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Helpt Announces HelptNow: Revolutionizing Tech Support with 24/7 Human-Focused Services


Michael Chen

April 8, 2024 - 12:52 pm


Helpt Elevates Technical Support Experience with Innovative Trio of Services

IRVINE, Calif., April 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- In a significant move that promises to redefine the technical support landscape, Helpt, a luminary in technical support services, proudly announces the launch of its new product suite, HelptNow. Introducing an unparalleled service model, HelptNow is on a mission to revolutionize the typical intake and triage process through its 24-hour technical live answering services. This service is designed to deliver exceptional, timely, specialized support, emphasizing a human-first approach for users at every interaction level. The tech industry faces the perpetual challenge of extending expert technical support while preserving a personalized, benevolent customer service ethos. Numerous organizations are in pursuit of an optimal equilibrium, desiring a collaborator who can elevate their competency in these realms, simultaneously optimizing service excellence and operational productivity.

Transforming Technical Support

The initiative known as HelptNow is set in motion to enhance the caliber of technical support by intertwining the distinct qualities of human touch with expert technological proficiency. This synergy aims to provide comfort and solutions to customers at any given moment.

"Extending service desk support encompasses a myriad of interpretations for different individuals," articulates Matthew Pincus, the founder of Helpt. He further elaborates, "With the advent of these novel services, we are poised to furnish our clients with exactly what they necessitate – ranging from mere assistance in handling calls to adept technicians adept at resolving intricate client issues."

Core Features of HelptNow

Humanistic Approach All Year Round

HelptNow's philosophy is deeply rooted in ensuring that clients are furnished with empathetic, bespoke service at all times. This ideology significantly enhances client trust and satisfaction levels, forging a reassuring, personal connection throughout every interaction.

Technical Acuity

The fabric of HelptNow is woven from a team of technical maestros ready to confront a vast spectrum of IT quandaries. Their profound technical knowledge is instrumental in delivering efficient, effective solutions, thus setting a new benchmark for the quality of technical support.

Advanced Triage and Issue Resolution

The ambition of HelptNow transcends mere problem-solving; it is equipped with sophisticated triaging techniques that guarantee the appropriate escalation of more complex technical challenges.

HelptNow is slated to be accessible starting April 8th. It will offer a month-to-month contract starting at $750 per month, which includes 300 minutes of technical live answering services. Additional details are available at

Helpt: A Legacy of Quality Technical Support

Helpt, specializing in outsourced, on-shore, high-caliber technical support, operates continuously throughout the year, catering to organizations of diverse scales. Helpt's creed is to impart knowledge and resolutions through constructive professional engagements, thereby forming a fluid conduit between clients and their respective manufacturers or service vendors. By assuming the mantle of technical support, Helpt empowers businesses to curtail operational expenditures, directing their focus toward their primary activities and enhancements in their product offerings.

For Managed Service Providers (MSPs) in particular, Helpt conceives bespoke support solutions designed to amplify service delivery metrics. This ensures that their clients benefit from immediate, top-tier assistance whenever the need arises.

Reaching Out to Helpt

For more information on how Helpt can transform your technical support experience, media inquiries can be directed towards:

David Sohn Tel: 949-996-3257 Email: [email protected]

In Conclusion

Helpt stands at the forefront not simply as a technical support entity, but as a visionary harbinger of service and empathy. With HelptNow, HelptTech, and HelptFul, the company has exemplified its unwavering commitment to not only addressing technical issues but also to ensuring that each user is heard, valued, and supported with a compassionate touch that is all too rare in today's fast-paced digital world.

As we advance into a future where the boundaries between technology and human experience continue to blur, Helpt's innovative approach serves as a beacon, guiding businesses and end-users alike towards a smoother, more personable, and efficient support experience.


This announcement has been brought to you by Helpt.

As the HelptNow initiative takes off, marking a new chapter in the provisioning of technical support, the anticipation grows among businesses and individuals that could immensely benefit from a service that blends the warmth of human interaction with the sharp acumen of technical expertise. HelptNow promises to deliver more than just answers; it offers a comforting presence in the moment of technical turmoil, a much-needed solace in the complex world of IT.


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