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Equestrian Innovations Soar as STRIDER Teams Up with PayPal for Seamless Competition Entries


Michael Chen

May 14, 2024 - 13:29 pm


STRIDER Revolutionizes Equestrian Event Entry with PayPal Integration for High-Profile Dressage Competitions

WASHINGTON, May 14, 2024 – Today marks a significant advancement in the equestrian industry as STRIDER, the creator of the esteemed Strider entry platform, proudly announces the opening of entries for USEF/USDF recognized dressage competitions using their platform. Equestrians can now effortlessly register for top-tier events such as Loch Moy Farm, Dunmovin, and Blue Goose Stable LLC competitions.

This pivotal move by STRIDER, which comes on the heels of a strategic partnership with global payments frontrunner PayPal, is poised to elevate the entry experience for riders, streamline transactions, and dramatically enhance revenue collection across the equestrian sector.

Closing the gap between traditional practices and technological innovation, the collaboration introduces StriderPay—a cutting-edge payment processing system that promises a modernized entry process and real-time financial management for equestrian venues. These developments arrive at a time when the industry is ripe for digital transformation, potentially shaping the future landscape of equestrian competition entry procedures.

Executives at PayPal share the excitement surrounding this joint venture. “At PayPal, we’re thrilled to collaborate with Strider to bring innovative payment solutions to the equestrian community,” said Brittanie Webster, Director of Customer Success Management at PayPal. The partnership, she elaborates, aims to streamline entry processes and financial handling, significantly upgrading the event experience for riders and venues alike. Coupled with enthusiasm for the anticipated benefits of this integration, PayPal’s involvement underscores a notable leap toward smarter, more efficient operations within equestrian sports.

Competitions such as the Loch Moy Farm's Spring Fling Dressage 1 & 2, Dressage at Dunmovin, and Dressage at Blue Goose Stands are not only famed within the equestrian community for their high standards but are also recognized by the United States Equestrian Federation and the United States Dressage Federation. These events serve as pivotal platforms for riders aiming to showcase their talents internationally at prestigious events, including the Olympic Games, World Cup Finals, and Nations Cups.

The integration with the payment titan PayPal signals a transformative shift for equestrian sport. Speaking to this, Tara Swersie, CEO of STRIDER, said, “Loch Moy Farm, Dunmovin, and Blue Goose Stables are pillars in equestrian sport, and by implementing the Strider Platform, their entry and payment processes are now dramatically simplified.” She further enlightened that the Strider platform will free show management teams from the burdens of financial administration, allowing them to focus their resources on the enhancement of these prestigious competitions.

Last year marked the genesis of a powerful relationship between STRIDER and PayPal, with the successful launch of StriderPay. This milestone in their collaboration now extends payment solutions, allowing venues to benefit from proficient revenue management. The Strider Platform has effectively propelled large scale payment processing within the equestrian industry into a new era.

StriderPay’s innovative features position STRIDER at the forefront of technological expansion in the equestrian industry. The system not only simplifies the transaction process for riders but also ensures venues can handle financial flows more efficiently.

Eminent industry professionals recognize the significance of the STRIDER and PayPal team-up, considering it a pivotal evolution. A notable endorsement comes from Phyllis Dawson—member of the 2024 Olympic Team Selection Committee for Eventing, a revered sport horse trainer and veteran of the US Equestrian Team—who described the collaboration as "a game-changer for the industry." According to Dawson, STRIDER's streamlined entry and payment process simplifies riders' access to high-caliber shows and quality schooling opportunities, ensuring optimal preparation for international competitions.

Committed to fostering the equestrian industry's growth, STRIDER consistently rolls out advanced technological solutions that cater to riders, show venues, and management teams. These innovative offerings serve over 1.2 million equestrians annually, enhancing the ease of show entry and payment for a diverse array of events.

For further information about STRIDER’s comprehensive software products and their collaboration with PayPal for seamless revenue collection, individuals and organizations can visit

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STRIDER's suite hosts a broad spectrum of software products. Certified by the United States Equestrian Federation, these products are designed to facilitate entry and payment for a wide range of equestrian events, catering to all disciplines and breeds. The suite results in a substantial yearly support system, enabling access to competitions for a massive community of over 1.2 million equestrians.

In Conclusion

The STRIDER-PayPal alliance is destined to redefine the entry process for equestrian events by integrating technological advancements with traditional practices. This collaboration brings new efficiencies to the industry, promising to transform the sport for the better and setting a new standard for excellence in equestrian event management and participation.

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