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Alat's Groundbreaking Electrification and AI Expansion: Paving the Way to Sustainability


Michael Chen

May 6, 2024 - 12:20 pm


Alat Launches Progressive Electrification and AI Business Units for a Sustainable Future

A New Era of Innovation and Sustainable Development

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, May 6, 2024 (PRNewswire) – Alat, a transformative enterprise operating under the Public Investment Fund umbrella, sets a bold trajectory in pioneering industrial and electronic growth. In a major announcement made during the prestigious Milken Institute Conference in Los Angeles, USA, Alat unveiled the inauguration of two novel business wings: Electrification and AI Infrastructure. With these units, Alat aims to fulfill the soaring global requisites for innovative AI infrastructure, coupled with an imperative to bolster the energy transition through enhanced electrical grid technologies.

Electrification within Alat's strategic blueprint serves as a linchpin, not only fortifying grid technology to embrace the surge in high-tech adoption but also to cater to the burgeoning electricity demand. As electricity becomes the predominantly generated energy from renewable sources like solar, wind, and hydrogen, Alat aspires to craft potent solutions. These endeavors will substantially bolster the worldwide shift towards sustainable energy usage and the broader initiative of industrial decarbonization.

In its pursuit of grid advancement, Alat's new Electrification unit is earmarked to concentrate on transmission and distribution technologies, integrating renewable energy into the grid, and harnessing the latest technology for gas and hydrogen generation and compression. This aligns with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's abundant solar and clean energy resources, showcasing a commitment to underpin electrically powered systems for an industrial renaissance.

Advancing to the AI Infrastructure realm, Alat's focus is set on the indispensable technology necessary to empower AI functionalities including network and communication equipment, server arrays, networking gears for data centers, storage solutions, and sophisticated computing capabilities. By marrying AI with other pivotal Industry 4.0 innovations such as robotics, Alat is setting the stage for a revolution in smart manufacturing, laying the groundwork for factories of the future equipped with intelligent, autonomous capabilities. This unit's remit expands to not only crafting bespoke solutions for Alat's clientele but also reinforcing the organization’s ambition for trailblazing advanced technology.

Revolutionizing the Global Market

Amit Midha, the Global CEO at Alat, expressed enthusiasm for the new divisions, emphasizing their strategic significance in steering Alat towards an advanced, sustainable industrial future. His vision resonates with the remarkable financial trajectory projected for the electrification market, anticipated to balloon from a USD 73.64 billion valuation in 2022 to an impressive USD 172.9 billion by the year 2032. This growth, advancing at a CAGR of 8.91% from 2023 to 2032, is a testament to the sector's dynamic evolution. Correspondingly, the AI Infrastructure market is charting an exceptional growth curve, poised to skyrocket to a monumental US$460.5 billion by 2033, fuelled by a robust CAGR of 28.3% throughout the decade. This surge is credited to the burgeoning incorporation of AI across diversified sectors, as enterprises grasp AI's transformative potential to invigorate innovation, refine decision-making, and automate operations.

These new business units are a strategic response to the pervasive global trends advocating for energy-efficient computing and a minimized environmental footprint of large-scale data operations. They are designed to seamlessly integrate renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and hydroelectric power into data centers and computing facilities. As the AI infrastructure evolves, the focus will increasingly tilt towards green data centers which prioritize energy efficiency and sustainability, emphasizing environmental stewardship. In the realm of transportation, the twin thrusts of AI and electrification are set to revolutionize, particularly in autonomous vehicles and electric mobility frameworks, leveraging analytics, machine learning, and sensor technologies to optimize traffic systems and reduce fossil fuel dependency.

AI's pivotal role extends to enhancing electric grid management, enabling energy enterprises to elevate efficiency, reliability, and sustainability. Innovations driven by AI in grid management incorporate advanced analytics, predictive modeling, and adaptive algorithms in real time, ensuring a cohesive balance between supply and demand, fostering renewable energy integration, and bolstering grid resilience against disruptions.

Building a Sustainable Manufacturing Powerhouse

Cementing its presence at the Milken Institute Conference as a gold sponsor, Alat now operates nine business units, each dedicated to nurturing eco-friendly technology manufacturing. By 2030, Alat has pledged an investment of US$100 billion across these divisions with the aim of forging pivotal partnerships and augmenting advanced manufacturing capabilities in Saudi Arabia. This endeavor intends to spawn job opportunities and expedite the Kingdom’s economic diversification.

About Alat

Alat, a PIF-backed entity, stands at the forefront of steering a global industrial transformation and realized its vision of a world-class manufacturing hub in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company's ethos orbits around sustainable manufacturing, assisting global corporates in cutting down on emissions, and steering towards carbon-neutral production methods. As a cornerstone of the Kingdom's Vision 2030 targets, which encompass economic diversification, industrial progression, innovation, and job provision, Alat holds an instrumental role.

Alat's core mission is geared towards ensuring that international businesses establish sustainable manufacturing operations within the Kingdom, tapping into an abundance of green energy, the nation's unique geographical advantage, and technology investments. Semiconductors, smart devices, intelligent building systems, smart appliances, healthtech, advanced industrial technologies, and cutting-edge infrastructure technologies form the crux of Alat's strategic focus areas.

For an in-depth look into Alat's trailblazing pursuits, information can be accessed at their official website,, which serves as a resourceful gateway for stakeholders interested in exploring partnerships or learning more about the company's sustainable manufacturing solutions and its comprehensive range of services and products.

A Visionary Approach for a Sustainable Industrial Landscape

Alat's strides towards innovation are reflective of a greater global movement aiming to harmonize technological advancement with environmental responsibility. The launching of its latest initiatives in electrification and artificial intelligence mark a significant milestone in Alat's journey. They stand as a testament to their unwavering commitment to propelling Saudi Arabia to the forefront of the fourth industrial revolution, a leap that comes with a promise of sustainability and economic resilience.

By judiciously leveraging the Kingdom's abundant natural resources and its pivotal geographical standing, Alat's expansion into these futuristic markets fortifies the organization's resolve to steer industries towards cleaner and more efficient operational models. It is a pledge that aligns both with the growing global conscience around energy conservation and the escalating market demand for sophisticated technological infrastructure.

True to its role as a catalyst for change, Alat's emphasis on sustainable manufacturing extends beyond the contemporaneous goal of carbon neutrality. It is an embodiment of a forward-thinking strategy poised to energize the future of global industries while nurturing the environmental bedrock upon which they thrive. In doing so, Alat is carving out its niche as a paragon for other corporations aspiring to meld industrial prowess with ecological stewardship.

Forward-Looking Perspectives in Alat’s Strategic Ascent

As Alat embarks on this ambitious venture, the expectation is that these new divisions will not only serve as bedrocks for the company’s strategic objectives but also as catalysts for international industry standards to incline towards more sustainable and innovative practices. It is an initiative that reflects Alat's recognition of emerging market dynamics and opportunities born from the intersection of technological innovation and environmental consciousness.

The aspirations of Alat are aligned with the wider aspirations of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030, serving as a prototype of what a modern, sustainable manufacturing infrastructure can look like when driven by the imperatives of technological evolution and green initiatives. Against a backdrop of a climate-responsive future, Alat is propelling its momentum to deliver solutions that not only benefit the Kingdom but also contribute positively to the global industrial ecosystem.


Alat's strategic investments and the launch of two pioneering business units underpin a future where technology and sustainability converge towards a shared horizon of prosperity and responsibility. As global needs evolve and prioritize more sustainable and efficient ways of living and working, Alat's initiatives are poised to align with these shifting paradigms, providing powerful incentives for innovation and clean energy use within Saudi Arabia and beyond.

This development within Alat marks a transformative moment — an epoch of smart, sustainable manufacturing where economic growth, environmental stewardship, and societal well-being are no longer at odds but are embraced as the collective pillars for a visionary future. With Alat's strategic approach, Saudi Arabia is not just witnessing a diversification of its industries but the rise of a nation as a leading-edge protagonist in the global push for an eco-friendly industrial revolution.