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Innovating the Future of Cycling: DAHON's Breakthrough at China International Bicycle Fair


Michael Chen

May 16, 2024 - 04:43 am


Revolutionizing Mobility: DAHON's Groundbreaking Innovations at China International Bicycle Fair

Shanghai, May 16, 2024 - The China International Bicycle Fair (CIBF), in its 32nd iteration, commenced with a display of splendor and technical innovation at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. DAHON, a name synonymous with excellence in the bicycle industry, made headlines at booth E1 1305 by unveiling their latest speed technology, termed "D-VELO," alongside "Sharing 360," an array of patented components, drawing the eyes of the world to their advancements.

DAHON and Dr. David Hon capture global attention with their wide range of bicycles

The event was graced by the luminary founder of DAHON, Dr. David Hon, who imparted an insightful announcement about the trailblazing "D-VELO" technology. His enthusiasm was palpable as he highlighted the Vélodon, DAHON's inaugural 700C road bicycle to be equipped with this new technology. The bike garnered immediate praise for its outstanding performance from both local and global participants, affirming its place as a noteworthy invention in the cycling world.

DAHON's exhibition was a showcase of variety, featuring an array of bicycles that transcended the typical realm of folding bikes. The lineup comprised road bikes, electric bikes, and children’s models, showcased in categories like Urban, Vogue, Explorer, and Performance. This variety aimed to satisfy cyclists of all inclinations. Visitors were invited to meander through the display's corridors, engrossed by the extensive features of DAHON's diverse product lineup.

The Vélodon: A New Benchmark in Cycling

The crowning jewel at DAHON’s exhibition was the Vélodon, a pioneer line to include the D-VELO technology. Sporting a 700C wheel size and a sleek carbon fiber frame, the Vélodon offers a staggering 15%-25% increase in frame stiffness compared to standard carbon fiber road bikes. The novel "Bend Taper" design further intensifies the mid-tube rigidity, harmonizing power with velocity to deliver an unparalleled cycling experience.

DAHON's "K-Feather" and Super PC22: Innovations in Folding Bikes

A highlight of the fair was DAHON's "K-Feather," a state-of-the-art folding electric-assist bike that clinched the Gold Award in the "2024 CHINA CYCLE Creative Award Selection". This victory highlights DAHON's relentless pursuit of cutting-edge technology and environmental sustainability, cementing their preeminence in the electric transportation sector.

DAHON's "K-Feather" wins Gold Award at the CIBF

Another innovation that made a significant impact was the Super PC22 carbon fiber folding bike. It represents the zenith of precision and innovation, integrating a suite of exclusive DAHON patented technologies such as DELTECH, Super-Down Tube, New Jaws Hinge, and an One-section Carbon Fiber Handlepost. This blend of sophisticated engineering with elegant aesthetics creates a bike that is a testament to agility and stability. However, it's the Super PC22's remarkable speed that truly sets it apart, shattering the conventional notions of cycling performance.

The "Race to Win" Challenge and Sharing 360 Program

Mirroring the fervor from the Taipei Cycle Show, the "Race to Win" cycling competition orchestrated by DAHON stood out as a marquee event in Shanghai (May 5-7), enticing participants with the challenge and promise of victory.

In addition, DAHON’s "Sharing 360 Program" showcased a collection of patented components that fascinated attendees. This included DELTECH cables that not only improve the rigidity but also enhance the lifespan of bike frames, Safety Disc Brakes designed for up to 15 mm internal adjustments, and Quick-Release Pedals that ensure ease of removal. This convergence of innovative parts beckons the dawn of a new age in cycling technology and sustainable design.

A Confluence of Global Talent and Products

The China International Bicycle Fair boasted a vast expanse of 12 themed exhibition halls that hosted elite brands from across the globe. The plethora exhibited a plethora of offerings including bicycles, electric bikes, children's bikes, tires, accessories, and outdoor sports equipment. This comprehensive panorama served as a utopia for industry experts and cycling aficionados, facilitating an immersive experience into the heart of cycling innovation.

For further information on DAHON’s presence at the China International Bicycle Fair, enthusiasts and professionals alike can reach out via [email protected].

Elevating The Future of Urban Travel

In the urban jungle, where space is at a premium and convenience is king, DAHON's innovations offer solutions that emphasize compact living without compromising on quality or performance. As city dwellers strive for efficient and eco-friendly means of travel, DAHON's folding bikes represent a synthesis of mobility and modern urban living.

Bikes like the K-Feather and the Super PC22 push the boundaries of what is expected from folding bikes, serving not just as tools of convenience but also as engineered marvels that offer an equal measure of performance and portability. With DAHON leading the charge, the future of urban travel looks more promising than ever, heralding advancements that cater to the fast-paced and environmentally conscious consumer.

Sustainable Solutions in Cyclist Mobility

Beyond the concrete benefits of individual products, DAHON's initiatives such as the Sharing 360 Program represent a larger commitment to sustainable transportation. By offering patented parts that can enhance the longevity and functionality of bikes, DAHON is steering the conversation towards a future where sustainable practices are integral to the design and functionality of every bicycle.


Safety Disc Brakes and Quick-Release Pedals are more than innovative features; they symbolize an industry-wide shift toward designs that consider the cyclist's environment and safety as much as performance. In an era where climate change and sustainable living dictate consumer choices, companies like DAHON are emerging as protagonists in the movement to make cycling a cornerstone of everyday life.

The Spectacle of Innovation and Excellence

Spectators at the fair were treated to a veritable spectacle of innovation as DAHON unveiled new technologies that could very well set the standard for decades to come. Dr. David Hon's indelible passion for improving cycling technology was evident in every aspect of the exhibit, from the meticulous design of their latest road bikes to the precision engineering of their folding bicycles.

The Vélodon, with its D-VELO technology, and the award-winning K-Feather e-bike exemplify DAHON's dedication to excellence. By implementing features aimed at enhancing the cycling experience, DAHON has reinforced its position as a trailblazer in the bicycle industry. Visitors could not only witness but become part of a cycling evolution, one that prioritizes speed, comfort, and ecological consciousness in equal measure.

Fostering a Global Cycling Community

The presence of global audiences at the China International Bicycle Fair embodies the universal appeal of the cycling culture. As pioneers like DAHON continue to refine and redefine the capabilities of bicycles, a global community of cycling enthusiasts comes together to applaud and partake in these advancements.

The fair, with its international representation and diversity of product offerings, serves as a gathering point for this community. A community that spans continents but shares a common passion for cycling that transcends geographic and cultural boundaries. DAHON's latest inventions act not only as products but as mediums that bring together people with a shared love for cycling and an ambition to explore the limits of what is possible on two wheels.


The 32nd China International Bicycle Fair reinforced the strength of the cycling industry and its relentless pace of innovation. DAHON's pioneering technologies and products captured the essence of this spirit, delivering profound advancements that will ripple through the industry for years to come. With a keen eye on the environment and sustainability, companies like DAHON are not just shaping the future of cycling; they are crafting a greener, more efficient future for us all. As enthusiasts and industry professionals ponder the revelations of this year's fair, one thing stands clear: cycling is moving forward, and it is moving forward fast.

For additional insights and a closer look at DAHON's pioneering efforts in the cycling industry, interested parties are encouraged to reach out via the provided email address, ensuring the momentum of this cutting-edge technology continues to transform the urban landscape and global cycling communities.

Please direct inquiries and requests for more information regarding DAHON's participation in the China International Bicycle Fair to [email protected].