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Elevate Your Ride with Velotric Discover 2: Redefining E-Bike Excellence


Benjamin Hughes

March 29, 2024 - 11:47 am


Velotric Unleashes the Discover 2: Leading the e-Bike Revolution with Supreme Power and Unmatched Safety

CARSON, Calif., March 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- In an exhilarating announcement that promises to redefine the boundaries of electric biking, Velotric, America’s burgeoning electric bike brand, has unveiled its latest masterpiece, the Discover 2. The exemplary new e-bike model emerges as a paragon of power, comfort, and safety while boasting profound waterproof capabilities. This paradigm-shifting electric bike sets a benchmark, not only in terms of its robust performance and riding pleasure but also in guaranteeing rider safety and product durability.

Velotric Discover 2

Velotric Discover 2

"We are beyond excited to present the Discover 2 to our esteemed line of e-bikes, setting a new standard for power, comfort, and safe riding," shared Adam Zhang, who co-founded Velotric and serves as CEO. The Discover 2 encapsulates Zhang's vision, empowering riders with amplified power and unmatched tranquility, all while enjoying the exceptional build quality designed for longevity.

High-Powered Performance

Ease and efficiency are at the core of the Discover 2, a versatile Class 1, 2, and 3 e-bike. With a powerful 750W motor and an impressive 75-mile range, this bike is primed to take you further with less effort. Its innovative torque sensor finely regulates your ride, offering three distinct riding modes, each with five Pedal Assist System (PAS) levels, cumulatively yielding 15 unique power settings. This puts you in complete control of your ride, whether commuting through the urban sprawl or exploring steep, country terrains.

Uncompromising Comfort

The Discover 2 is engineered for effortless riding, featuring a deep step-through design that accommodates easy mounting and dismounting. Alongside this, the e-bike's high comfort quotient extends to its seating which ensures a pleasant riding posture, complemented by an adjustable stem, allowing customization to any rider’s preference. Furthermore, the integrated cruise control mechanism enhances convenience, fostering a smoother, more enjoyable journey.

Pioneering Safety Standards

Distinguished by its safety credentials, the Discover 2 is endorsed with UL Certification (UL 2271 and UL 2849), delivering unmatched battery safety whether mounted on the bike or during solo storage. Additionally, imbuing modern technological safeguarding, the e-bike is equipped with Apple's Find My feature, keeping riders connected and secure.

Exceptional Water Resistance

In an industry where waterproofing is often overlooked, the Discover 2 stands out with remarkable IPX6 (vehicle) and IPX7 (battery) waterproof ratings. This ensures that neither heavy rain nor splashes will compromise the bike’s integrity or performance, enabling riders to confidently tackle diverse weather conditions.

Stylish and Customizable Aesthetics

Diverging from the monochromatic norm, the Discover 2 is offered in four sophisticated and eye-catching colors: Pine Green, Stone Gray, Mint, and Cherry Crimson. These choices provide a distinct flair, allowing riders to express their personal style through their choice of e-bike.

A Blend of Premium Quality and Value

The Discover 2 spearheads the market by balancing high-quality features with affordability. Velotric’s commitment to this harmonious blend delivers an e-bike that redefines the notion of true value in the realm of electric bicycles.

A League of Extraordinary Expertise

Velotric’s Discover 2 conception and realisation are the fruits of labor of an industry-leading team comprising veterans from prestigious brands like Lime, Giant, and Trek. Their unparalleled expertise in innovation and commitment to excellence is the driving force behind the Discover 2's groundbreaking features.

Mastery Over Production

The brand takes pride in its in-house approach to design and manufacturing, including its proprietary drive system and boasting 42+ design, engineering, and software patents. This autonomy in the production process ensures the highest degree of quality control, allowing for constant innovation and refinement.

Unrivaled Customer Service Network

Velotric's customer-first philosophy is demonstrated through an extensive dealer network of over 1000 partners and a dedicated in-house service team comprised of over 20 members. This network ensures top-tier customer service, reflecting the brand's commitment to rider satisfaction.

The new Discover 2 Electric Bike, retailing at $1,699, is now within reach and can be found exclusively on, which hosts more extensive information regarding the brand and model.

About Velotric

Velotric stands guided by its mission, as laid out by Adam Zhang, a co-founder of the notable brand Lime. Comprising talents from industry giants such as Lime, Giant, Specialized, and Decathlon, Velotric lives and breathes elegance, style, and unparalleled performance. The brand envisions a more fluid and expressive e-bike experience, one that delivers the thrill of exploration without the weight of stress or anxiety. With a focus on effortless operation, comfortable rides, reliable quality, and leading-edge style, Velotric is a pioneer in the electric bike domain. More information about Velotric's ethos and product offerings can be found at

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SOURCE: Velotric

In conclusion, the Discover 2 by Velotric represents a leap forward in the e-bike industry. It encapsulates the ultimate riding experience for amateurs and enthusiasts alike. With a seamless blend of leading-edge technology, exceptional build quality, unparalleled safety features, and striking aesthetics, Velotric's newest e-bike stands as a testament to the brand's commitment to revolutionizing the way we think about sustainable transportation. The Discover 2 is more than just an e-bike – it's a beacon of innovation, beckoning the future of eco-friendly travel.

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