMPLE’s editors. Spanning three immense laboratories across New York City, Des Moines, and Birmingham, and extending over 100,000 square feet with more than 50 test kitchens, these products also undergo a domestic trial to ensure they stand up to real-life scrutiny. Achieving the "REAL SIMPLE Selects" seal signals a product's commendation by editors, symbolizing durability, quality, and trust.

Celebrating Luminaries and Innovators

The issue's "Brightest" segment does more than display products; it shines a spotlight on ideas and individuals like Sherri Shepherd, Kristen Kish, Charlotte Tilbury, and Kara Swisher, who are illuminating our society in multifarious ways. Cover star Busy Philipps, a vibrant advocate for positive change, shares her insights into family, career, social media, and of course, her perspectives on shopping.

Where to Find REAL SIMPLE's "Best & Brightest"

Keen readers and shoppers can immediately access REAL SIMPLE's "Best & Brightest" online on and Pinterest's exclusive shoppable board. The tangible charm of the June issue will be waiting to be picked up from the newsstands on May 17.


As a revered publication, REAL SIMPLE stands as a sanctuary of wisdom for those seeking pragmatic and astute solutions to navigate everyday complexities. Guiding its audience through decisions with grace, the magazine offers a non-judgmental, comprehensive life manual that guarantees to streamline tasks, saving time and sanity. It prides itself on connecting with its dedicated readers across a spectrum of formats, including print, digital, podcasts, merchandise, interactive events, and more. REAL SIMPLE is proudly a segment of the Dotdash Meredith publishing group.

About Pinterest

Conceived as a beacon for visual exploration and connectivity, Pinterest offers an oasis where inspiration is curated, ideas born, and products shopped within a congenial virtual environment. Launched from San Francisco in 2010, it has swiftly cultivated a global community, boasting over half a billion monthly active users who come in search of solace, creativity, and personal resonance.

Source: Dotdash Meredith

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The Symbiosis of Print and Digital Commerce

The introduction of QR codes in print media is epitomizing a paradigm shift in how readers interact with content. The fusion of traditional and digital realms within this issue exemplifies the forward-thinking strategy of REAL SIMPLE. Not only does it streamline the shopping voyage from desire to delivery, but it also conveys a message about the potency of hybrid retail experiences. As readers peruse the tangibly luxurious pages, they're only a scan away from owning the splendors that beckon them.

Pinterest: The Digital Stylist at Your Fingertips

This inventive partnership leans into Pinterest's reputational strength as a haven for visionaries and forward-planners. For users who look towards the future, outfitting their virtual and physical spaces with elements that reflect their aspirations, Pinterest provides a visually engaging and DIY-friendly interface. Imagine the excitement of flipping through a magazine, spotting an irresistible couch, and with a flick of a QR scan, making it the centerpiece of your living room. It's this seamless integration of dreaming and doing that this collaboration affirms.

From Testing Labs to Living Rooms

The precision that REAL SIMPLE editors bring to the table is relentless. Whether it's the top ceramic cookware that answers to the contemporary cook's needs, a wireless bra that marries comfort with support, or a washable rug that defies the usual household wear and tear, every article backed by the "REAL SIMPLE Selects" seal has faced a gauntlet of tests. It's a testament not just to the endurance of the products but to the commitment of REAL SIMPLE to provide their audience with nothing but excellence.

Profiles That Inspire Action and Awe

Apart from tangible goods, the "Best & Brightest" issue also celebrates luminaries who spark inspiration with their stories, victories, and vision. From performers who redefine entertainment, to chefs reimagining cuisine, to entrepreneurs reshaping industry landscapes—each profile is a mosaic of motivation, encouraging readers to aspire to greatness. It is this blend of commercial and personal enlightenment that encapsulates the spirit of REAL SIMPLE's latest issue.

A Trend-Setter in Lifestyle Journalism

REAL SIMPLE’s movement to incorporate shopping into its editorial content displays a decisive step towards a more interactive future for print media. This shift towards an actionable journalism model, where readers can realize their wants and needs directly from the source, paves the way for a new type of consumer engagement—one predicated on convenience, trust, and the joy of discovery.

The Enhanced Role of Editors in a Shoppable Age

In a marketplace flooded with options and information, the role of an editor’s endorsement has never been more essential. It acts as a beacon for consumers navigating the sea of consumer goods, seeking quality and authenticity. REAL SIMPLE editors offer a gold standard of guidance, their curated selections standing as exemplary signposts. Consumers gain a trusted ally in the pursuit of products that promise to enhance their lives, while brands get the opportunity to shine under the REAL SIMPLE spotlight of editorial approval.

In Summary: An Issue That Delivers More

REAL SIMPLE's "Best & Brightest" not only transcends the boundaries of a typical magazine but redefines the very essence of consumption in our digital age. It's a tangible manifestation of modern aspirations meeting accessibility. As Dotdash Meredith continues to innovate at the nexus of content creation and consumer interaction, REAL SIMPLE remains an influential companion, guiding readers towards a more organized, inspired, and beautifully curated life.

With the “Best & Brightest” shoppable issue, REAL SIMPLE and Pinterest have together unlocked the next level of immediate retail gratification, bridging the trustworthy counsel of REAL SIMPLE with the user-centric charm of Pinterest. This collaboration is more than a fresh approach to shopping—it's a hand-held guide to the products and ideals that will pave the way for a brighter, smarter, and simpler future.

Final Thoughts: The Evolution Continues

This inventive issue stands as testament to a media landscape in flux, adaptable and aligned with the dynamic habits of its audience. It serves not only as an emblem of what's achievable when vision meets innovation but also softly whispers of the potential yet to be explored in the print-digital space. As the June sunlight warms the world, the REAL SIMPLE's "Best & Brightest" issue seems destined to ignite a similar warmth in the hearts of its readers and shoppers alike.