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InventHelp Ignites Innovation at Licensing Expo 2024 with Dynamic VIBE Platform


Leo Gonzalez

May 21, 2024 - 01:39 am


A Celebratory Fusion of Branding and Innovation: InventHelp's VIBE at Licensing Expo 2024

LAS VEGAS, May 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- The innovative technology platform, InventHelp's Virtual Invention Browsing Experience (VIBE), is set to showcase at the upcoming Licensing Expo 2024 in the vibrant city of Las Vegas, Nevada. This announcement heralds an exciting participation by the company in one of the most prominent licensing trade shows globally.

For the world of intellectual property and branding, the Licensing Expo stands as the preeminent platform for industry leaders to convene and explore new opportunities. Scheduled for May 21-23, 2024, the expo will welcome an impressive array of companies, including heavyweights like Paramount, Hasbro, Funko, and Pokémon, each ready to exhibit and interact with the abundance of attendees that the expo attracts each year.

"Brands at Play": A Theme Celebrating Creativity Across Ages

Embracing the essence of creativity, the 2024 Licensing Expo adopts the aptly chosen theme “Brands at Play.” This concept not only accentuates the fundamental role of play in nurturing imagination but also aims to highlight how it can be strategically harnessed in brand development and growth across different demographics.

In this spirit of innovation and playful branding, InventHelp® plans to present its unique VIBE technology. VIBE translates as a cutting-edge platform designed to offer qualified companies an exclusive look at InventHelp® client invention ideas under strict confidentiality. This is achieved through large touchscreens that vividly display 3D models or images, accompanied by descriptive contents about each invention. This immersive experience is provided within a setting that guarantees privacy and comfort to those business representatives eager to delve into the world of possible licensing or sales opportunities.

As a special incentive, the first 50 qualifying companies that enter the VIBE space at booth G-188, on the lookout for innovative ideas, will be rewarded with a Starbucks gift card—a small token that signifies the importance of these interactions within the inventing community.

Star-Studded Insights and Celebrations

A standout feature of this year's Licensing Expo is the inclusion of illustrious roundtables, festive parades, and a broad spectrum of special events. One eagerly anticipated highlight is the keynote address featuring none other than celebrity entrepreneur Paris Hilton. In what promises to be an enlightening session, Hilton, alongside other experts, will offer valuable wisdom on leveraging one’s influence, elevating a brand’s stature, and scaling intellectual property across different categories and digital platforms.

Marking a milestone, InventHelp will also be commemorating its 40th anniversary in the field of assisting innovators. This remarkable occasion will be celebrated with InventHelp's 40th Birthday Party during the second day of the expo, where attendees will be able to meet Cavey, the friendly mascot of InventHelp. Adding to the festive mood, Cavey is scheduled to participate in the Character Parade alongside other cherished icons such as Bluey and the Kool-Aid Man.

For those unable to attend or wishing to follow along from afar, InventHelp ensures inclusivity by sharing content from the show through its Facebook and Instagram platforms. This virtual engagement affords a comprehensive look at the happenings of the expo, enabling remote participants to connect with the event's vibrancy.

Expanding Horizons through Inventive Collaborations

As InventHelp gears up to partake in the Licensing Expo 2024, they invite a global audience to marvel at the crossroads where vision meets practicality. VIBE serves as a bridge, connecting aspiring inventors with the dynamism of the marketplace. It offers a pivotal opportunity for businesses to identify inventions that can be licensed, marketed, and eventually turned into consumer products that resonate with the public.

VIBE's intuitive interface and the seamless presentation of inventions epitomize the evolution of technology in service to creativity. Inventions are more than mere ideas; they carry the potential for significant market impact, embodied through dynamic images and engaging descriptions that captivate the interest of industry scouts.

As the Licensing Expo approaches, InventHelp's anticipation builds not only to reveal the creativity of its clientele but also to fortify relationships within the inventive community. The hope is that through meaningful interactions, unique perspectives, and the embodiment of the “Brands at Play” theme, new partnerships will be formed and existing ones strengthened.

Bringing together the world’s most influential licensors, manufacturers, and retailers, the Licensing Expo solidifies itself as a hotspot for networking, deal-making, and strategic alliance building. InventHelp’s presence at the event underscores the company’s commitment to facilitating these critical engagements, fostering an environment where innovation can thrive and lead to the commercial success of new inventions.

Contact and Follow for Future Innovation

Dedicated to transparency and continuous communication, InventHelp cordially extends an invitation for direct contact regarding participation in the Licensing Expo 2024. Interested parties can reach out to Maria Jones via email, while staying tuned for updates and news from InventHelp on their future endeavors in the realm of innovation support and inventor services.

With each year’s Licensing Expo, remarkable stories of inventive success and powerful collaborations unfold. InventHelp positions itself as not only a witness but also a catalyst in this narrative, demonstrating the profound possibilities when the ingenuity of independent inventors is met with the prowess of the business world.

For more information about InventHelp’s VIBE and their exhibit at Licensing Expo 2024, visit their main website and the VIBE portal. Discover more about the Licensing Expo and its rich agenda by visiting their official website.

Looking Forward: The Future of Licensing and Innovation

As the clock ticks towards the Licensing Expo 2024, anticipation builds for the opportunities that will arise. InventHelp stands ready to contribute to this melting pot of innovation, where concepts are exchanged, and dreams inch closer to reality. The expo is more than just an event; it is a catalyst for growth in the fields of licensing and invention, a moment where creativity receives the spotlight it duly deserves.

InventHelp’s commitment to bridging the gap between inventors and the business sector is reinforced through their active participation in events such as the Licensing Expo. It is here that visionaries can connect with companies that have the resources to bring their ideas into the global marketplace.

As brands come to play in this arena, they do not only indulge in the pleasure