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minesto taps ocean energy potential in southeast asia with prestigious bapsea program 508


Minesto Taps Ocean Energy Potential in Southeast Asia with Prestigious BAPSEA Program


Benjamin Hughes

March 8, 2024 - 09:26 am


Minesto Secures Coveted Spot in Premier BAPSEA Acceleration Programme for Ocean Energy Expansion in Southeast Asia

In a significant boost to its expansion efforts, the renowned ocean energy firm Minesto has clinched a coveted position within the prestigious Business Acceleration Programme Southeast Asia (BAPSEA). This inclusion heralds an era of enhanced business development for Minesto in the burgeoning Southeast Asian market. The BAPSEA initiative is a collaborative effort facilitated by the Swedish Energy Agency and Business Sweden, which focuses on nurturing Swedish enterprises that are trailblazing innovative solutions across the energy and sustainability sectors.

Award and Anticipation

March 8, 2024, marks a momentous occasion for Gothenburg-based Minesto, as it was officially announced that the company will participate in the programme for the 2024-2025 period. The programme is set to kick off mid-March 2024 and will span a productive 18 months. This endeavor will not only advance Minesto's business strategies in Southeast Asia but also illustrate the pivotal role the company plays in the energy transition within a region heavily reliant on fossil fuels.

The BAPSEA programme is designed to bolster the market entry and presence of Swedish businesses in Southeast Asia by providing comprehensive support over an 18-month period. Participants like Minesto will benefit from an array of resources, strategic guidance, and invaluable networking opportunities. These will include interactions with key industry pioneers, government representatives, and potential business associates, all within the dynamic landscape of the Southeast Asian market.

A Catalyst for Renewable Energy Development

Dr. Martin Edlund, the Chief Executive Officer of Minesto, explicitly showcased his enthusiasm and confidence regarding this development. Dr. Edlund emphasized, "The inclusion in the BAPSEA programme not only fortifies our capabilities to hasten market evolution in Southeast Asia, but it also stands as a testament to our technology's value proposition," Dr. Edlund further elaborated, "Our innovative approach is being recognized as a meaningful contribution towards the shift to renewable energy in a region that is deeply entangled with conventional fossil fuel dependencies."

This engagement signals a critical recognition of Minesto's cutting-edge technology and its potential to dramatically influence the region's energy landscape. By taking part in the BAPSEA programme, Minesto is poised to make significant strides towards a sustainable energy future in Southeast Asia, where the demand for renewable energy solutions is rapidly increasing.

Contacting Minesto for Additional Insights

In a gesture of transparency and with an aim to provide comprehensive information, Minesto has disclosed contact details for individuals seeking further details on this collaboration. Cecilia Sernhage, who serves as the Chief Communications Officer at Minesto, is the designated point of contact. Ms. Sernhage can be reached at her direct line for any inquiries or additional information about Minesto's recent achievement and future plans.

For those with questions or in pursuit of more information, Cecilia Sernhage can be contacted via phone at +46 735 23 71 58, or through email at the address provided:

Email Protected Link

Enhancing Information Accessibility

In line with their mission to make information readily accessible, the news concerning Minesto's inclusion in the BAPSEA programme has been shared through Cision, a notable news distribution platform. For those wanting to delve deeper into the subject matter and acquire further insights, Cision provides the official disclosure at the following web address:

Moreover, an in-depth press release detailing Minesto's selection for the BAPSEA programme in Southeast Asia, is readily available for public access. Stakeholders, industry observers, and the wider public can visit the link to gain comprehensive knowledge about Minesto's strides in sustainable energy advancement through this prestigious programme:

Minesto Press Release on BAPSEA Programme

Supporting Materials for Download

Underscoring the commitment to clear and detailed communication, Minesto has also made available for download pertinent files related to their selection for the BAPSEA programme. These materials may include the press release and supplementary documents that provide an in-depth perspective on the programme's role in furthering Minesto's reach in Southeast Asia. Stakeholders interested in obtaining these documents can access them via the following link:

Download Link

Deepening Regional Energy Transition

Southeast Asia, a region characterized by its dynamic growth and developmental pace, is facing a critical moment in energy transition. The movement towards sustainable and renewable energy sources is propelled further by innovative technologies and business strategies that aim to curtail the existing fossil fuel dependency. The empowerment of Minesto through its participation in the BAPSEA is poised to leave an indelible mark on the region's pursuit of clean energy objectives.

As a vanguard in ocean energy development, Minesto's ingenious technological solutions could potentially revolutionize the way Southeast Asia engages with sustainable energy. By harnessing the power of ocean currents and tides, Minesto presents an alternative narrative to energy production—one that is in harmony with the environment yet does not compromise on efficacy or scale.

Through BAPSEA, Minesto's strategic expansion into this vibrant region is expected to intensify, with the aim of establishing robust ties with local energy frameworks and contributing to a sustainable energy ecosystem. This 18-month period of acceleration under BAPSEA will offer Minesto the strategic insights and support required to navigate the intricate energy markets of Southeast Asia, and to tailor their value proposition to the unique needs and challenges of the region.

Shaping the Future of Ocean Energy

The pioneering spirit of Minesto is set to gain additional impetus from the BAPSEA programme. Given that ocean energy is still in the nascent stages of global adoption, Minesto's endeavors serve as a lighthouse project, guiding the industry towards untapped potential and sustainable practices. By effectively engaging in market progression and development through BAPSEA, Minesto is poised to become a significant influencer in the ocean energy sector, with its progress being closely monitored and perhaps emulated by contemporaries in the industry.

It is no small feat that Minesto's dedication to innovation and sustainability has caught the discerning eyes of the Swedish Energy Agency and Business Sweden. This recognition is a clear indicator of the company’s ambitious vision for growth and a more eco-conscious world. The programme's structured approach to fostering business capabilities will enable Minesto to transcend traditional boundaries and leverage the latent energy potential of the oceans.

The journey of Minesto within the BAPSEA programme is expected to be one of strategic enhancements, with the company optimizing its operational effectiveness and engaging in partnerships that bolster its presence in Southeast Asia. The BAPSEA framework provides a conducive environment for Minesto to not only cultivate business excellence but also showcase its commitment to the sustainable transformation of the energy sector.

A Commendable Partnership and Outlook

The fusion of strengths between Minesto and the BAPSEA programme promises the expansion of clean, cost-efficient, and reliable ocean energy solutions across Southeast Asia. As Minesto prepares to set sail on this strategic voyage, it does so with the backing of not only two esteemed Swedish institutions but also with the support of the wider community that eagerly awaits the positive impact such advancements will bring.

Given the current global climatic concerns and the push for greener alternatives in every field, Minesto's successful plunge into the BAPSEA programme may well be a watershed moment for renewable energy proliferation in Southeast Asia. The culmination of this 18-month acceleration programme will likely see a fortified Minesto with deeper market penetration, enriched collaborations, and perhaps even groundbreaking achievements that could propel the ocean energy segment to new heights.

A Sustainable Milestone for Renewable Energy Aspirations

In the end, the essence of Minesto’s journey with the BAPSEA programme is the manifestation of a palpable dream—a world where renewable energy stands paramount, and technological marvels like those developed by Minesto play a central role in our everyday lives. The program's structured support, the fervor of Minesto's team, and the receptiveness of Southeast Asia, when combined, herald the fostering of a sustainable and prosperous future for all.

With the requisite tools, expert mentorship, and strategic alliances at its disposal, Minesto is all but ready to etch its name into the annals of ocean energy trailblazers. The next 18 months could very well define not just the trajectory of Minesto's growth but also the tide of change in Southeast Asia's energy narrative, from a fossil-fueled past to a renewable-powered future.

As Minesto embarks on this landmark journey, eyes from around the world will be tuned in, eager to witness the fruits of such an ambitious endeavor. This partnership with the BAPSEA programme stands as a testimony to the unyielding human spirit of innovation and the collective quest for a cleaner and more sustainable world. What unfolds in this chapter of Minesto's story may very well set the standards for the ocean energy industry and beyond.

Contact Information:

Cecilia Sernhage Chief Communications Officer Phone: +46 735 23 71 58 Email: Email Protected Link

Supporting Material: Press Release and Additional Documents Download Link

SOURCE: Minesto AB