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openstreamai elevates chatbot communication with innovative multimodal ai patent 508

Innovation Elevates Chatbot Communication with Innovative Multimodal AI Patent


Leo Gonzalez

March 19, 2024 - 12:25 pm

reading Secures New Patent to Revolutionize Conversational AI Interactions

BRIDGEWATER, N.J., March 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- In an exciting development for the realm of Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI),, a front-runner in the multimodal neuro-symbolic Conversational AI field, has proudly announced an expansion of its intellectual property. The pioneering company has been granted a new patent that encapsulates a groundbreaking system and method designed to enable cooperative plan-based utterance-guided multimodal dialogue. The innovative AI Virtual Assistants, AI Avatars, and AI Voice Agents powered by Openstream's Eva™ (Enterprise Virtual Assistant) platform are now equipped to understand user intents more coherently by harnessing various modes of input and situational context. This capability provides the foundation for dynamic, human-like dialogues to unfold in real-time across a multitude of channels, effectively eliminating the reliance on scripts or the occurrence of hallucinations commonly experienced in lesser AI interactions.

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David Stark, the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at, highlights the fundamental expectation of customers engaging with brand agents, mandating an empathetic and informed response that comprehends the nuances of modality, channel, and language. Stark emphasizes the necessity for AI agents to parse and generate context-specific dialogues using comprehensive end-user inputs, all in real time. This ensures an unscripted conversation flow that feels natural and aids users in achieving their objectives without the typical frictions encountered in traditional chatbot interactions. Stark cautions that failing to meet these interaction standards puts brand perception and the fortification of long-term relationships with customers at severe risk.

The level of sophistication and intelligence that now characterizes the conversations engaged by these multimodal AI virtual assistants mark a significant leap forward, courtesy of Openstream's patented approach. Openstream's Eva enables AI agents to seamlessly partake in extensive, multimodal dialogues that can meander across multiple exchanges and hurdles. These sophisticated agents constantly leverage context, paving the way for continuous, complex conversations. Businesses employing such advanced AI agents can anticipate superior customer satisfaction when compared to interactions with basic chatbots or scripted agents, thanks to the provision of real-time, coherent, and cognizant exchanges with customers, prospects, and employees on a 24/7/365 basis, regardless of channel or language preferences.

Magnus Revang,'s Chief Product Officer (CPO), showcases with a sense of pride how the patented technology sets a new benchmark in dialogue management by handling complex conversations — a challenge insurmountable for many contemporary solutions. Revang articulates that Openstream's approach transcends the limited intent-slot and frame-based systems that dominate today's market. It incorporates an advanced system capable of reasoning and planning within multifaceted constraints and domain knowledge, setting a new standard of sophistication in conversational AI.

Users no longer need to wrestle with the frustration commonly associated with chatbots and virtual assistants that rely on intent-slot models. Such systems typically require users to adjust their communication style, goals, and expectations to fit within the system's restricted capabilities.'s latest patent ensures that businesses can utilize collaborative plan-based multimodal agents to significantly enhance the quality of customer interactions and satisfaction. This, in turn, has the potential to amplify customer retention and foster long-term brand loyalty across various industries.'s provision to enterprises is not merely limited to advanced conversational capabilities. The company offers its clients the opportunity to enrich the quality of their relationships by leveraging its neuro-symbolic AI technology, thus granting them a competitive edge. Eva’s Conversational AI platform is adorned with features that foster Explainability, Reasoning, Trust, Data Governance, and Privacy Protection. These attributes provide enterprises with robust platforms poised for growth while concurrently mitigating associated risks.

About enables enterprises to foster fluid, meaningful conversations with their audiences irrespective of the modality, channel, or language through its state-of-the-art, plan-based Conversational AI platform — Eva. This visionary platform is fine-tuned by a world-class team of AI experts who use a symphonic orchestration of the latest AI techniques and tools to deliver superior solutions that resonate with end-users and businesses alike. Headquartered in Bridgewater, NJ, offers its solutions and expertise to visionary enterprises around the globe.

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The Hallmark of Empathetic Conversations: Openstream's Neuro-Symbolic AI's neuro-symbolic AI represents a paradigm shift in AI conversational engagement, merging the analytical strengths of AI with an empathetic touch that users have long yearned for. The patent-granted Eva platform is at the forefront of this revolution, building AI agents capable of generating not just conversations but also relationships grounded in understanding and mutual respect. With this, the interaction between customers and virtual assistants transitions from transactional exchanges to meaningful dialogues that echo human warmth and comprehension.

Understanding Users Beyond Words: Multimodal Input Integration

Imagine conversing with an AI that looks beyond your words, interpreting your intent through a myriad of signals such as tone, inflection, and even the surrounding context. This is the vision embedded in’s Eva platform. By integrating a versatile multimodal approach, the platform enables AI agents to fluidly adapt to the myriad ways in which human communication unfolds, embracing spoken words, typed text, and even visual cues to fully grasp and respond to user needs.

Breakthrough AI Intelligence: A Move Beyond Intent-Slot Paradigm

AI interaction has been chained to the intent-slot paradigm for too long, constraining conversations within preset templates and limited recognition patterns.'s patented technology liberates AI from these constraints, introducing an advanced level of understanding where the AI can reason with complex constraints and employ substantial domain knowledge. This breakthrough redefines conversational AI, transforming it from a simple question-answer format to an intelligent system that reasons, plans, and engages with unprecedented depth.

The Customer Experience Reimagined's ingenuity in conversational AI ushers in a new era for customer service. With the power of Eva, virtual assistants are no longer just tools; they become trusted companions that understand and assist users in their quests, be it for information, problem-solving, or transactions. This reimagined customer experience sets a new bar for customer satisfaction, offering immediate assistance while building a foundation of trust and loyalty that extends far beyond the initial interaction.

Global Visionaries Embrace Eva

The impact of Eva's Conversational AI technology is not contained within the borders of one nation. Visionary enterprises across the globe are adopting this platform to revolutionize their customer and employee experiences.'s reach extends worldwide, as it partners with international clients who share the vision of transformative interaction through cutting-edge AI. Their successes are a testament to Eva’s universal appeal and efficacy in bridging the communication gap across diverse languages and cultures.

Trusted AI: The Future of Data Governance and Privacy

In an age where data privacy is of paramount importance,'s Eva platform enshrines principles of trust and governance at its core. By prioritizing explainability and privacy protection, Eva provides enterprises with not just state-of-the-art Conversational AI solutions but also the assurance that ethical standards and compliance requirements are met. This positions as an exemplary shepherd in the AI landscape, guiding interactions with integrity and foresight.

Building a Legacy of Practical Innovation stands as a beacon of practical innovation within the AI community. Its tangible advancements, such as the patent for cooperative plan-based utterance-guided multimodal dialogue, demonstrate the company's commitment to solving real-world challenges. By elevating conversation quality and facilitating smoother human-AI interactions, Openstream is sculpting a legacy where technology is not just advanced but also approachable, understandable, and incredibly human.

Closing Remarks

By interweaving neuro-symbolic AI technologies with human-centric communication ideals, is writing a new chapter in the saga of artificial intelligence. The newly patented Eva platform is not just an enhancement of existing virtual assistants; it's a pioneering leap towards truly empathetic, dynamic and context-aware assistants that will undoubtedly shape the future of customer and brand relationships. As such, the unveiling of this patented technology marks just the beginning of's bold journey to redefine the essence of Conversational AI.

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Moving forward, the continued success and evolution of’s visionary platform will undoubtedly make headlines as it sets new standards for empathy and intelligence in the digital realm. The future of Conversational AI is here, and it speaks through Eva — an AI that understands not just the language but the heartbeat of human interaction.