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ProLogium Revolutionizes Battery Tech with Paris-Saclay R&D Hub


Michael Chen

May 15, 2024 - 23:12 pm


ProLogium's Footprint Expansion: New Lithium Ceramic Battery R&D Center in Paris-Saclay

PARIS, May 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- The French capital's technological landscape is poised for a transformative boost with the announcement from ProLogium, a front-runner in lithium ceramic battery technology, of their new research and development center at Paris-Saclay, Île-de-France. This marks an unprecedented expansion of the company’s R&D capabilities beyond Taiwan, paving the way towards a robust local ecosystem for next-generation battery technologies in Europe.

During a press conference graced by prestigious guests like Patrice Vergriete, French minister of Transport; Armand Ajdari, Chief Technology Officer at Arkema; and Yohan Souteyrand, Vice-President Industrial Partnerships at CEA-LITEN, ProLogium divulged plans for a technologically advanced laboratory. This facility sets its sights on leading the charge in lithium ceramic battery technology innovation, with particular regard for the European market demands.

Dmitry Belov, the ProLogium Group Chief Scientist, will steward the collective R&D efforts of these centers in France and Taiwan, harnessing the combined expertise to fuel advancements. Joint efforts of the new French facility, complete with top-tier scientific talent, and the existing Taiwanese center will facilitate close collaboration with industry insiders and strategic partners across France and the broader EU. This approach is designed to expedite the validation and transfer of materials and technologies, directly benefiting ProLogium's production line in Dunkirk and the European sector.

ProLogium is set to launch two distinct laboratories in France – "L'Odyssee", with its doors opening in 2024, and "L'Illiade", an extensive laboratory center starting operations in early 2025. These facilities will serve as the cornerstones of the company's research initiatives, heightening their existing prowess to create cutting-edge products that meet the stringent requirements of modern transportation solutions.

"We have tirelessly championed the electrification cause by advancing lithium ceramic battery technologies. Our R&D breakthroughs in electrolyte investigation, cell structure, and manufacturing procedure designs signify our core competencies," Vincent Yang, Founder, and Chairman of ProLogium commented. "Highlighting this year is our gigawatt-scale production demo line in Taiwan, which evidences our leap from lab-scale to mass production. As we transition from production lines into the marketplace, our strategic objective is to blend the technological strengths of Taiwan with France." Vincent Yang emphasized the significance of France in this regard, extolling its world-class pool of talent and capabilities in advanced materials and simulation technologies. He outlined ProLogium's strategic decision to enhance its R&D footprint in Paris-Saclay and to deepen its integration with local expertise as pivotal in delivering localized supply chain solutions for European consumers. Yang wrapped up with gratitude for the robust support from government entities, research institutes, and the local authorities within the Paris-Saclay region, expressing excitement for future breakthroughs originating from this collaboration.

Paris-Saclay is globally acknowledged as one of the top 8 hubs for innovation, representing the pinnacle of French and European innovation and academic achievement. The cluster boasts a network of premier universities and a fertile ground for cutting-edge industrial activities, supported by a well-rounded infrastructure and logistical prowess - factors that have convinced ProLogium to affirm their R&D presence in this exciting technological epicenter.

In furtherance of their commitment to the region, ProLogium will participate in the Paris-Saclay Spring 2024 event scheduled for May 16th-17th. This prominent event features startups, innovative companies, world-renowned academic institutions, and over 16,000 researchers in a comprehensive program that will place special emphasis on the Cleantech sector in its 2024 edition.

Additionally, ProLogium has strengthened ties with Arkema, a paramount figure in specialty materials, signing a LOI (Letter of Intent), cementing their collaborative effort towards refining high-performance materials tailored for ProLogium’s lithium ceramic batteries. The alliance aims to exploit Arkema's sophisticated array of technologies within the cells.

Armand Ajdari, CTO at Arkema, declared their mutual dedication to developing technologies that bolster energy density, safety, and sustainability. Ajdari proudly noted ProLogium's choice of France - home to Arkema's headquarters and primary R&D center - as a fertile ground for an innovative partnership.

"The ProLogium R&D team eagerly anticipates the synergy with the advanced materials industry and the educational sector," stated Dmitry Belov, Head of the R&D Center. "We are ready to anchor multi-faceted, transnational, and interdisciplinary collaborations to create new international standards in lithium ceramic battery research and development. The establishment of the new center is a colossal leap towards attracting high-caliber talent, crafting strategic research alliances, and extending the boundaries of lithium ceramic battery technology."

Belov continued, expressing their commitment to fostering innovation and crafting sustainable solutions tailored for the European landscape.

About ProLogium:

Established in 2006, ProLogium stands as an icon of energy innovation, incessantly dedicated to the research and production of lithium ceramic battery solutions. These batteries cater to a diverse realm spanning electric vehicles, the consumer market, and myriad industrial applications. ProLogium's proprietary technological advancements are anchored by an extensive patent portfolio consisting of over 750 global patents, encompassing both pending and granted credentials. Through its pilot production lines, which are heralded for their fully automated nature, ProLogium has produced and provided nearly 8,000 samples of its next-gen batteries to leading auto manufacturers worldwide for critical testing and module development processes. ProLogium is preparing to steer its first Taoyuan, Taiwan-based gigafactory production line to commence supply to automakers starting in 2024, strategically energizing capacity expansion efforts in key global markets.

As the world transitions towards more environmentally friendly energy solutions, the steps taken by ProLogium are not merely an industrial expansion but a significant stride in sustainable development. The establishment of its R&D center in Paris-Saclay is not just a testament to ProLogium’s foresight but also a clear indicator of the region's allure as a hotbed of innovation and industrial acumen. This move promises to usher in a new era of technological advancement in the field of energy storage and electric mobility.

ProLogium’s pursuit of innovation in the battery sector is a reflection of the rising global demand for cleaner energy sources and efficient storage systems. As cities around the globe grapple with pollution and seek more environmentally sustainable transportation options, the development of safer, more efficient batteries is a primary focus for manufacturers and policymakers alike.

The strategic location of ProLogium's R&D hub at Paris-Saclay is also a well-calculated move to tap into the best of European innovation. By associating themselves with top universities and industry leaders present in the cluster, ProLogium not only secures access to cutting-edge research but also ensures a competitive edge in the fast-evolving battery technology market.

The search for renewable energy sources is inextricably linked to advancements in battery technology, which are crucial to harnessing and utilizing alternative energy efficiently. ProLogium's innovations could potentially unlock new potentials, making renewable energy solutions more viable and accessible across the globe.

The collaborative venture between ProLogium and Arkema marks a significant step towards materializing the vision for high-performance lithium ceramic batteries. By coupling ProLogium’s technological prowess with Arkema’s material expertise, the alliance is set to catalyze leaps in efficiency and safety for next-generation energy storage solutions.

In the grand tapestry of the renewable energy sector, the contributions of such partnerships are pivotal in crafting the narrative of a cleaner, more sustainable future. By embracing cross-disciplinary cooperation and pioneering research, companies like ProLogium and Arkema chart the course for a world powered by innovation and conscientious energy solutions.

This strategic development, coupled with the buzz of anticipation for the upcoming Paris-Saclay Spring 2024 event, places a high premium on the Cleantech sector’s evolution. This convergence of innovative companies, esteemed academic institutions, and groundbreaking startups will further delineate the path for Cleantech’s trajectory in the coming years.

ProLogium’s gigafactory production line in Taiwan is another cog in the wheel of its progressive vision, setting the stage for a more responsive, agile production process in tune with global automotive demands. This effort showcases ProLogium’s commitment to bridging the gap between research breakthroughs and practical, market-ready solutions for an eager consumer base.

As ProLogium gears up to propel its first gigafactory production line and navigate the challenges of mass production and market penetration, it stands on the brink of an electrifying future. The tenacity and strategic ingenuity with which ProLogium approaches this pivotal shift are evident in every facet of its growing global presence and industry partnerships.

With the foundational laying of their R&D roots in the fertile ground of Paris-Saclay, ProLogium is well-positioned to lead the charge in lithium ceramic battery technology. This visionary move is anticipated to be a major contributor in the drive towards a sustainable, energy-efficient global landscape.

As ProLogium continues to navigate the flux of the energy sector with its groundbreaking innovations and solid industry alliances, its expansion into Paris-Saclay is not just a new chapter for the company but a harbinger of the accelerated advancement in battery technology that the world eagerly awaits.