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Caverion Corporation’s Ownership Structure Undergoes Drastic Transformation


Michael Chen

April 3, 2024 - 06:24 am


Caverion Corporation Experiences Significant Shareholding Changes

In a seismic shift in the corporate structure of Caverion Corporation, a recent stock exchange announcement indicates a major decline in the indirect holdings of Crayfish TopCo SARL and its related entities. Released on April 3, 2024, this information reveals a pivotal change in the ownership landscape of the Finnish company. The announcement comes alongside significant scrutiny and interest from investors, following an earlier signal from Triton Investment Advisers LLP regarding an internal restructuring that orchestrates a merger of portfolio companies under its management.

A Pronounced Decline in Ownership

HELSINKI, April 3, 2024 (PRNewswire) – It has been officially revealed that on April 2, 2024, Caverion Corporation was notified of a considerable decrease in the company’s shareholding structure. The impactful notification complies with Chapter 9, Section 5 of the Finnish Securities Markets Act, under which the indirect holding of Crayfish TopCo SARL, incorporating its controlled undertakings, has descended below the 5 percent threshold. This decrease in shares occurred on April 2, 2024, signifying a rapid change in the organization’s shareholder registry.

The detailed declaration specifies that Crayfish TopCo SARL’s indirect holding in Caverion has diminished significantly to zero shares, accounting for exactly 0.0 percent of the company's shares and voting rights. The calculations factoring in these percentages utilize Caverion's total number of shares, amounting to 138,920,092, acknowledging each share with equal voting power within the corporation’s singular share series.

Triton’s Portfolio Reorganization and Implications on Caverion

The market and shareholders are reminded of Caverion’s announcement on March 5, 2024, which indicated that Triton Investment Advisers LLP planned a combination of Assemblin Group AB and Caverion through an intricate internal restructuring within Triton. This strategic move was aimed to consolidate ownership of both Assemblin and Caverion under one inclusive holding framework. Interestingly, the recent notification pertains to the completion of Triton’s aforementioned restructure, which has resulted in Crayfish BidCo Oy’s controlling shareholders, including the notified entities, retreating from their holdings. Despite these events, Caverion’s immediate ownership is said to remain unaffected.

In-Depth Analysis of The Shift in Ownership

The notification brought forward a detailed composition of the new shareholder situation on the pinpointed date where the ownership threshold altered:

Resulting Situation:

  • Shares and Voting Rights: Previously, the notification showcased a significant command by certain entities, with a stake of 93.12 percent. This control has since plummeted to a stark 0 percent.
  • Total Shares in Caverion: The total remains at a substantial 138,920,092 shares.

Specific Breakdown:

  • A: Shares and Voting Rights:
    • Direct holdings (by SMA 9:5) and indirect holdings (SMA 9:6 and 9:7) now register at '0' shares and '0' percent respectively, marking a drastic change from the previous notification.
    • The ISIN code specifically affected by these changes is FI4000062781.
    • SUBTOTAL A notes the full absence of both direct and indirect shares and voting rights in their entirety: '0' shares and '0.00' percent.

No Usage of Financial Instruments:

  • B: Financial Instruments According to SMA 9:6a:
    • For the type of financial instrument, the expiration date, exercise/conversion period, physical or cash settlement, and the total number and percentage of shares and voting rights, all data points are marked 'N/A', indicating no applicable financial instruments in play.

The complete chain of controlled undertakings that previously held influence through voting rights and financial instruments is disclosed, beginning with the ultimate controlling entity:

  • Crayfish TopCo SARL: 0.00%
  • Crayfish MidCo SARL: 0.00%
  • Triton V LuxCo 89 SARL: 0.00%

Each of these entities now reflects a '0.00' percent stake in the total, signifying their comprehensive withdrawal from the shareholding structure of Caverion Corporation.

Points of Contact and Further Information

With a view toward maintaining transparency and accessibility, Caverion Corporation has provided essential contact details for further inquiries. Noora Koikkalainen, Caverion's Head of Marketing, Communications, IR, and Sustainability, is available at tel. +358 50 562 6552. For additional communication, one can reach out via email to [email protected].

Caverion ensures widespread distribution of this significant information through various channels, including Nasdaq Helsinki and principal media outlets. Further details can also be accessed on the company's official website,

For those interested in exploring deeper into the intricate details surrounding this notification, Cision provides a comprehensive link to an official release. The article and more extensive documentation concerning the announcement can be found at

Additionally, the full notification according to Chapter 9, Section 10 of the Finnish Securities Markets Act detailing the change in holdings can be reviewed at,c3955553.

To directly download the related documents in PDF format, stakeholders and interested parties are directed to the link provided by Cision:, labeled simply as "Release."

Impact and Outlook

The implications of such significant transactional adjustments in the corporate structure of an entity like Caverion cannot be understated. While on the surface, the immediate ownership configuration remains steady, the underlying power dynamics and potential for policy shifts carry weight. As entities like Crayfish TopCo SARL and its affiliates withdraw their stakes, the door opens for new investors and strategic partnerships that may influence the direction of Caverion’s operations.

A reshuffling in the shareholder register could also catalyze a revisitation of corporate strategies, governance policies, and operational efficiency. The departure of significant shareholders brings about a period of adjustment wherein Caverion might re-evaluate its market approach, investment strategies, and long-term goals.

Moreover, the transparency and promptness of the notification as demanded by the Finnish Securities Markets Act underscores the robust regulatory framework within which Finnish companies operate. This framework aspires to foster a climate of trust and openness in the Finnish capital market, which is crucial for protecting the interests of all shareholders involved.

Analysis of Triton’s Restructuring Strategy

Earlier communications hinted at an ambitious restructuring strategy by Triton Investment Advisers LLP, poised to intertwine the fates of Assemblin Group AB and Caverion. The strategic reallocation of holdings under a unified structure was anticipated to beget administrative synergies and financial consolidation. The fruition of this internal realignment, and the subsequent notification of its completion, underscores Triton's assertive and strategic portfolio management.

As Triton restructures and consolidates its assets, the broader implications for the industrial services sectors in which Caverion and Assemblin operate are considerable. Market analysts will be observing how these changes may affect competition, market shares, and innovation drivers in the industry. Triton's resolution to combine its holdings does not only innovate its portfolio management but also provocatively signals a more interconnected and potentially coherent operational outlook for both Assemblin and Caverion.

Final Thoughts and Considerations

As stakeholders brace for the broader implications of Crayfish TopCo SARL's exit as a controlling shareholder, attention is also drawn to the efficient mechanisms and disclosure policies that accompany such transitions. This case serves as a pivotal example of the dynamic nature of corporate ownership and highlights the intricate financial and legal processes that underpin these transformations.

Caverion Corporation's consistent communication with its investor community via statutory announcements ensures informed and engaged stakeholders. As regulatory compliance is meticulously observed, the company bolsters its reputational capital and reaffirms its commitment to principled corporate conduct.

In conclusion, while the Caverion ownership landscape undergoes this significant evolution, the market watches attentively. The future trajectory of Caverion will undoubtedly be sculpted by this momentous change, and stakeholders await the downstream impact with bated breath. Observers remain vigilant about incoming developments and the strategic maneuvers that will emerge from this new chapter in the company's history.