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Digital Leap Shaping Tomorrow's Lotteries: A Glimpse into the Socio-Tech Revolution


Benjamin Hughes

April 3, 2024 - 11:54 am


Allwyn Forecasts Future of Lotteries: Embracing Digital Transformation and Social Impact

LUCERNE, Switzerland, April 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The future of lotteries is set to undergo significant transformation driven by increasingly conscious consumers and the evolution of digital technology, according to a groundbreaking report from Allwyn, a global leader in the lottery sector. Allwyn’s analysis predicts a substantial growth trajectory with global lottery sales anticipated to surpass the half-trillion-dollar mark by 2035, marking a significant increase of over 40% from 2025, as estimated by H2 Gambling Capital.

A Vision For Change: “The Future of Lottery: A Game for Change”

In collaboration with The Future Laboratory, a prominent consultancy specializing in strategic foresight, Allwyn has curated a pioneering study that encapsulates the next-generation lottery experience. Titled “The Future of Lottery: A Game for Change,” the report provides an expert consensus on how lotteries will align with the behaviors and expectations of consumers in the year 2035.

Meeting Millennials and Gen Z Expectations

The investigation points out that the emerging patterns of responsibility, transparency, and the search for meaning, notably within younger demographics such as Gen Z and young millennials, are likely to drive lottery brands towards greater commitments to social causes and responsible gaming. “The undeniable influence of purpose cannot be overlooked when considering the future expenditure patterns of younger consumers,” articulates Martin Raymond, co-founder of The Future Laboratory.

As natives of the digital age, younger consumer demographics are expected to anticipate that brands will harness new technological avenues like augmented reality and novel platforms for community engagement and social interaction.

Innovations in Lottery Experience

The Allwyn report outlines several potential innovations that could enhance the player experience. These include:

Making Social Impacts Visible

Lotteries might use smartphone applications, QR codes, and interactive kiosks to communicate compelling narratives about the destination of lottery proceeds, such as funding for sports facilities and cultural institutions. This transparent approach may appeal more to younger consumers who have an appetite for social advancement and activism.

Socializing Game Play

Lottery participation among younger adults is expanding into their social spheres, with players desiring shared experiences. Technological advancements could introduce multiplayer game formats that enhance the sense of community and camaraderie, not only in gameplay but also in aggregating contributions for specific societal themes or challenges.

Participatory Funding Allocation

Lottery participants might play a part alongside traditional funding bodies in determining how their contributions are allocated, which could include options presented in a digital format. International operators, in particular, could forge community bonds that span international borders. The report emphasizes that lotteries might become platforms for broader objectives such as combating climate change or reducing inequalities, by orienting many interconnected micro-initiatives.

Virtual Realities and Augmented Reality Integration

Utilization of virtual worlds could illustrate to players the positive outcomes achieved by their contributions. With augmented reality, customers might scan real-world objects to uncover hidden digital lottery elements or participate in location-based games with rewards.

Robert Chvátal, CEO of the Allwyn Group, conveys that Allwyn’s prosperous track record in operating lotteries is founded on consistent innovation designed to meet the desires of both existing and prospective consumers. The insights from “The Future of Lottery” report are seen not as fixed predictions but rather as an inspiration for continued evolution in the lottery sector, with a focus on fulfilling future player demands and contributing more significantly to government and charitable initiatives.

Pavel Turek, Allwyn’s Chief Global Brand, Corporate Communication and CSR Officer, remarks on the importance of trust as the bedrock of the lottery industry’s relationship with the public. He suggests that with the rising expectations of businesses among younger generations, lotteries can intensify their role as agents of positive change within their communities over the next decade.

Martin Raymond further adds, “The lottery of the future goes beyond a mere game of chance. It is poised to be an influential catalyst for positive change for individuals, communities, and society as a whole. With the advent of next-generation technology, the industry is armed with an expanded toolkit to engage new audiences, particularly value-driven Gen Zs, with experiences that are immersive, strategically responsible, and centered on purposeful play.”

The preparation of the report saw contributions from esteemed experts including Anthony Steed, virtual environments and computer graphics expert at University College London; Katie Hillier, digital anthropologist with the Liiv Group; and Rosanna Iacono, CEO at The Growth Activists.

About Allwyn

Allwyn is a leading multinational lottery operator, renowned for its innovative lotteries designed to maximize returns to good causes through a commitment to technology, efficiency, and safe practices. With a portfolio focused on affordable casual gaming entertainment, Allwyn has established dominant positions with reputable brands across Europe, spanning Austria, the Czech Republic, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the United States (specifically Illinois).

About The Future Laboratory

The Future Laboratory is a world-class strategic foresight consultancy. Known for amalgamating foresight with consumer insights, brand strategy, and innovation services, they empower and enable organizations to anticipate the future confidently. To learn more about The Future Laboratory, visit their website at The Future Laboratory.

It is evident that the innovations and strategies outlined in the report by Allwyn and The Future Laboratory hold the potential to profoundly influence the lottery industry’s trajectory. As the sector prepares to navigate new expectations and technological frontiers, Allwyn asserts itself as a pioneer in envisioning the sustainable, socially-conscious, and technologically-advanced lotteries of tomorrow.

SOURCE: Allwyn

Moving forward, the clear vision presented by lottery industry leaders showcases an adaptable and forward-thinking approach. The continuous pursuit of engaging gameplay, coupled with a mandate to augment social good, indicates that the future of lotteries will be as much about contribution and community as it is about the thrill of the game. Whether or not all projections will materialize, the conversational currents stirred by “The Future of Lottery” report are undeniably charting the course for the future of responsible gaming and its role within society.

In encapsulation, the Allwyn report is more than a predictive text; it is a motivational document that impels the lottery sector towards an era where participation goes hand-in-hand with philanthropy and purpose-driven engagement. As the year 2035 approaches, the blueprint for an evolved lottery experience, as envisaged by future-minded pioneers and consumers alike, seems not only plausible but almost within reach.

The multi-faceted efforts to implement tangible changes in the lottery world are undoubtedly set to position lotteries not only as games of chance but as platforms for meaningful social engagement and sources of collective hope. Time will reveal the true impact of these evolutionary steps, as trust, innovation, and responsibility become the defining attributes of the next generation of lotteries.