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Eco-Friendly Innovation: Chang Industrial Launches Hybrid Snowblowers for a Greener Tomorrow


Leo Gonzalez

March 19, 2024 - 15:58 pm


Chang Industrial Prepares Pre-Orders for Groundbreaking Hybrid Snowblowers

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., March 19, 2024 -- The industrial snowblower market in North America is on the verge of an unprecedented leap forward, with Chang Industrial announcing the start of pre-orders for its innovative hybrid snow removal equipment set to commence in 2025. This initiative aligns with the company's ambition to fulfill 2030 sustainability goals and stands as a testimonial to Chang Industrial's commitment outlined in its 2024 Development Plans. This move will mark a significant milestone with the delivery of the first hybrid models designed in partnership with Kodiak Technologies and automotive engineering stalwart Roush.

The Evolution of Snow Removal: A Hybrid Future

With the groundwork laid by Kodiak America, renowned for manufacturing robust diesel-powered snow removal equipment for numerous airports in North America and internationally, the stage is set for a shift towards sustainability. The emergent hybrid equipment, developed under the insightful leadership of Kodiak Technologies guided by Matthew A. Chang of Chang Industrial, draws upon decades of collective experience. The team's board includes industry veterans like John Schultz of Bootleg Advisors and the reputed Roush entity. Each plays a pivotal role in drafting a future shaped by electric vehicles (EVs), leveraging both federal and state incentives designed to spur this progress.

Advancing Clean Power: The International Snow Symposium Showcase

This collective of innovators will take the international stage at the 2024 International Snow Symposium in Buffalo, New York. It promises an enlightening chapter for airport operators through a series of educational webinars designed to shed light on EV technology, facilitate grant applications with the FAA, and offer pilot demonstration opportunities in early 2025.

A Revolutionary Impact on Industrial Snow Removal

Matthew A. Chang has boldly proclaimed the change that the hybrid snow blowers personify – this is not merely growth for a rapidly progressing industry but a transformative shift across the market landscape. The introduction of EVs in the industrial snow removal sector marks a significant stride towards diminishing environmental impact whilst meeting intense snow removal demands.

"Visionary Innovations: Clean-Powered Snow Blowers Transform the Industry" was the sentiment echoed by Ross Barnard, CTO of Chang Industrial and Chang Robotics. Five years ago, adapting alternative power systems to the colossal industrial snow blowers was not economically viable. However, today stands in stark contrast, with battery technology advancement reaching heights that integrate seamlessly with the Kodiak hybrid vehicle system. This is a monumental feat for the Chang Industrial IP Studio team, promising to deliver not only powerful technology but also a renewed focus on customer satisfaction.

The Impact on Economy and Environment

The anticipated release of this hybrid technology in 2025 aims at widespread adoption across numerous airports and municipal bodies. This is envisioned to turn the tide for ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) initiatives across industries, offering operators lower costs and enhanced reliability—propelling the economic and environmental benefits to new highs.

Support from Investment Pioneers

John Schultz, speaking from his January 17th announcement, outlined the rationale behind investment decisions made by Bootleg Advisors. They pride themselves on identifying and fostering burgeoning companies integral to energy transitions. The partnership between Kodiak Technologies and Roush, powered by an outstanding team and cutting-edge technology, has made Kodiak an investment of distinction for Bootleg.

Inside Chang Industrial: An Automation Powerhouse

As explained on, since its inception in 2017, Chang Industrial, also operating as Chang Robotics, has carved a niche in the engineering sector with a focus on innovative manufacturing, collaborative robotics, and disruptive automation technology. With several awards under its belt and having been acclaimed as a Top 10 Global Supply Chain Leader by IE Magazine in 2022, Chang Industrial is not just a company but a paradigm of advanced technological transformation.

Kodiak Technologies: Pioneers of Snow Removal

Kodiak America, a firm birthed in 1998, stands tall with over two decades of designing, developing, and distributing top-tier snow blowers, runway sweepers, and other critical equipment for varied industries and market needs. With a client list that includes the FAA and several Department of Transportation agencies, Kodiak aims to solidify its place as the unrivaled leader in snow removal technologies.

For further insights into Kodiak's vision and innovations, visit and

Chang Industrial and its cofounders aim to fulfill their role as forerunners of the burgeoning hybrid and electronic vehicle markets. This venture, co-developed alongside Kodiak Technologies and Roush, underpins a significant transformation in industrial snow removal, setting a new standard for operational efficiency, environmental responsibility, and technological advancement.

For more details on the developmental undertakings of Chang Industrial and to keep abreast of the latest happenings and accomplishments, consider following their LinkedIn page.

Technological Synergy: Kodiak Technologies, Chang Industrial, and Roush's Role

Kodiak America has established itself as a foundational player through its numerous contributions to the snow removal industry. With Chang Industrial's known prowess in robotics and automation and Roush's longstanding experience in engineering services, this partnership embodies a synthesis of respective strengths. Together, they share the vision to revolutionize clean, efficient, and powerful snow removal that can tackle the demanding environmental conditions faced by airports and municipal facilities around the globe.

Driving the Future: The Road to 2030 and Beyond

With 2030 on the horizon, the collective actions and direction of these industry leaders embody not just a response to a rising demand but a deliberate stride towards a sustainable future. As this technology unfolds, the ripple effect of this shift will likely resonate throughout the industrial landscape, inspiring related sectors to reconsider and redefine their strategies towards renewable energy and clean power.

Conclusion: A New Era for Industrial Snow Removal

As we step into 2025, the industry eagerly anticipates the delivery of the groundbreaking hybrid snowblower from Chang Industrial, a transformative event setting a new precedent in snow removal efficiency and sustainability. With the world watching this evolution, it has become clear that the future of snow removal—and perhaps the industrial world at large—is on the cusp of a clean power revolution that promises to redefine the standards of productivity, environmental consciousness, and economic growth.

Chang Industrial, along with its innovative partners, ushers in a new chapter that not only heralds unprecedented technological progress but also signifies an important leap towards achieving broader sustainability goals.

The full range of Chang Industrial's services and technological achievements, along with further information on partnering and investment opportunities, is available at With the groundbreaking developments underway, the industrial world poised for an imminent and transformative upgrade, all eyes remain fixed on the unfolding future of clean power within the snow removal industry.