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Jess Muldoon: A Trailblazing PR Visionary and Woman of Influence in 2024


Leo Gonzalez

March 20, 2024 - 13:22 pm


Jess Muldoon: Shaping the Future of Public Relations as a Woman to Watch in 2024

NEW YORK, March 20, 2024 – In a recent commendation by PRWeek, Jess Muldoon, Group Vice President, Corporate Media at Ruder Finn, has earned the distinguished title as one of the Women to Watch in 2024. This illustrious annual roundup celebrates the uprising stars of the PR and communications sphere, spotlighting those whose trajectory sets them on a course to revolutionize industry leadership.

Jess Muldoon

"It's an immense privilege to receive this honor from PRWeek as a member of the Women to Watch class of 2024!" expressed an elated Jess Muldoon. Her illustrious career has been bolstered by the presence and mentorship of accomplished women, including Ruder Finn's visionary CEO, Kathy Bloomgarden. Muldoon's drive is fueled by a desire to lay down a progressive pathway for herself, her colleagues, and the trailblazers who will follow. This recognition is not only a personal triumph but also a testament to the extraordinary collection of women she stands among, dedicated to forging a significant breakthrough in the PR domain.

As a pivotal force within Ruder Finn's Corporate Media ensemble, Muldoon's approach to corporate identity, thought-leadership for CEOs, and enhancing executive presence is unparalleled. Her proficiency in weaving narratives and engaging in media relations has garnered nearly ten years of acclaim in the industry. Her adeptness particularly shines in the biopharma and health-tech arenas, where she leverages her extensive knowledge to navigate media interactions, spanning renowned outlets from ABC News to The Washington Post. She masterfully orchestrates headline-grabbing features, amplifies CEO profiles through strategic programs, and lands high-stakes speaking opportunities. Further, through bespoke media training workshops, Muldoon adeptly equips leadership teams with the skills to sculpt impactful corporate sagas that resonate broadly.

Kathy Bloomgarden, CEO of Ruder Finn, praised Jess Muldoon's fervent dedication to client triumph and her innovative, bold, and strategic footprint on every project. Muldoon's contribution is pivotal to Ruder Finn's Corporate Media practice; she continually encourages and empowers her team through her seasoned expertise in media relations.

The upcoming celebration of this year's Women to Watch is slated for May 30th in New York City. For individuals eager to delve deeper into Jess Muldoon’s noteworthy nomination and the stories of other remarkable honorees, additional details are available here.

About Ruder Finn

Ruder Finn stands tall as one of the globe's prominent independent communications and integrated marketing agencies. Since its inception in 1948, the agency has been at the forefront of public relations, with over seven decades of redefining and sculpting the PR landscape, guiding monumental brands and industry leaders from the current realities to the heights of 'what's next'. At the juncture where bold ingenuity meets strategic insight, Ruder Finn's global outlook and intimate understanding of different markets come together to redefine leadership, revamp market dynamics, and reconceptualize customer experiences.

The agency's organizational bedrock is cast across five fundamental expertise areas, integrating Healthcare, Technology, Commerce, Leadership, and Workplace. Innovation doesn't just end there; the RF TechLab is Ruder Finn's own high-tech think-tank, pulsing with predictive analytics and AI innovations, while RF Studio53 is its creative dynamo, pioneering inventive designs. Ruder Finn differentiates itself with specialized teams like RF Engage, which is devoted to delivering digital engagement that significantly resonates with customers.

Operating in harmony across the U.S., Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, Ruder Finn's expansive reach bears testament to its global influence. The Ruder Finn Group encompasses a collection of fully-owned visionary agencies and offerings including Ruder Finn Inc, RF Studio53, RF Engage, Touchdown, Peppercomm, RF Comunicad, Mantis, jacobstahl, Flightpath, Atteline, Pandan Social, and RF Bloom. Together, these entities leverage their collective expertise to provide clients with unparalleled service and transformative outcomes in the world of communications.

For a comprehensive look at Ruder Finn's paradigm-shifting forays into public relations and its extensive range of services, further information can be explored at

Crafting Tomorrow's Narratives Today

Within the fast-paced environment of media and public relations, professionals like Jess Muldoon have emerged as pivotal conduits for conveying corporate credos and executive insights. Her nearly decade-long journey through the complexities of strategic communication has equipped her with a nuanced understanding of how stories are told and disseminated in the digital age. Her approach is not merely about gaining media traction—it's about stitching a narrative tapestry that effectively shares the essence of a brand or leader’s mission and vision.

Jess Muldoon's role extends beyond achieving visibility in print or broadcast media; it’s about fostering a holistic narrative that resonates authentically with audiences. The impact of her work is visible in the way Ruder Finn's clients navigate the public domain—determined, proficient, and always ahead of the curve. Achievements such as landing key placements and orchestrating thought-leadership platforms are just the tip of the iceberg in Muldoon's extensive portfolio.

In a world where every corporate move is scrutinized, the importance of a carefully crafted image and articulate communication strategy cannot be understated. Professionals in this field must be adept at not only identifying the right storylines but also at understanding the ever-evolving landscape of media consumption. Jess’s ability to adapt to these changes while maintaining a steadfast commitment to her clients' success has set her apart, making her a deserving candidate for PRWeek's Women to Watch.

An Inspirational Mosaic of Leadership

Jess Muldoon’s inclusion in PRWeek's illustrious list is not an isolated achievement—it is reflective of a broader narrative of empowering women in leadership within the communications industry. By showcasing her accomplishments, Muldoon serves as a stellar example to aspiring communicators, illustrating the heights that can be reached through dedication and expertise. Female leadership, such as that exemplified by Ruder Finn's Kathy Bloomgarden, provides the necessary role models in an industry striving for diversity and inclusion at every echelon.

The Women to Watch honor is more than an award; it is a recognition of the transformative power held by women in the industry. As Ruder Finn and its leaders like Jess Muldoon continue to influence the narratives of tomorrow, they pave the way for a more inclusive and dynamic future in PR. The accolade also serves as a reminder of the significance of mentorship, collaboration, and the collective effort required to shape an industry conducive to the empowerment of all its members.

A Legacy of Innovation and Excellence

Ruder Finn's historical roots are deeply intertwined with the evolution of modern public relations. For more than seven decades, the agency’s work has been synonymous with industry-defining creativity and a strategic vanguard that has consistently pushed the boundaries of traditional PR. The longevity and success of Ruder Finn stand as a testament to its ability to not just adapt but lead amidst changes in the global market.

With the current recognition of one of its own, Ruder Finn reaffirms its commitment to excellence and its role as an incubator for leaders who are as passionate about their craft as they are skilled. The agency has fostered an environment where innovation is the norm, and where strategic communication is leveraged to its fullest potential to drive forward a vision of what the future of PR can be.

In an era where every brand and individual has the potential to be a global communicator, Ruder Finn and its associates, like Jess Muldoon, continue to redefine the essence of public relations. Their dedication to narrative excellence, bolstered by their innovative practices and deep-seated expertise, ensures that the clients they represent not only have a voice but that it resonates powerfully across the communications landscape.

The Road Ahead

As the world anticipates the Women to Watch ceremony, there is much to reflect on about the future of communications, the role of influential leaders like Jess Muldoon, and the trailblazing agency that is Ruder Finn. Their stories are not just passages in an industry magazine but chapters in the ongoing narrative of an evolving field that touches every aspect of modern life. From the corporate boardroom to the tech start-up forum, the impact of strategic communications spearheaded by those like Jess Muldoon and her contemporaries is undeniable.

The PRWeek Women to Watch list is a projection of the industry's promising future—an acknowledgment of those defining the standards of excellence today for a brighter, more communicative tomorrow. Jess Muldoon and her fellow honorees represent this vibrant vision, and as they step into the spotlight this May, they embody the hope and expectation of continual greatness in the field of public relations.

As we close the chapter on today’s advancements, we are reminded that the realm of public relations is one of relentless change and unwavering ambition. Figures like Jess Muldoon highlight the ongoing story of inspired professionals shaping a world where effective communication is not just a business tool but a platform for growth, innovation, and collective advancement. The timeliness of Jess's recognition underlines the exciting trajectory not only for her but for all who look towards the field of public relations with aspiration and enthusiasm.