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Invest with Insight: BetterInvesting Magazine Illuminates Financial Pathways


Benjamin Hughes

March 28, 2024 - 21:28 pm


Paychex Inc. and Pfizer Inc.: Highlighted by BetterInvesting Magazine for Educational Investment Insights

TROY, Mich., March 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- The esteemed Editorial Advisory and Securities Review Committee of BetterInvesting Magazine have cast a spotlight on Paychex Inc. (PAYX) as the company to watch, naming it their "Stock to Study". Additionally, the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer Inc. (PFE) has garnered a positive mention as the "Undervalued Stock" in the upcoming June/July 2024 issue. These selections are particularly intended for the education and information of investors, aiming to provide a foundation for making more informed investment decisions.

The Investor's Guide to the Stock Market's Vibrant Landscape

Ken Zendel, the National Association of Investors Inc. CEO and publisher of BetterInvesting, commented on one of the top stock market stories – the much-discussed Reddit IPO. IPOs, with their natural allure, tend to seize the news headline spotlight. Nevertheless, Zendel and the cadre of BetterInvesting educators emphasize the paramount significance of basing investment choices on solid fundamentals. These include key financial indicators like earnings, and Zendel advises investors to either utilize the Stock Selection Guide® or engage in other rigorous analytical methods to understand the financial dynamics of individual companies.

For individuals eager to master the art of company analysis and adept stock picking, BetterInvesting provides resources and guidance designed to cultivate such skills. The website is a treasure trove of knowledge for those eager to navigate the stock market successfully.

Inside the June/July 2024 Issue of BetterInvesting Magazine

A deeper exploration into Paychex Inc. and Pfizer Inc. can be found in the upcoming magazine issue where readers can peruse critical investment analyses about these companies. Those who are not subscribers to the magazine can benefit from a limited trial version of BetterInvesting's online stock selection and analysis tools. This access will enable users to delve into the core financial aspects of these businesses and apply their own evaluative judgments to gauge investment potential.

Expert Insights from the Editorial Advisory Committee

A collective of financial analysts comprising Lauren Adams, CFA; Daniel J. Boyle, CFA; Marisa Bradbury, CFA; Philip Keating, CFA; Walter J. Kirchberger, CFA; Anne Nichols, CFA; and Dan Rutter, CFA, are the esteemed committee members behind the selections. Their experience and authority in the field add weight to the magazine's stock picks, reinforcing the credibility of the analysis presented to investors.

It's essential to recognize that these stock mentions by the BetterInvesting committee, serving as their "Stock to Study" and "Undervalued Stock" recommendations, are strictly meant for investor education and information-sharing purposes. NAIC/BetterInvesting does not endorse or recommend these stocks for purchase. The organization steers investors towards a strategy of self-education, empowering them to make stock purchase decisions that are personally informed and critically considered.

About BetterInvesting: A Legacy of Empowerment for Everyday Americans

BetterInvesting™, a non-profit national investment education organization, has been a beacon of empowerment for everyday Americans since its inception in 1951. Also known as the National Association of Investors™ (NAIC®), this commendable organization has guided over 5 million people from various backgrounds on the journey toward enhancing their financial future. With a commitment to delivering unbiased, thorough investing education and potent online stock analysis tools, BetterInvesting forges successful lifelong investors.

A passionate and skilled body of BetterInvesting staff, supported by a nationwide network of devoted volunteers, instills the organization’s proven principles and time-tested methodologies among individuals and investment clubs. This tutelage is aimed at cultivating a comprehensive understanding of investing among the public, thus promoting financial literacy on a broad scale. Parties interested in learning more about the exceptional educational opportunities BetterInvesting offers are encouraged to visit

Stay Connected with BetterInvesting

BetterInvesting takes pride in not only connecting individuals to valuable financial insights but also fostering an engaged community on various social media platforms. The public is invited to follow BetterInvesting’s informative updates and discussions on both LinkedIn and Facebook. These channels serve as additional avenues for investors to stay abreast of pertinent investment education posts and stock market news.

For those seeking direct contact with BetterInvesting or requiring further information, the organization can be reached at 877-275-6242.

The Value of In-depth Stock Analysis

BetterInvesting's dedication to stock analysis extends beyond cursory examination; it is rooted in a disciplined approach that takes into account a myriad of financial indices. This includes long-term income potential, balance sheet evaluations, and comparative industry performance among others. The organization's stock selection and analysis tools come highly recommended for investors looking to penetrate the veil of market volatility and make informed choices.

Paychex Inc., a company known for providing payroll, human resource, and benefits outsourcing solutions for small to medium-sized businesses, stands as a paragon for BetterInvesting’s Stock to Study. This stems from the company's robust financial health, growth prospects, and market position. As investors consider the long-term viability of stocks, insight into companies with solid business models and strategic market advantages becomes indispensable.

Pfizer Inc.: A Closer Look at the Undervalued Stock

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer Inc., which has recently been recognized as an Undervalued Stock by BetterInvesting’s committee, brings forward an intriguing possibility for investors to explore. The designation suggests that the company's current market price does not fully reflect its intrinsic worth, as per the detailed scrutiny by financial analysts. Investors are urged to assess Pfizer Inc. considering its extensive product pipeline, global reach, and the ongoing impact of its pharmaceutical innovations.

Investing with Confidence Through Education

BetterInvesting's mission extends to instill a sense of confidence among investors through meticulous education. By enabling investors to personally review and analyze companies of interest, the organization ensures that investment decisions are borne of knowledge rather than speculation. Engaging with the resources BetterInvesting offers transforms the typical investor into a savvy, strategic market participant with a keen eye for value and potential.

Conclusion: Knowledge is the Investor’s Greatest Asset

Concluding this investment narrative, it's clear that BetterInvesting's primary goal is to endow its members and readers with the tools and knowledge required to navigate the labyrinth of stock market investments with assurance and acumen. As noted by their top-tier selections – Paychex Inc. and Pfizer Inc. – it is evidence of the organization's ongoing commitment to fostering sound investment practices and enhancing the financial acumen of everyday investors.

SOURCE NAIC-BetterInvesting

The news of BetterInvesting's recent stock highlights underscores the valuable role independent, educational financial organizations play in guiding investors through the complex world of stock market investing. BetterInvesting's picks for Stock to Study and Undervalued Stock are driven by a mission to equip investors with the knowledge and analytical skills necessary to understand and profit from the stock market, stressing the importance of self-reliance and critical analysis.

In the dynamic theatre of the stock market, the value of informed investment decision-making cannot be overstated. Paychex Inc. and Pfizer Inc., as examined by BetterInvesting, represent both an opportunity and a teaching moment for investors looking to master the art of discerning valuable investments.

Investors are hence encouraged to look past the ephemeral clamor of market news and to focus instead on the enduring strength of company fundamentals—a practice that has the potential to reward the patient and the informed with significant long-term gains.

BetterInvesting Magazine’s upcoming June/July 2024 issue is set to be a definitive source for investors who are serious about understanding the market and applying informed judgments to their investment strategies. The magazine presents in-depth analysis, built upon a foundation of financial expertise and a commitment to investor education, poised to help readers navigate the tides of market opportunities with confidence.

Unveiling financial knowledge to the mass investor audience, BetterInvesting Magazine and its anticipated issue encapsulate the essence of strategic investment. Through a combination of expert insights and rigorous analysis, it charts a path for investors seeking to unlock the potential within the markets. Paychex Inc. and Pfizer Inc. stand as two stocks that may just exemplify this venture's endless possibilities.

In sum, BetterInvesting Magazine's guiding hand extends beyond mere stock recommendations; it serves as an educator and ally to investors, championing the cause of self-sufficient and well-reasoned stock market participation. Prospective investors and seasoned enthusiasts alike await the June/July 2024 issue with great anticipation, ready to absorb the wisdom within and apply it to their investment endeavors.

Connecting insights and empowerment, BetterInvesting Magazine forges ahead as a lighthouse for the financially motivated, continuing its legacy of educating investors and practicing responsible stewardship in the world of finance.

Contact and Follow-Up

For further details concerning BetterInvesting's educational offerings, latest stock selections, or question clarifications, individuals are invited to reach out directly to the source of this announcement, NAIC-BetterInvesting. This connection marks another avenue for empowering investors through knowledge and collaboration.

Concluding, with BetterInvesting's diligent educational approach, the seasoned and novice investor alike can explore the evolving financial landscapes with confidence and authority, furthering the notion that in the economy's vast expanse, knowledge remains the most precious currency.