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U.S. Intensifies Defense Against Unfair Trade with High Tariffs on Paper Bag Imports

In a bold move to protect domestic industries, the U.S. Department of Commerce imposes steep tariffs on paper shopping bag imports from eight countries accused of dumping. This measure aims to level the playing field for American manufacturers.
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Unleashing Innovations at Bakery China 2024: Shanghai's Premier Confectionery Event

Bakery China 2024 in Shanghai is set to be a groundbreaking event for industry professionals, showcasing cutting-edge confectionery and bakery innovations, extensive global participation, and a multitude of opportunities for networking and business growth in the bakery industry.
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Ecuador's Strategic Vision to Boost Foreign Investment

Ecuador sets its sights on long-term policy stability and international trade agreements to make the nation an alluring destination for foreign investors, as new initiatives by the government and Production and Trade Minister Sonsoles Garcia promise a robust economic environment.
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TotalEnergies Contemplates US Listing as ESG Factors Reshape Markets

TotalEnergies SE considers a strategic move of its primary stock listing from Paris to New York, aiming to close valuation gaps with US rivals amidst European bourses' struggle to maintain corporate interest. ESG considerations play a key role in investor decisions, with a potential listing shift raising important questions on market dynamics and valuation.
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Aluminum Market Fluctuates: China's Pause on Russian Imports Amidst Price Hike

The surge in global aluminum prices has led to hesitancy among Chinese buyers to import Russian aluminum, affecting Sino-Russian trade relations and market dynamics.
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US Flexes Economic Muscle with Fresh Tariffs on Chinese Imports

In a decisive policy shift to protect American industries, the US has imposed new tariffs on a range of Chinese goods, aiming to strengthen domestic economy without heavily impacting consumer prices.
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President Biden's Bold Tariff Strategy Amid China's Supply Chain Hegemony

President Biden takes a strategic step to reshape US trade by imposing tariffs on Chinese goods, while carefully excluding certain critical minerals to balance economic and trade interests.
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Iraq Holds Steady with OPEC: Unity in Oil Output Decisions

Iraq's commitment to OPEC's strategy on oil production cuts signals a united front among member countries, hinting at market stability and sustained price levels amidst global economic challenges.