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France's Fécamp Offshore Wind Farm Inaugurated: A 497 MW Milestone for Renewable Energy


Michael Chen

May 15, 2024 - 18:57 pm


Monumental Leap in Renewable Energy: France Celebrates the Inauguration of 497 MW Fécamp Offshore Wind Farm

In an auspicious ceremony graced by the French Minister Delegate for Industry and Energy, Roland Lescure, a significant stride in renewable energy was celebrated with the inauguration of the 497 MW Fécamp Offshore Wind Farm. The collaboration led by EDF, through its subsidiary EDF Renewables, along with esteemed partners EIH S.à. r.l (a subsidiary of Enbridge Inc.), the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPP Investments), and Skyborn, signals a commitment to France’s ambitious green transition. This coastal facility, stationed between 13 to 24 kilometers off the northern shores of France, plays a crucial role in the nation's goal of obtaining a 33% share of renewable energy in its energy mix by the year 2030.

Positioned in the bustling Seine-Maritime region, the noteworthy Fécamp Offshore Wind Farm has been a beacon of progress, from the generation of its initial megawatt-hour in July 2023 to the completion and grid integration of the 71st turbine. It now stands as an emblem of the future, providing eco-friendly electricity to nearly 770,000 people, which is about 60% of the regional yearly electricity consumption.

Matthew Akman, Executive Vice President of Corporate Strategy and President of Power at Enbridge Inc., expressed immense pride in the project's successful realization. He highlighted that the Fécamp Offshore Wind Farm stands as a testament to Enbridge and partnership efforts in bolstering the French offshore wind industry, following the fruitful establishment of the Saint-Nazaire wind farm in 2022. Enbridge's unwavering pursuit of the development and construction of various offshore wind projects in France, including the Provence Grand Large floating project as well as Calvados, Dunkirk, and Normandy developments, reinforces their dedication to leading in the energy transition and providing renewable, reliable energy solutions to the region.

Bill Rogers, Managing Director and Global Head of Sustainable Energies at CPP Investments, highlighted the pivotal role of significant, adaptable long-term capital in the global energy shift. He reflected on the successful commissioning of Fécamp as a crucial advancement in French offshore wind capacity and a reinforcement of CPP Investments' commitment to invest in the sector, driven by global decarbonisation objectives and a growing need for energy.

The Chairman and CEO of EDF Group, Luc Rémont, expressed deep pride in the inauguration of Normandy's foremost offshore wind farm. This achievement came within two years of launching the Saint-Nazaire wind farm in Loire-Atlantique. He extended heartfelt gratitude towards the collaborative efforts of the local authorities, elected officials, environmental associations, fishermen, businesses, and residents in Normandy. Rémont underscored the significance of the Fécamp and Saint-Nazaire projects in fostering the French wind industry and the strategic development of future wind farms in Calvados, Dunkirk, and other Normandy locales.

Thomas Karst, CEO of Skyborn, lauded the collaborative effort in bringing the ambitious Fécamp Offshore Wind Farm to fruition, a project Skyborn has been devoted to since 2007. Karst emphasized the crucial role of the Fécamp project in progressing France's and Europe's clean energy transition and extended appreciation for the leadership of EDF Renewables and the cooperative spirit shared with Enbridge and CPP Investments.

Twelve Years in the Making: Environmental and Local Collaboration

Over a transformative span of twelve years, the Fécamp Offshore Wind Farm project team has diligently consulted with various local stakeholders, resulting in a project harmonizing energy transition ambitions with the needs and well-being of the community and its environment. This comprehensive engagement encompassed regular interactions with fishing professionals, residents, and elected officials, ensuring that the project's execution not only supported renewable energy goals but also respected regional characteristics and environmental standards. Notably, accommodations such as realigning turbine configurations to align with currents were made to maintain the area's fishing practices. As the wind farm moves into its operational phase, this spirit of cooperation and continued environmental monitoring will persevere.

A Normandy Industrial Endeavor

The Fécamp Offshore Wind Farm is deeply rooted in Normandy's regional expertise, having mobilized a network of local infrastructure and talent over three years to construct its 71 gravity-based foundations and manufacture its wind turbine blades, nacelles, and generators in Le Havre, with the pre-assembly of components occurring in Cherbourg. The project has generated roughly 3,000 jobs within the Normandy region and encompasses around €2 billion of total investment.

Stationed at the Grand Quai peninsula in Fécamp itself, the wind farm’s maintenance depot has been a boon for local employment, creating approximately 100 jobs. These are integral roles focusing on a spectrum of responsibilities from scheduled maintenance operations to enhancing electrical output efficiency.

A Glimpse into Enbridge, EDF, and CPP Investments

About Enbridge

Enbridge, an energy titan, boasts a distinguished history of safely powering every facet of daily life with its expansive North American natural gas, oil, and renewable power networks as well as a burgeoning European offshore wind portfolio. In pursuit of sustainability, Enbridge invests in pioneering energy infrastructure to provide steadfast, economical access to energy. Their endeavors extend beyond traditional energy systems, embarking on innovative energy solutions like hydrogen, renewable natural gas, and carbon capture and storage. Committed to environmental responsibility, Enbridge aims for net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. With its headquarters in Calgary, Alberta, Enbridge shares are publicly traded on the Toronto and New York stock exchanges under the symbol ENB. For insights into their operations and ambitions, interested parties can visit Enbridge's official website.

About EDF

The EDF Group, a vanguard of the energy transition, orchestrates a comprehensive spectrum of operation across power generation, distribution, trading, sales, and energy servicing. A global leader in low-carbon energy production, the Group achieves a diversely mixed generation output centered on nuclear and renewable sources, including hydropower. EDF's mission, to construct a net-zero energy future with inventive electricity-based solutions and services, aligns with global environmental preservation and supports societal wellbeing and economic growth. Serving approximately 40.9 million customers and witnessing consolidated sales of €139.7 billion in 2023, EDF is a paragon of commitment to a sustainable energy trajectory.

About EDF Renewables

EDF Renewables stands as a formidable international entity in the renewable energy domain, distinguished for deploying its portfolio of projects that foster competitive and sustainable energy development. Committed to the global fight against climate change, EDF Renewables harmonizes its expertise and innovative vigor with the objective of territorial contribution. As of late 2023, EDF Renewables champions a significant presence in the renewable sector, with 12.8 net GW (21.2 gross GW) installed capacity across the globe. The company's geographic and operational expansion into emerging markets includes South Africa, Brazil, China, India, and the Middle East. Initially rooted in onshore wind and photovoltaics, EDF Renewables now ventures into the realms of both land-based and floating offshore wind power, supplemented by emergent technologies such as energy storage, floating solar power, and agrivoltaics. For more information or to stay updated, one can visit, or connect with them on LinkedIn and Twitter (@EDF_Renewables in English and @EDF_RE in French).

About CPP Investments

CPP Investments, the Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board, functions as a professional investment management organization dedicated to managing the funds of over 22 million contributors and beneficiaries of the Canada Pension Plan. With a global investment footprint, CPP Investments diversifies its portfolios across public equities, private equities, real estate, infrastructure, and fixed income. Operating from Toronto and extending its reach to cities such as Hong Kong, London, Luxembourg, Mumbai, New York City, San Francisco, São Paulo, and Sydney, the organization emphasize independence from the Canada Pension Plan and government entities. Establishing a formidable Fund totaling C$590.8 billion as of December 31, 2023, CPP Investments is a monumental force in keeping informed financial decisions at the forefront. To learn more or connect with CPP Investments, one can explore and engage with them on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter @CPPInvestments.

About Skyborn Renewables

Skyborn Renewables, a stalwart in global decarbonization efforts, propels offshore wind energy forward as a critical facet of the clean energy revolution and a key to achieving net-zero targets. With over two decades of extensive expertise, Skyborn emerges as an accomplished wind developer and operator with capabilities spanning the entire offshore wind value chain, including development, engineering, procurement, financing, construction management, and asset management. To dive into Skyborn's initiatives or to get in touch, one can visit

In conclusion, the ambitious Fécamp Offshore Wind Farm, from inception to completion, exemplifies the concerted drive towards a cleaner, renewable energy future, aligned with France's strategic energy transition goals. This monumental development represents a harmonious blend of technological innovation, environmental stewardship, and community collaboration—ushering in an era of sustainable growth and energy security for present and future generations.