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magnuscards app enhances global inclusivity with multilingual expansion 508


MagnusCards App Enhances Global Inclusivity with Multilingual Expansion


Michael Chen

April 1, 2024 - 11:51 am


MagnusCards App Breaks Language Barriers to Support the Neurodiverse Community

TORONTO, April 1, 2024 - In a momentous step forward for inclusive technology, Magnusmode, the creators of the innovative MagnusCards app, are proud to announce their expansion into additional languages. The mobile application that simplifies daily navigation for autistic and neurodiverse users is now accessible in French, Polish, Somali, Arabic, and Spanish. With these new language options, Magnusmode solidifies its commitment to fostering supportive home and community environments for a global audience.

MagnusCards: Your Gateway to a More Navigable World

Empowering Neurodiverse Individuals with Multilingual Support

The MagnusCards app is already changing lives by making daily routines and tasks more manageable for those on the autism spectrum or who are neurodiverse. Their recent language expansion allows even more users to experience the benefits of this resourceful tool. To download the app, visit the App Store here or the Google Play Store here.

MagnusCards supports individuals and their support teams

The Inspiration Behind Magnusmode

Nadia Hamilton, the compassionate innovator behind Magnusmode, drew inspiration from her brother's autistic journey when she founded the company. Observing the challenges that neurodivergent individuals face in community spaces like banks, which can be disorienting and overwhelming, she set out to devise a solution that could lend structure to their daily lives. Hamilton emphasizes that it is our collective societal duty to be hospitable and supportive of those experiencing the world through a different lens. By leveraging technology and forging unique partnerships, Magnusmode goes beyond just expanding its reach—it is driving meaningful change towards a universally accessible and inclusive reality.

Partnerships for Progress: Inclusion Partners

The expansion to include more languages in the MagnusCards app was made possible thanks to the support of Huntington National Bank, a notable Magnusmode Inclusion Partner. These partnerships are pivotal to the company’s mission as they sponsor the creation of branded Card Decks, which are a central feature of the app. Inclusion Partners such as Whirlpool, CIBC, Metrolinx Trader Joe's, San Francisco International Airport, New York City Transit, and many others are committed to crafting an accessible world. Each Card Deck presents educational approaches, visual cues, personal aid, and real-life scenarios, collectively fostering inclusive and independent living.

Donnell White, Huntington's Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer, conveyed the bank's pride in aligning with Magnusmode. Emphasizing the bank's foundational principle of prioritizing people and upholding a welcoming atmosphere, White shared the excitement about collaborating with Magnusmode to bolster financial health independence and confidence across diverse communities.

For more details about Huntington National Bank's involvement with Magnusmode, visit this link.

About Magnusmode: Gateway to Neurodiversity Inclusion

Magnusmode takes pride in developing practical and effective tools that enrich the day-to-day experiences of neurodiverse individuals. The MagnusCards app, which now features over 55 Inclusion Partners, serves as a testament to this dedication, helping tens of thousands across North America. To learn more about their innovative solutions, explore

About Huntington: Financial Services with a Purpose

Huntington Bancshares Incorporated, based in Columbus, Ohio, towers as a financial giant with assets worth $189 billion. Established in 1866, The Huntington National Bank and its affiliates extend a full spectrum of banking, payment, wealth management, and risk management services to various customers including individuals, corporations, and municipalities. Spread across approximately 1,000 branches in 11 states, Huntington remains committed to broadening its reach. Visit for comprehensive insights.

Leveraging Technology for Inclusivity

Magnusmode’s mission to innovate for inclusivity is a ray of hope for millions. By translating their app into multiple languages, they are bridging gaps and building connections that previously did not exist. Through the power of partnership and the spirit of empathy, Magnusmode shows that technology will continue to be a catalyst for societal change and empowerment for the neurodiverse community.

Envisioning an Inclusive Future

The motivation behind the creation of MagnusCards was to build a tool that understands and caters to the diverse needs of neurodiverse individuals across various cultures and languages. With the visual support that the app provides for everyday tasks, nurturing an inclusive and independent future is not just an aspiration—it's a tangible outcome within reach.

Exemplar Partnerships Shaping Accessibility

Huntington National Bank’s contribution to Magnusmode's expansion is an example of corporate social responsibility at its finest. Guided by a shared vision for diversity and accessibility, such collaborations shift perspectives and practices towards inclusivity. Every Inclusion Partner brings a unique dimension to the app's offering, ensuring that the cross-section of users feels represented and recognized.

Magnusmode: Spearheading the Change

Magnusmode does not merely stand as a tech company; it represents a movement towards an accessible world where being different is embraced and supported. Their continuous growth in partnerships and global user base is evidence of a society more aware and responsive to varying abilities. An inclusive world starts with awareness and action—Magnusmode exemplifies both.

Huntington Embraces Inclusivity

Huntington’s commitment shines through their eagerness to collaborate with Magnusmode, ensuring customer services are accessible to all. Reflecting on the organization's ethos of placing individuals first, their efforts alongside Magnusmode exhibit a proactive approach to making financial health accessible and understandable, irrespective of linguistic and neurological diversity.

The Unyielding Power of Technology and Empathy

At the heart of MagnusCards is a blend of innovative technology and empathetic foresight. By designing an application that functions as a digital support system, Magnusmode has effectively humanized technology, creating a supportive ecosystem where neurodiverse individuals can thrive independently and inclusively.

Reimagining Everyday Navigation

The decision to extend MagnusCards in multiple languages redefines and improves the everyday experience for many. The app serves as virtual companionship, guiding users through daily activities with intuitive visual cues and clear instructions, thus promoting confidence in navigating personal and community spaces.

A Community Embracing Neurodiversity

The expansion of MagnusCards into new languages is a celebration of neurodiversity and cultural inclusivity. It is a testament to the fact that while our world is diverse in thought and language, the quest for inclusion unites us all. With this initiative, Magnusmode and its Inclusion Partners illustrate a powerful alliance in service to neurodiverse communities worldwide.

In Conclusion: Expanding Horizons

Magnusmode's MagnusCards app is a shining example of how inclusive digital tools can empower individuals with neurodiverse abilities. As the app extends its linguistic reach, it promises a broader horizons for users seeking to engage fully with the world around them. With steadfast support from Inclusion Partners and a community-driven approach, Magnusmode spearheads a hopeful journey towards a universally welcoming society.

Empathetic Innovation for a Connected World

In our rapidly evolving digital age, MagnusCards is a beacon of progress, blending human-centric design with technological ingenuity. As Magnusmode continues to evolve, they push the boundaries of what is possible, embarking on a path that uses connectivity to foster understanding, autonomy, and integration for neurodiverse individuals across the globe.

A World of Possibilities with Magnusmode

The enhancements to the MagnusCards app highlight a world where technology serves as a powerful ally for inclusivity. It opens up possibilities for neurodiverse individuals to independently explore, learn, and interact within their surroundings, paving the way for empowerment and the joy of discovery. Magnusmode is at the forefront of making these possibilities a reality.

A Future Forged by Inclusivity and Innovation

Magnusmode's relentless ambitions are setting new benchmarks in the realm of accessible applications. By continually adapting and expanding its offerings, such as the addition of new languages, the company ensures that every update breaks down barriers and builds a future where everyone is equipped to navigate their world with ease and confidence.

SOURCE Magnusmode

Magnusmode's dedication to driving change and fostering inclusion is evidenced not only by their app's capabilities but also by their intentional growth and outreach efforts. By enhancing and enriching the lives of neurodiverse communities worldwide, Magnusmode marks a significant milestone in the journey towards a truly inclusive global society.

A Final Note

Designed with the vision of bridging the gap between technology and accessibility, Magnusmode's MagnusCards in its various language versions is proof that change is not just about innovation; it is about compassion, understanding, and building a world that acknowledges and appreciates the spectrum of human diversity.

As the MagnusCards app broadens its linguistic offerings and reaches deeper into the fabric of diverse communities, its impact will continue to resonate, not just as a tool for daily living, but as a beacon that shines the light on the importance of inclusivity in every aspect of life.

Moving Forward with Magnusmode

Magnusmode stands poised to carve new paths for a more inclusive future. With every step, be it in the form of new language integrations or partner collaborations, they reinforce that understanding and supporting neurodiversity is an imperative that can unite us all in compassion and action.

In the Spirit of Inclusivity and Pioneering

Celebrating the diversity of humanity through the universal language of support and accessibility, MagnusCards by Magnusmode reflects a profound commitment to embracing all facets of neurodiversity. With technology as their canvas and empathy as their guide, Magnusmode is not just transforming lives—they are redefining the essence of inclusion for generations to come.

Magnusmode continues to lead with innovation, driven by a desire to deliver practical solutions that transcend language barriers and nurture an environment where everyone has the opportunity to participate fully in society. With each new language and partnership, they edge closer to a world where neurodiversity is not only understood but celebrated.